48 Boba Puns That Are Just Hilarious

Boba puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

We know it, you and boba are a matcha made in heaven!

We love bubble tea so much that we wanted to spread some positivi-tea. So we have come up with a list of quali-tea boba puns for you to share with friends and family over a cup of tas-tea pearl tea.

Boba, otherwise known as bubble tea or pearl milk tea is a delicious tea-based drink that stands out from other drinks because of the chewy tapioca balls that sit at the bottom of the cup. These jelly-like balls are known as pearls or bubbles, and most commonly are black in color.

There are quite a few conflicting stories about where boba tea originally comes from, but it is commonly thought to have come from Taiwan. Drinking cold, fruity teas after work was a common thing in Taiwan and the story goes that at some point in the 1980s, someone tried out putting chewy tapioca balls into the tea and it just completely took off. Now boba is available and loved by people all over the world. In fact, it is so popular that there is even a National Bubble Tea Day on April 30. So, what better way to celebrate national boba day than with a few boba puns and tea jokes to share with friends over a cup of boba!

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Cute Boba Puns

These cute boba puns would make adorable boba quotes on a birthday card for someone you love.

1. You are quali-tea!

2. What did the mommy boba say to the baby boba? You are such a cu-tea!

3. What do boba's say when they are falling in love? You make me feel all bubbly inside.

4. What did one bes-tea say to the other bes-tea? You are to-tea-ly my best friend.

5. What do you call two bobas that get along really well? Best teas.

6. If you want to spread positivi-tea then give someone a boba.

7. I love you so matcha.

8. We are a matcha made in heaven.

9. What did the milk say to the green tea? You and me are a pearl-fect fit for each other.

10. Why should you be gentle with boba? Because it is always best to proceed with sensitivi-tea.

Funny Boba Puns

These boba jokes are pun-tastic and are sure to get some giggles from your friends and family, we think number 15 is the funniest boba joke around!

11. What's a boba bubble's favorite genre of music? Pop!

12. If boba tea was in an orchestra what instrument would it play? The bubble bass.

13. Where does boba really let loose? At tapio-carnival!

14. What's a bubble tea's favourite Boba Dylan song? All Oolong The Watchtower.

15. What do you call it when you get mango flavored pearls and original tapioca pearls in the same boba? Bubble whammy!

16. Picture your ideal boba tea combination. That's called a fan-tea-sy.

17. Which 'Star Wars' character does bubble tea like best? Boba Fett.

18. What does bubble tea say when it is being secretive? There's nothing to tea here.

19. What does boba tea like to watch on TV? Gossip Pearl.

20. What do you call a bubble tea that is missing its bubbles? Nudi-tea.

21. What did the mango flavour say when it found itself inside a tapioca pearl? I'm in bubble!

22. What was boba tea's favorite of the Steig Larsson trilogy? The Pearl Who Played With Fire.

23. What do you call it when you get two cups of pearl tea for the price of one? Bubble trouble.

24. Which Katy Perry song does boba tea like to listen to best? I Kissed A Pearl!

25. Why do you get so much choice over flavor in a bubble tea shop? Because varie-tea is the spice of life.

26. How does boba get to school? It gets a lift in a tapio-car.

27. How do pearls keep their houses warm over the winter season? They get bubble glazing installed.

28. What is boba's favorite kind of joke? The bubble entendre!

29. What kind of jewellery does boba like best? Pearly whites.

30. What did boba tea say when he saw his first science experiment at school? Unbeliebubble!

31. Why is boba tea so clever? Because it is full of pearls of wisdom!

32. What do you call it when the Queen drinks a boba? Royal tea!

Different Flavour Bubble Tea Puns

Next time you enjoy a boba tea, enjoy these clever puns alongside it!

33. Your boba puns are taro-fic.

34. I am taro-bly bad at coming up with bubble tea puns!

35. Why doesn't bubble tea like watching horror films? Because it is easily taro-fied.

36. What is the best kind of boba? The frui-tea kind!

37. If boba is unsure about something and needs some help with the future what do they do? Get a taro reading.

38. Why did nobody know how to make pearl milk tea for a long time? Because the recipe was being kept udder wraps.

39. Why didn't the girl stop and get a boba? She was told to move oolong.

40. What do you say when you are drinking milk pearl tea in Australia? I am down udder.

41. What is a deer's favourite boba flavour? C-antelope!

42. Tapioca balls and tea oolong together.

43. What did the pearl say when two teas were falling out. Can' we just all get oolong?

44. How does bubble tea light a fire? Using a matcha.

45. What did the boba tea say before it had any dairy added? Absence milks the heart grow fonder.

46. What is a milk boba's favourite Michael Jackson song? Smooth Creaminal!

47. What did the lactose intolerant boba say to itself? "I am to-tea-ly soy-phisticated".

48. What did the green tea say to the indecisive boba? Why can't you milk up your mind!

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