30 Book Puns For Your Little Bookworms

Mum and three kids sat on the grass outside reading a book together.

If your kids love to read, then look no further than this list of the best puns about books to provide great entertainment for them!

Reading is a very good hobby for children, it will help them learn and retain knowledge. A study has even shown that regular readers may be 2 1/2 times less likely to develop dementia than those who rarely read.

It's estimated that around 900,000 new books are published every year, so there's definitely something for everyone's tastes out there! Before you get going on your reading list, make some time for this list of short book puns which any avid reader is bound to like.

If you are in need of more entertainment, take a look at these lists of computer puns or cooking jokes which are bound to make the whole family laugh out loud!

Book Puns

These book and reading puns are so good, you'll wet your shelf with laughter!

1.I'm reading a book about gravity, I just can't put it down.

2.I just read a book about mazes, I got totally lost in it.

3.I'm reading a book about black holes; it really draws you in!

4.I borrowed a book written by a ghostwriter, but to be honest, it really was not that scary.

5.This mountaineering book was gripping, it ended in such a cliff hanger!

6.I need a cure for my phobias so I was going to buy a book on them, but I'm afraid it might not help me.

7.My dog started eating my book, I had to take the words out of his mouth!

8.If you're going to kill a book, you need to make sure you cover your tracks.

9.The first line of the declaration of books' rights is "All books are created sequel".

10.Don't tell a book your secrets, he'll just blurb them out!

11.I wouldn't pay attention to what this book is saying, it's lost the plot!

12.Some books are shy, it takes a while to get them to come out of their shelf.

13.A book never holds a grudge: it is always ready to turn over a new leaf.

14.My favourite studying method is boxing: I was told to hit the books!

15.I was looking for a book to teach me how to fix my car's gearbox, but the library only has manuals.

Little girl sat in the sand on the beach reading her book.

Author Puns

These author puns are original, unique, and novel - they're the best you'll ever see!

16.Authors constantly have a smile on their face because they always look on the write side of life.

17.Book festivals are grammar-ous events, they even have a read carpet for authors!

18.I bought a book of incantations the other day and it was useless! None of them worked because the author had not run a spell check.

19.Authors all live in the same place, it's called the Writer's Block!

20.I tried describing the life of an author, but it's difficult to put into words.

21.Being an author is great, but being an editor is more rewording.

22.I'm writing a book about winds: so far, it's just a draft.

Librarian Puns

You just have to check out these hilarious library puns!

23.Librarians are terrible at time management, they are always double booked!

24.If you're in love with a librarian, you need to do everything you can to get into their good books.

25.A novel fell on my head in my library the other day... I only have my shelf to blame!

26.It's really difficult to find out any secrets about a librarian; they're all very hush-hush.

27.Librarians are really vain, they're always checking themselves out!

28.Someone stole the library's Thesaurus, I'm lost for words!

29.I went to the library and asked where the self-help section was, but the librarian says if she told me that would defeat the point.

30.Librarians always have back pains, they have issues with their spine.



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