21 Books About Music For Preschoolers

Music books come in all shapes and sizes.

Music books come in all shapes and sizes - from books for kids that are written in rhyme to kids' music books that aim to be educational. Inspire not only a love of reading but also for music with this collection of must-have books for your children.

1 We're Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

We're Going On A Bear Hunt

This story features lots of onomatopoeia words - those that sound like the word e.g. 'squelch' - as well as alliteration which makes it the perfect tale to sing together.

2 Night Noises by Mem Fox

Pre-schoolers will love joining in with the 'night noises' in this book - creak, crack, snick snack are just a few. This tale will help young kids understand the rhythm that can be found even in story books.

3 The Story Orchestra: The Sleeping Beauty by Jessica Courtney Tickle and Katy Flint

The Story Orchestra: The Sleeping Beauty

Turn little ears to classical music with this beautiful edition. This kids book features a retelling of the classic tale with a button on every page to hear a short piece from Tchaikovsky's ballet score.

4 Crash, Bang, Boom by Peter Spier

Crash, Bang, Boom

Everything makes a noise and this delightful book groups together sounds such as those that you hear in the kitchen or those in school. Each illustration – from a tuba to a piece of paper being torn – is followed by the noise it makes.

5 The Story Of Rock by Caterpillar Books

The Story Of Rock

This book warns your toddler may burst into an air guitar session at any moment. From Bob Dylan to The Ramones and The Beatles through to Tina Turner all the greats are covered in this toddler-friendly read.

6 Squeak! Rumble! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp! by Wynton Marsalis

Squeak! Rumble! Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!

In a similar vein to Crash, Bang, Boom this fun book takes on a sound journey through a city – from rumbling tummies to thundering trucks. The focus is on jazz and young readers will be raring to join in.

7 Noisy Orchestra by Sam Taplin

Noisy Orchestra

Not only will children get to see the instruments in the picture but they'll also  hear them. This book features the sound of each section of an orchestra at a push of a button.

8 Baby Bowie by Running Press

Baby Bowie

Bold, bright illustrations are paired with short and simple adjectives - spikey hair - so kids can have fun learning new vocabulary, albeit words centred around David Bowie. It sure makes a change from the usual board book!

9 O Is For Old School by James Tyler

O Is For Old School

If hip hop is more your style then this clever take on traditional A-Z books is a great way to introduce kids to the iconic words and phrases used.

10 M Is For Melody by Kathy-Jo Wargin

M Is For Melody

This A-Z focuses on all things musical including Anthems, Ragtime and Yodelling. Toddlers can use it to learn their A, B, Cs while older children will enjoy learning about music.

11 Never Play Music Right Next To The Zoo by John Lithgow

Never Play Music Right Next To The Zoo

This charming tale tells the story of a group of zoo animals storming the stage and performing their own concert. The lively rhyme fizzes with fun and the illustrations are great. Look out for the picture of a hippo playing the tuba!

12 My First Orchestra Book by Genevieve Helsby

As kids books go this is a great one to introduce them to the orchestra - and all guided by a little troll called Tormod. It's aimed at older kids (4+) but colourful pictures and an accompanying CD capture younger children's imaginations too.

13 Because by Mo Willems


Teach your child that music has the power to change us - by inspiring other people. This lovely story is one that kids of all ages will love and a firm favourite when it comes to books about music.

14 I Know A Shy Fellow Who Swallowed A Cello by Barbara Garriel

A fun twist on the tale of the old lady who swallowed a fly, this charming tale features a man who swallows a cello - amongst other musical instruments. This book is one you'll reach for time and time again.

15 This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt

This Jazz Man

The best books for kids tap into their knowledge - so little ones will love this take on This Old Man. This version covers jazz greats using text with rhythm to make it enjoyable to read. Plus kids can practise their counting skills.

16 I See A Song by Eric Carle

Picture books don't come much prettier than this - featuring a violinist and the colours that dance around him as he plays. This is the perfect music-inspired book for tots as there are no words - just room for imagination and song.

17 My First Music Book: Musical Instruments by Charlotte Ameling

My First Music Book: Musical Instruments

A picture book for young musicians, that is great for toddlers to play with. It covers different music genres as well as sounds from the piano, sax, drums, recorder and more. It will certainly get them up for a dance.

18 Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin by Lloyd Moss

Reinforce counting skills and a love for music with this story of an orchestra being built. Great rhymes and flowing artwork make this a go-to choice for music books.

19 Listen To The Music From Around The World by Marion Billet

Listen To The Music From Around The World

This picture book does what it says on the tin. Buttons on each spread enable toddlers to hear bagpipes, bongos, harmonicas and more.

20 Poppy And Mozart by Magali Le Huche

Poppy And Mozart

A fun time is waiting with an adventure with Poppy the dog. Join Poppy as she heads to a musical festival and hear for yourself the sounds of Mozart with the sound buttons on each page.

21 My First Keyboard Book by Sam Taplin

My First Keyboard Book

Music books should be fun and with this version, kids will be the ones making the music! A built-in keyboard and colour-coordinated keys mean as kids grow they can learn to play songs.


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