43 Bosmer Names With Meanings For Your Characters

The Bosmer are a race of wood elves and forest nymphs

The name of your character is practically your virtual gaming identity.

When designing your character for a game like Elder Scrolls, it's crucial to use a fun and quirky name, one that you'd be proud of. And that's why it's extremely critical to pick a name that reflects your personality.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a role-playing, multiplayer game and part of the Elder Scrolls series. The Bosmer or wood elves are a playable race who's nimble and mischievous in the Elder Scrolls online game. They inhabit the forests of Valenwood. So we've created this list of Bosmer and Skyrim names for wood elves for both male and female characters to ease your job. It's important for the name of your Elder Scrolls character to reflect and uplift its moral characteristics. We hope you find the right wood elf name through this list. We have only listed options for first names as the Bosmer do not tend to have last names.

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Bosmer Names For Girls

The best thing you girls can give your character is a quirky and intriguing name. And that's why we've created a list of female wood elf names for your convenience. So pick the one that inspires you or which resonates with you the most.

1 . Cassa (Greek origin) meaning "Cinnamon."

2 . Desdra (Spanish origin) meaning "One who is desired," was popularized by the Dragonriders of Pern book series.

3 . Keithia (English origin) meaning "Wood" or "Forest".

4 . Larena (Spanish origin) means "The queen."

5 . Laguna (Latin origin) means "A well."

6 . Lilissa (Hebrew origin) meaning "Spirit of the night."

7 . Minerva (Latin origin) means "Goddess of wisdom."

8 . Phaedra (Greek origin) means "Glowing or Splendid."

9 . Sigina (Indian origin) meaning "Sensible."

10 . Sisandra (Italian origin) means "Healer or Comforter."

11 . Una (Irish origin) means "The personification of truth, beauty, and unity."

Bosmer Names For Boys

We've got the best Bosmer names for your characters.

For all you boys who're searching for a character name that'll make you stand out, we've got you covered. There are some fun and eccentric male wood elf names on this list that we've specially curated for you. Go through the list to find prospective names for your character and pick your favorite.

12 . Adel (Indian origin) meaning "Noble", "Justice" and "Fairness".

13 . Andell (Dutch origin) meaning "The one chosen by God."

14 . Aneurin (Welsh origin) meaning "honor".

15 . Aranis (Indian origin) meaning "The one who brings light amidst darkness."

16 . Arvan (Indian origin) meaning "One of the moon"s horses."

17 . Legolas (English origin) meaning "Green leaf," popularized by the Lord of the Rings.

18 . Lilas (Persian origin) meaning "Night, dark beauty."

19 . Lopakodas (Hungarian origin) this directly translates as "Stealth".

20 . Palivan (Latin origin) meaning "Optimistic and cheerful."

21 . Silgan (Greek origin) meaning "Confident."

22 . Tagan (Scottish origin) means "Blade"s edge."

23 . Tarim (Arabic origin) meaning "Highest" or "Greatest."

24 . Tatan (Indian origin) meaning "One who brings the heat."

Bosmer Names Inspired By Fiction

Pop-culture highly influences our everyday decisions. So it's only natural to consider some famous wood elves' names before finalizing our character's name. So for all those asking 'What should I name my wood elf?', this list is for you. It consists of some beloved elf characters which have been widely loved. So search to find your favorite male or female character names for the game.

25 . Aerin (English origin) meaning "Ocean," comes from the Lord of the Rings universe.

26 . Alfreda (English origin) means "Counsel."

27 . Anna (Latin origin) means "A gift."

28 . Elbereth (English origin) meaning "Star Queen."

29 . Freda (German origin) meaning "Peace" or "Tranquility."

26 . Pippin (German origin) means "Awe-inspiring" and comes from the word "Pepin."

30 . Poldo (Latin origin) means "One who is big and strong."

31 . Ronda (Latin origin) meaning "Solid" or "Firm."

32 . Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning "Name of God", is another unique choice for a Bosmer name.

33 . Voronwe (Quenyese origin) meaning "Steadfast" comes from Tolkien"s "The Silmarillion"

Cute Bosmer Names

If you're still confused and couldn't settle down on a single name, here are some super cute and good wood elf names for your character. Some of them are popular choices, while others are certainly unique. Let's check out some cool elf names, shall we?

34 . Bailey (English origin) meaning "A judge" can be a super cute name for a Bosmer.

35 . Callon (Irish origin) meaning "Hero," is a rare choice.

36 . Cirdan (English origin) meaning "Ship-maker" or "One who is devoted to the sea."

37 . Elladan (English origin) meaning "Elf-man," is another popular choice amongst fanatics. Another version for this name is "Elrohir."

38 . Frodo (English origin) meaning "Wise by experience," comes from the Lord of the Rings movies.

39 . Garrett (English origin) means "Saved" or "Support."

40 . Haga (Swedish origin) meaning "Enclosure," comes from the old Norse god by the same name.

41 . Haldir (Scandinavian origin) meaning "Hidden hero," also comes from the old Norse stories.

42 . Lindir (English origin) meaning "Song Man" or "A fair singer," was composed using Lind (tune) + dir (Man).

43 . Peregrin (Latin origin) meaning "Traveler," comes from the Latin word "Peregrinus."

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