99 Boys' Middle Names

Boy proud of his middle name

When it comes to choosing a middle name for your newborn ...anything goes!

So, what's the ultimate boy’s middle name and do you go uber-modern or traditional?  With so many names to choose from where do you start?

If you and your partner disagree on a first name, for your baby, you can put the names you both want as middle names and decide on a first name together. Or, you might have promised to name your son after your great-uncle Wilfred, so have it as a middle name and the family tradition continues.

If you’re looking for a unique middle boy’s names, to make your bundle of joy stand out from the crowd, look no further - we've compiled the ultimate list.

Boys' middle names

Unique Middle Names for Boys

1. Aldo: (Italian origin) meaning “old and wise.”

2. Andre: (French origin) simply meaning “man.”

3. Angel: (Latin origin) an angelic name meaning "messenger from God."

4. Apollo: (Greek origin) a rocket of a name.

5. Atticus: (Greek origin) meaning from “Attica.”

6. Benson: (English origin) meaning “son of Ben.”

7. Benedict: (Latin origin) means “blessed” and of Latin origin.

8. Bevan: (Welsh origin) meaning son of Evan.

9. Bruno: (German origin) meaning "brown".

10. Brixton: (British origin) a unique name with a cool, London vibe.

11. Cooper: (English origin) meaning “barrel maker.”

12. Easton: (English origin) meaning “east-facing place.”

13. Ethan: (Hebrew origin) meaning “strong” or “firm.”

14. Ezra: (Hebrew origin) meaning “helper.”

15. Gabriel: (Hebrew origin) meaning “God is strength.”

16. Grey: (German origin) Because life is not black and white. More commonly a surname.

17. Hugo: (German/Spanish origin) meaning  “mind, intellect.”

18. Hudson: (English origin) also a surname, literally meaning “son of Hud” a strong, classic name,

19. Jax: (American origin) A modern take on Jack and longer version of Jaxson.

20. Jackson: (English origin) deriving from the English family name, meaning "son of Jack".

21. Jesse: (Hebrew origin) meaning “gift.”

22. Jude: (Latin origin) meaning "praised.”

23. Kenji: (Japanese origin) means "strong and vigorous"

24. Kendric: (English origin) means, "royal ruler" or "champion."

25. Lincoln: (English origin) meaning, “town by the pool.”

26. Lance: (French origin) a variation of Lancelot, meaning “servant.”

27. Milo: (German origin) denoting  “soldier.”

28. Marcel: (French origin) meaning “little warrior.”

29. Nova: (Spanish origin) a novel name to celebrate your “new” baby boy.

30. Otis: (German origin) meaning, “wealthy.”

31. Octavius: (Latin origin) Means "eighth" in Latin, but you don't need to have eight sons to have this magnificent name!

32. Orson: (Italian origin) means "little bear cub."

33. Paxton: (Latin origin) meaning, “peace town.”

34. Quentin: (Latin origin), an offbeat name, Of Latin origin,  meaning, " five" or "fifth." St.Quentin is the protector against coughs!

35. Reggie: (English origin) such a cute baby boy name and a short version for Reginald and means, "council power."

36. Samson: (Hebrew origin) meaning, “sun.”    

37. Zion: (Hebrew origin) a beautiful choice for a boy and means "highest point."

38. Zyaire: (African origin) meaning "river."

Boys Middle Names Inspired by Nature

1. Atlas: For the baby who has the whole world in his hands.

2. Aspen: Simply meaning “nature“.

3. Bay: (Latin origin) meaning “berry.”

4. Bondi: For the future beach-lover.

5. Forest: Meaning “woodsman” or “from the woods.” The most famous Forrest has to be Forrest Gump from the movie of the same title.

6. Homer: (Greek origin) the name of an epic poet, as well as being the dad of Bart, Lisa and Maggie in The Simpson’s.

7. Leif: (Scandinavian origin) an old Norse  boy name meaning “beloved.”

8. Ocean: A lovely boy’s middle name for a baby as miraculous as the sea.

9. Reed: Another name for families who love water and also means of “red hair.”

10. Silas: (English and Latin origin) meaning, “wood forest.”

11. Sven: (Scandinavian origin) meaning, “young man” or “young warrior.”

12. Thatcher: (English origin) occupation from the middle-ages.

13. Wesley: (English origin) meaning, “western town.”

14.Wren: A very unique middle name, inspired by the small English bird.

Film and Cartoon Inspired Middle names

1. Anakin: Calling all Star Wars fans, may the “force be with you” with this unique middle name meaning "warrior."

2. Bart: Short for Bartholomew, perfect for any Simpson’s fans.

3. Elvis: Meaning “all-wise” of Scandinavian origin - made famous by the one and only rock and roll star.

4. Flynn: A Disney-inspired name, of Irish origin.

5. Keanu: Of Hawaiian origin meaning “cool breeze over the mountains” - most famous has to be the Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves.

6. Maverick: English and American origin meaning, “independent.”

7. Olaf: Most famous for being the most adorable snowman from Frozen, this boy's name is of Norse origin

8. Zebedee: A fabulously unusual name for any Magic Roundabout fans, of Hebrew origin, means “gift of God.”

Film Middle Names

Traditional Regal Middle Names

1. Alexander: (Greek origin) a unisex name, but with a different spelling for a girl, meaning “defending men.”

2. Alfred: (English origin) an Anglo-Saxon middle name meaning, “of Elf counsel.”

3. Charles: (German origin) a powerful royal name meaning “manly.”

4. David: (Hebrew origin) a classic boy’s name meaning “beloved.”

5. George: (Greek origin) meaning, “farmer.”

6. Henry: (English and French origin) a throwback name meaning “estate ruler,” a regal name, which can be shortened to Harry, like Prince Harry.

7. James: (Hebrew origin) a regal middle name with royal English roots, meaning, “supplanted” a person who takes someone else’s place.

8. John: (Hebrew origin) a good solid, strong middle name, one syllable option meaning, “God’s grace“.

9. Robert: (German origin) this name has a beautiful meaning, “bright flame”.

10. William: (German origin) one of the most popular middle baby boy names, meaning,  “resolute protection.”

A modern twist...

1. King: Means “ruler” or “monarch” and this name is gaining popularity.

2. Prince: A regal name, meaning “royal son” and perfect for fans of the musician “formerly” known as Prince.

Inspirational Middle Baby Names

1. Leonardo: (Latin origin) means, “lion” or “brave” and can be shortened to Leo. Most famous Leonardo has to be Leonardo da Vinci and more recently the film star Leonardo DiCaprio.

2. Rafael: (Hebrew origin) meaning, “God heals” and Raphael was a famous Italian painter.

3. Romeo: (Italian origin) Shakespeare’s most famous romantic hero and latterly the son of Posh and David Beckham!

Celtic Middle Names

Celtic Inspired Middle Names

"Middle names", were not used in either Ireland or Scotland until some time after the 16th century. There was only a small group of given names that could be used for both men and women. The typical Irish name would be the family name which would indicate who your father is.

1. Aiden: (Irish origin) meaning, “little and fiery.”

2. Art: (Celtic origin) meaning, “noble one” or “bear-man.”

3. Camden: (Scottish origin) meaning, “winding valley.”

4. Connor: (Irish origin) translated as “lover of hounds.”

5. Callum or Calum: (Gaelic origin) very sweetly means “dove.”  

6. Casey: (Irish origin) meaning, “brave in battle.”

7. Cian (kee-an): (Irish origin) meaning, “ancient” and very popular in Ireland.

8. Cillian (kill-ee-an): (Irish origin) meaning, “little church”

9. Darragh (darra): (Irish origin) meaning, “oak.”

10. Dillon or Dylan: (Welsh origin) meaning “son of the sea” the most famous Dylan, being the Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas.

11. Dougal: (Gaelic origin)  meaning “dark stranger” and was a nickname given to Vikings.

12. Finley: (Scottish, Irish) origin meaning, “fair-haired hero.” Shortened to Finn.

13. Flynn: (Irish origin) meaning, “son of red-haired one.”

14. Grant: (Scottish origin) meaning, “large.”

15. Hamish: (Scottish origin) meaning “supplanted."

16. Liam: (Irish origin) meaning, “resolute protection.”

17. Logan: (Scottish origin) meaning, “small hollow.”

18. Maddox: (Welsh origin) meaning “son of Madoc.”

19. Maxwell:  (Scottish origin) meaning, “great stream.”

20. Merlin: (Welsh origin) meaning “sea fortress “ and conjures up an image of wizardry.

21. Oisin (uh-sheen or o-sheen): (Irish origin) meaning, “little deer.”

22. Patrick: (Latin/ Irish origin) meaning “nobleman”, St.Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

23. Quinn:  (Latin/Irish) origin meaning “fifth.”

24. Sean: (Irish origin) a derivative of the name John, and means, “God is gracious.”



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