Top Boys' Names Beginning With N

Mother kissing the cheek of her son, who has a boy name beginning with N.

Looking for inspiration for what to call your brand new baby boy?

There are thousands of names out there for little boys, but narrowing down the choices can be a bit overwhelming for soon-to-be parents. So, we've done the hard work for you and compiled the ultimate list of all the best baby boy names that begin with the letter N.

We've included the origin and the meaning of each name to help you decide which name is perfect for your new arrival. From classic names and biblical names to nature-inspired names and modern names, there's a baby boy name in this list to suit every parent's tastes. So, if you're set on giving your baby boy a name beginning with N, then you're sure to find the perfect one for you in the list below.

Classic Boy Names Beginning With N

Mother deciding what to name her son, thinking of boys' names beginning with N

These names are a great choice for a baby boy because they've been popular names for years due to their timeless appeal and the fact that they work with lots of different surnames. If you want to be traditional and give your new baby a name that will stand the test of time, a classic name is the way to go.

1. Nathan, Nate or Nathaniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has given".

2. Neil (Gaelic origin) meaning "from the clouds".

3. Nicholas or Nick, (Greek origin) meaning "victory of the people".

4. Nigel, (English origin), once a popular baby name, but now rarely used, it means "champion".

5. Norman, (English origin) meaning "from the North".

6. Norris, (English origin) this name also means "from the North".

Modern Baby Boy Names Starting With N

If you'd prefer to choose something a little more unique for your baby boy, then this list of modern and contemporary N names for boys might just end your baby name search.

1. Neal, (Irish origin) meaning "clouds".

2. Nealon, (Irish origin). This is an Irish surname that can be used as a first name and it means "coming from the clouds".

3. Nevan, (Irish origin) meaning "saintly".

4. Neville, (French origin) meaning "new town".

5. Nevin, (Irish origin) meaning "holy".

6. Newton, (English origin) meaning "new town".

7. Norton, (English origin) meaning "north settlement".

8. Nova, (astronomical origin) meaning "new" or a type of star.

9. Nuri, (Arabic origin) meaning "my light".

Celebrity Boy Names Beginning With N

From historic, well-known figures with boy names that start with N to quirky and unusual choices from 21st century A-listers, you can always rely on celebrities to inspire when it comes to brilliant baby names.

1. Napoleon, (Italian origin) meaning "lion of Naples". The most famous owner of this name was of course, Napoleon Bonaparte.

2. Nelson, (Irish origin) meaning "son of the champion". Nelson Mandela is the most notable celebrity with this name.

3. Nero, (Latin origin) meaning "powerful". Made famous by Emperor Nero Claudius.

4. Niall, (Irish origin) meaning "champion". The most famous Niall is Niall Horan from the boy band One Direction.

5. Nilsson, (Swedish origin), meaning "Nils's son". You might recognise this one from "Without You" singer Harry Nilsson.

6. Nixon, (English origin) meaning "son of Nicholas". Most famous as the surname of the American president Richard Nixon.

7. Noel, (French origin) meaning "Christmas". The most famous Noel is TV Presenter Noel Edmonds.

8. North, (English origin) meaning a geographical direction. This unisex name was chosen by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for their baby.

Biblical Boy Names Beginning With N

The Bible is often a great source of inspiration for boy names with plenty of famous and more obscure options to choose from. Noah is perhaps one of the most well-known baby boy names to come from the bible and is a really popular choice many years after the name was first used.

1. Naaman, (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasant, sweet and beautiful". In the Bible, Naaman was an army general.

2. Nahum, (Hebrew origin) meaning "compassionate". In the Bible, Nahum was a tribesman of Judah.

3. Nadav, (Hebrew origin) meaning "noble and generous". Nadav was the oldest son of the high priest, Aaron.

4. Naftali, (Hebrew origin) meaning "to wrestle or be crafty". Naftali was the sixth son of Jacob.

5. Nehemiah, (Hebrew origin) meaning "comforted by God". Nehemiah a Jewish leader who introduced many political and religious reforms.

6. Noah, (Hebrew origin) meaning "repose or rest". Noah was famous for building an ark during the great flood.

Fictional Boys' Names That Start With N

Disney, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones never fail to provide some brilliant and inventive names for babies. Here's our pick of the best N names from some of these literary greats.

1. Nemo, (Latin origin) meaning "no-one". Nemo is the name of a popular children's film about a clownfish.  

2. Neo, (Greek origin) meaning "new". Made famous by Keanu Reeves in the film The  Matrix.

3. Newt, (English origin) meaning "a small salamander". Newt Scamander is a character created by J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series of books and films.

4. Norbert, (German origin) meaning "bright north". The name was used for a dragon by J.K. Rowling in Harry Potter.

5. Normund, (Norwegian name) used in Game of Thrones for a minor character.

6. Norren, (a US surname) used in Game of Thrones for a minor character.

Nature-Inspired Boy Names That Start With N

Boy with a Nature-Inspire Boy Name beginning with N

Nature has some really pretty names for girls, but it's also a good place to look for unique boy names too. All of these names have delightful meanings that will make you love them even more.

1. Nahuel, (Mapuche origin) meaning "jaguar".

2. Nanook, (Inuit origin) meaning "polar bear".

3. Naoki, (Japanese origin) meaning "tree".

4. Narcissus, (Greek origin) meaning "daffodil".

Baby Boy Names From Around The World

Can't find a name commonly used in English to suit? Then it's time to look for inspiration from other countries. There are some beautiful boys names starting with N used in other languages that might just be perfect for your new baby.

1. Naal, (Irish origin), the name of a saint.

2. Nadir, (Arabic origin) meaning "dearly loved".

3. Natal, (Spanish origin) meaning "born at Christmas".

4. Nico, (Greek origin) meaning "victory of the people".

5. Nikita, (Russian origin) meaning "victor".

6. Noor, (Arabic origin) meaning "light".



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