100 Boys' Names Beginning With Z That Shouldn't Be Left Till Last

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Trying to decide on a name for your baby boy? There are so many baby names to choose from these days that picking just one can be a difficult task.

Deciding on the first letter will help you narrow down your search. It may be the last letter of the alphabet, but Z names are so popular these days, and it's easy to see why.  Names that start with Z are bold and striking. Why not choose a baby name that will make your little boy stand out from the crowd?  From Zachary to Zeus, we've got baby boy names for every taste. So search through our list of Z names, and find something that people will be sure to remember!

Classic Names That Start With Z

Want something timeless? These baby names will never go out of style.

Zac - One of the most popular boy names starting with Z, Zac is the English shortening of the Hebrew name Zachary, which means 'remembrance of God'.

Zachary - A Hebrew name meaning 'God remembers'.

Zander - This name is of Greek Origin and means  'defending men'.

Zavier - A Spanish name meaning 'new house'.

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Simple Boy Names Starting With Z

Looking for a few basic names to begin your search? Check out these simple baby boy names that start with Z:

Zaki - This Arabic name means 'smart'.

Zane - An American name that means 'God is Gracious'.

Zarin - A Persian name that means 'made of gold'.

Zayd - Means 'to prosper', and is of Arabic origin.

Zeki - A Turkish name for boys that means 'intelligent'.

Zeren - Of Turkish origin and means 'unknown'.

Bold Baby Boy Names Beginning With Z

Looking for names that stand out from the crowd? These boy names that start with Z are strong and striking.

Zaen - A popular Arabic name meaning 'handsome'.

Zayden - An Arabic name meaning 'growth'.

Zenobio - A Greek name that means 'strength of Jupiter'.

Ziad - An Arabic name meaning 'greater' or 'more'.

Zoltan - A Hungarian name that means 'life'.

Zoran - A popular Slavic name that means 'daybreak' or 'dawn'.

Zorawar - A name of Punjabi origin meaning 'forceful'.

Zorion - Is of Portuguese origin and means 'happiness'.

Short Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

Are shorter names more your style? These Z names certainly pack a punch.

Zeal - Is an English name and means, as you might have guessed, 'with passion'.

Zed - An English name meaning 'the Lord is just' or 'God is righteousness'.

Zen - A Japanese name that means 'type of Buddhism'.

Zhong - A Chinese name meaning 'second brother'.

Zhu - A boys' name that originates in China and means 'wish'.

Ziv - A Hebrew name that means 'light of God' or 'radiance'.

Unusual Names For Boys That Start With Z

Boy names that start with Z are already pretty unusual. If you want to go the extra mile, these uncommon Z names will definitely make your baby boy stand out.

Zaxon - An American name said to mean 'strong' or 'brother'.

Zeferino - This Portuguese name means 'west wind' or 'dedicated to the wind'.

Zizi - Means 'dedicated to God' and is said to be of Hungarian origin.

Zzyzx - The name of a community in California, this would be a truly unique choice for your baby boy. It is said to be the last word in the alphabet in the English language, and was voted number one strangest baby name!

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Contemporary Boys' Names Starting With Z

Pick a name that's current and fresh for your baby boy by choosing from one of these Z names:

Zashton - An English name meaning 'belonging to Ashton'.

Zerek - Is of English origin and means 'ever powerful ruler'.

Zyler - Is an unusual American name, most likely adapted from the name Tyler, meaning 'maker of tiles'.

Religious Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

Searching for boys' names with religious significance? Search no further!

Zacchaeus - Of Hebrew origin and means 'pure' or 'clean'.

Zadok - A Biblical Hebrew name meaning 'justified' or 'righteous'.

Zelek - A Biblical name and it means 'the shadow or noise of him that licks or laps'.

Zephan - This name is said to mean 'hidden by God' or 'treasured by God',  and its origins are Hebrew.

Zeus - A powerful name of Greek origin meaning 'God', and is often thought to refer to Zeus, the supreme ruler in Greek mythology.  

Zion - A name of Hebrew origin (and unisex, perfect if you're also looking for unique girl names that start with Z!). Zion is a biblical term taken from the Hebrew Bible that refers to the 'Promised Land', and it translates as 'highest point'.

Hebrew Boy Names That Start With Z

There are many baby boy names that start with Z that are of Hebrew origin. Take a look at these:

Zakai - A popular name for a baby boy meaning 'pure'.

Zakiah - Means 'pure'.

Zalman - Means 'peaceful'.

Zayin - Means 'nourishment' or 'weapon'.

Zeb - Means 'gift of God'.

Zebediah - Meaning 'God has bestowed'.

Zebulon - Meaning 'exaltation' or 'dwelling place'.

Zechariah - The name of several men in the Hebrew bible. It means 'the Lord has remembered'.

Zedekiah - A baby name meaning 'the Lord is righteous'.

Zeff - Means 'God has hidden'.

Zeke - A boys' name that means 'God Strengthens'.

Zenoa - Means 'sign'.

Zephaniah - Means 'the Lord is my secret' or 'God has hidden'.

Zephi - Means 'to watch' or 'watch tower'.

Zerah - One of many biblical names, meaning 'brilliance'.

Zev - Means 'wolf'.

Zohar - Means 'light' or 'splendour'.

Zollie - Means 'peaceful'.

Zuriel - Means 'the Lord is my rock'.

Zvi - Means 'deer'.

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Arabic Boy Names That Start With Z

In search of an Arabic name for your baby? There are more than enough Z names to choose from.

Zafar - A name meaning 'victory'.

Zahir - Means 'blossoming' or 'flourishing'.

Zamir - Meaning 'heart' or 'conscience'.

Zeref - Meaning 'eloquent' or 'creative'.

Zimraan - Means 'celebrated' or 'praise'.

Zircon - Meaning 'mineral'.

Ziya - Means 'splendour' or 'light'.

Ziyad - Means 'abundance'.

Zuhayr - A name for a boy meaning 'flowers'.

European Boys' Names That Begin with Z

Or how about these European boys' names beginning with Z?

Zelig - A German name meaning 'blessed one'.

Zelipe - A Spanish name meaning 'unknown'.

Zerind - A Hungarian boys' name that means 'Serb'.

Zigmund - A Germanic name that roughly translates as 'protection through victory'.

Zosimus - An Ancient Greek name that means 'viable' or 'likely to survive'.

Zsombor - A Hungarian name said to mean 'bison'.

Zurich - A name of Germanic origins that refers to the city in Switzerland.

Slavic Names Beginning With Z

On the search for something Slavic? Search no further.

Zbigniew - A Slavic name most popular in Poland, and its meaning is 'anger'.

Zdravko - A Slavic name meaning 'healthy'.

Zelimir - Means 'wishes for peace'.

Ziven - Meaning 'vigorous and alive'.

Zorya - Means 'star'.

Zydrunas - Means 'morning sky'.

African Boy Names That Start With Z

Check out these African baby boy names.

Zaire - A baby name that means 'river'.

Zevon - A name of African origin said to mean 'gift of God'.

Zola - This Xhosa unisex name means 'calm'.

Zinedine - A name of West African origin meaning 'beauty of the faith'.

Zula - This variation has Christian roots and means 'ahead' or 'brilliant'.

Zuko - An African name meaning 'glory'.

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Greek Boys' Names Beginning With Z

Searching fruitlessly for Greek names? Search no further! There are plenty of Greek baby boy names to choose from.

Zandros - Means 'warrior' or 'man's defender'.

Zendo - Means 'one who devotes his life to God'.

Zeno - Means 'guest, host'.

Zenobius - Meaning 'life of Zeus'.

Zenos - Means 'gift of Zeus'.

Zephyr - Means 'west wind'.

Zero - Means 'seeds'.

Zeth - Means 'researcher' or 'investigator'.

Zorba - Means 'life each day'.

Cool Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

A few cool boys' names to choose from:

Zeppelin - A German baby name that means 'airship'.

Zhenya - A Russian name meaning 'well born'.

Zoilo - A Spanish name that means 'life'.

Zsolt - A Hungarian name for boys meaning 'one who is honoured.'

Žarko - Is a Slavic name meaning 'fervour' or 'zeal'.

Famous Names Beginning With Z

On the search for a notorious baby name for your son? Browse these names inspired by famous celebrities!

Zach - An English name originally meaning 'God has remembered'.

Zayn - An Arabic name that means 'beauty' or 'grace'.

Ziggy - A Germanic name said to mean 'victory'.



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