Bride And Groom Trivia Questions: Who Knows The Couple The Best?

Find fun games to play on your wedding day.

Weddings are a special day for both the Bride and Groom as they begin their wonderful journey of a lifelong commitment together.

A wedding is not just about uniting two lives legally, but it is also a celebration of love with the couple's most loved friends and family members. A wedding often turns into a party with delicious feasts, drinks, the perfect time for an ice-breaking trivia game to get to know the married couple better!

We have come up with these great Bride and Groom trivia questions to really get the wedding party started. But don't forget that they could also be played at a bridal shower or bachelorette party too! Wedding trivia questions are an excellent way to engage people and encourage a truly celebratory spirit. You could even prepare a prize for the winner, to help the game bring out everyone's competitive spirit! Everyone will be so excited to join the game!

If you are worried about questions for wedding games to make the game more interesting, don’t worry, we have got you covered with this ultimate fun list of couple trivia questions. For more, check out Valentine's Day Trivia and Wedding Trivia.

How Well Do You Know The Couple?

In this section, we have come up with plenty of questions about the Bride and Groom that can be asked to guests. It will be a lively, entertaining trivia game so that everyone can enjoy and happily participate in your special day of celebrations. These questions are also perfect for a bridal shower game, and this game can also be played at the reception rehearsal party too, the choice is yours!

1. Question: Where did the couple meet?

2. Question: For how long have the couple been together?

3. Question: Where did the couple most recently visit for a vacation?

4. Question: Who proposed? The Bride or the Groom?

5. Question: Where did the couple go for their first date?

6. Question: What will be the couple's married surname?

How Well Does The Bride Know The Groom?

These questions are perfect for a fun bridal shower questionnaire game! Why not ask the Groom to answer these questions before the shower to surprise the Bride? Now ask the following questions to the Bride and check how well she knows her husband-to-be. These questions for a bridal shower make the perfect game that is sure to create a fun environment!

7. Question: What is his shoe size?

8. Question: Who was his celebrity crush growing up?

9. Question: How many birthmarks does the Groom have?

10. Question: What is his favorite color?

11. Question: Where is his dream vacation location?

12. Question: What is his favorite outfit?

13. Question: At what age did he buy his first car?

14. Question: What is the name of his high school best friend?

15. Question: What is the best quality that he loves about his Bride?

16. Question: How many children would he like to have?

How Well Does The Groom Know The Bride?

After this exciting round, how could we leave the Groom without answering any questions? Now the Groom will try to answer these questions which the Bride can provide the answers to.

17. Question: What is her middle name?

18. Question: What is the color of her eyes?

19. Question: How many countries has she traveled to?

20. Question: What is her dream honeymoon destination?

21. Question: How many children does she want?

22. Question: What is her guilty pleasure?

23. Question: What is her Zodiac sign?

24. Question: What is the name of her high school?

25. Question: What is the first thing she does as soon as she wakes up?

26. Question: What is her date of birth?

'What Did The Groom Say?' Questions

Here is another engaging and exciting questionnaire game for bridal showers! Ask the following questions to the Groom before the shower and then ask the same questions at the bridal shower to the Bride. This is the perfect set of questions for a Bridal shower. Let's see how well she knows her Groom! This couple trivia game is sure to create some laughs!

25. Question: What is the Groom's favorite meal prepared by the Bride?

26. Question: What would the Groom say is the most annoying habit of the Bride?

27. Question: When did the Groom know that the Bride was ‘the one’?

28. Question: What outfit suits the Bride the most?

29. Question: What can’t the Groom live without?

30. Question: What is the Groom’s go-to party song?

31. Question: What is one thing the Groom would like to change about the Bride?

32. Question: What is the Groom's most embarrassing moment?

Funny Bride And Groom Trivia Questions

To lighten up the party, what could be a more exciting way than with some funny trivia questions! Kick-off your party with some offbeat game questions for a bridal shower or wedding reception party and spread some laughter here. Ask these questions about the Bride and Groom to their guests to put a smile on their faces.

33. Question: Who is the better driver?

34. Question: Who says sorry first after a fight?

35. Question: Who gets angry most often?

36. Question: Who is the boss in the relationship?

37. Question: Who takes longer to get ready?

38. Question: Who snores louder?

39. Question: Who is worse at keeping secrets?

40. Question: Who cries most easily?

41. Question: Who cracks the lamest jokes?

42. Question: Who burps more?

43. Question: Who is worse with directions?

44. Question: Who is never wrong?

45. Question: Who is the pickiest eater?

46. Question: What is one weird habit of the Bride?

46. Question: What is one weird habit of the Groom?

47. Question: Who is the messier one?

48. Question: Who always has the last word?

History Of Relationship Trivia Questions

In any relationship, the ‘firsts’ are always special. Why not test your guests on the history of your relationship with these quick questions for bridal shower parties, or even the wedding itself?

Couples love celebrating their wedding day with their loved ones.

49. Question: What did the Groom wear on your first date?

50. Question: What did the Bride wear on your first date?

51. Question: When did you have your first kiss?

52. Question: Where did you meet first?

53. Question: What is the first gift the Bride gave to the Groom?

54. Question: What is the first gift the Groom gave to the Bride?

55. Question: Who said, ‘I love you’ first?

56. Question: Where was the first kiss?

57. Question: Who met the parents first?

58. Question: Which was the first film they saw as a couple?

59. Question: What is the first meal the Bride cooked for the Groom?

60. Question: What is the first meal the Groom cooked for the Bride?

61. Question: What was the Groom's first impression of the Bride?

62. Question: What was the Bride's first impression of the Groom?

'This /That' Bridal Shower And Bachelor Party Game Questions

These questions games are a great way to get to know the Bride and Groom even better. They make the perfect bridal shower game questions or also work really well as wedding receptions games.

63. Question: What does he/she prefer: Beach/Mountain?

64. Question: What does he/she like best: Netflix/YouTube?

65. Question: Her/his favorite pet: Dog/Cat?

66. Question: What does she prefer: Phone calls/Texts?

67. Question: What does she/he prefer: Hamburger/Pizza?

68. Question: What does he/she like: Sweet/Spicy?

69. Question: What does she/he want: Travel/Quality time at home?

'Least Favorite' Trivia Questions

Now that we have seen all the positive and fun elements let’s spice up things a bit. These questions ask all about their least favorite things to get some dramatic and entertaining answers.

70. Question: What is her/his least favorite meal?

71. Question: What is her/his least favorite color?

72. Question: What is her/his least favorite season?

73. Question: What is her/his least favorite travel destination?

'Favorite' Trivia Questions

Both a Bridal shower and a wedding reception, should be a festive party and a fun affair which your guests won’t forget? How about some ‘favorite’ questions to see who is more observant: the Bride or Groom? This trivia game for couples will get all of your guests guessing as they battle to see who knows the Bride or Groom (or both) best!

74. Question: What is his/her favorite food?

75. Question: What is his/her favorite drink?

76. Question: What is his/her favorite TV show?

77. Question: What is his/her favorite movie?

78. Question: What is his/her favorite superhero?

79. Question: What is his/her favorite song?

80. Question: What is his/her favorite book?

81. Question: What is his/her favorite shop?

82. Question: What is his/her favorite sport?

83. Question: What is his/her favorite animal?

84. Question: What is his/her favorite pastime?

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Bride and Groom trivia questions, then why not take a look at our Chanukkah trivia or Baby Shower trivia games for more?


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