44 Brilliant Butler Names For Your Characters

The butler profession is a highly skilled and respectable profession.

A butler is a domestic worker in a large household.

Historically, butlers were most common in rich British households where they held the highest position among the household staff. Typically a male, a butler oversees the different daily duties of the servants, cooks, and maids.

Butlering is an acquired talent. Pop culture has depicted quite a few different characters of butlers in comics, novels, and movies with butlers, where they play rather important roles, making them an integral part of the story.

The world 'butler' is derived from the Anglo-Norman buteler, which means 'bottle.' Historically, well-to-do family households were commonly accompanied by wine cellars, and since the butler enjoyed the highest position among the household staff, only he was permitted to handle and pour the wine from the bottles, hence the derivation.  You should address your butler as Mr followed by their surname. A female butler is actually a housekeeper and addressed as Mrs or Miss followed by family name.

Here are some swanky, cool names for a butler!

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Popular Names For Butlers From Pop Culture

For many decades, comic books and movies have featured very prominent and famous butlers, be it Reginald Jeeves from Jeeves & Wooster, Alfred Pennyworth from Batman, and Geoffrey Butler from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

1. Benson DuBois: Benson (English origin), which means "Son of Ben" and DuBois (French origin), which means "Woodcutter".

2. Brandt (German origin) is a topographic name for someone who lives in an area cleared by fire.

3. Charles Carlson: Charles (French-German origin), which means "Free Man" and Carlson (Scandinavian origin), which means "Son of Carl".

4. Edmund Blackadder: Edmund (English origin) means "Protector of Riches" and Blackadder (English origin), which means "Running Water".

5. Edwin Jarvis: Edwin (English origin) means "Rich Friend" and Jarvis (German origin), which means "Servant of the Spear".

6. Lurch (French origin) which means "Bowman or Archer".

7. Lynn Belvedere: Lynn (Welsh origin), which means "Lake" or "Shining Light" in Arakan land and Belvedere (Italian origin), which means "Beautiful View".

8. Max von Mayerling: Max (German-English origin), which means "The Greatest", von (German origin), which means "Sons of" and Mayerling.

9. Stephano (Italian origin) which means "Crown".

10. Wadsworth is a surname derived from a place called Wadsworth.

Famous British Butler Names

(Giving your butler character a good name will make them memorable.

Since butlers were, historically, most common in upper-class British households, here's a list of some good butler names, British edition!

11. Abbington (English Origin) which means "Estate associated with a man named Abba".

12. Alfred (Anglo-Saxon origin) where alf means "Elf" and red means "Counsel".

13. Archibald (German origin) where arch means "Genuine" and bald means "Bold".

14. Baldrick (English origin) where bald means "Bold" and rick derived from ric means "Power".

15. Baldwin (German-Anglo Saxon origin), which means "Brave, Bold Friend".

16. Caldwell (English-Scottish-Irish origin), which means "Cold Stream".

17. Carlton (English origin), which means "Common Man".

18. Claude (French origin) is derived from the Latin Claudius meaning "Limping".

19. Dalton (English origin), which means "The Settlement in the Valley".

20. Darby (English origin) which is derived from the city of Derby.

21. Elliot (English origin) which means "The Lord is My God".

22. Frederick (German origin), where fred means "Peace" rick derived from ric means "Power".

23. Gerard (German origin), where ger means "Spear" and ard derived from hard means "Strong".

24. Gideon (Hebrew origin), which means "Great Warrior".

25. Godfrey (French origin), where god means "Good" and frey derived from fred means "Peace".

26. Harold (English origin), which means "Army Brightness".

27. Henry (French origin) which means "Ruler of the Home".

28. Kingsley (Anglo-Saxon origin), which means "From the King's Meadow".

29. Nathaniel (Hebrew origin), which means "Gift of God".

30. Norton (English origin), which means "North Town".

31. Orson (English origin), which means "Bear Cub".

32. Remington (English origin), which means "From the Ridge Town".

Funny And Spooky Butler Names

A butler name can also be quite hilarious and sometimes even weirdly spooky. Take a look at these:

33. Alaric (German origin) which means "Everyone's Ruler".

34. Barnabas (Greek origin) which means "Son of Encouragement".

35. Beelzebub (Hebrew origin) means "Satan".

36. Casper (Chaldean origin), which means "Treasurer".

37. Damien (Greek origin) which means "Powerful Man of the People".

38. Fester (German origin) which is a short form of the name Silvester.

39. Hades (Greek origin), which means "Sightless".

40. Lucifer (Latin origin) which means "Light-Bringer".

41. Norman (English origin), which means "North Man".

42. Poe (English origin), which means "Peacock".

43. Vlad (Russian origin) which means "Of Greater Power".

44. Xander (Greek origin), which means "Defender of the People".

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