7 Brilliant Ways To Celebrate A Baby's Birthday in Lockdown


Celebrating your baby's first birthday in lockdown is probably not exactly what you had planned, but that doesn't mean you can't still have that ever-important special celebration. Whether it's just you and the baby or if you have a partner with you - it's certainly not the guest list that you were expecting. Nevertheless, we've rounded up six exciting ways that you can still make your baby's birthday as special as ever.

Throw Your Own Party

Child's birthday party with cake

Who really needs guests? Your baby's first birthday deserves a celebration, and while it may not be what you imagined, that doesn't mean you can't still have a good time at home together. There are plenty of party decorations and kits available to order on sites such as Amazon and Etsy that you can hang up around your home, and whether you bake your own cake or buy one in the supermarket - it's important to still have that special treat. Babies will love to look at and play with colourful balloons, and you could even get some bubbles to blow for their entertainment. Keep in mind that your baby isn't going to remember this at all, so don't go too overboard - but a party makes for a great photo op to look back on and you'll be pleased that you did it. Plus, it'll make for a great time for any other kids you may have at home. You can always have an actual party with the rest of your family and friends later on!

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Celebrate Virtually

Just because you can't physically celebrate with your friends and family doesn't mean you can't do it virtually. Thanks to technology, there are tons of great devices and apps that you can now use to video call with multiple people at once. Zoom, Skype, House Party, FaceTime and even WhatsApp can all be used on your laptop, tablet, or smartphones and even hooked up to your TV for a wider picture. It can be a whole lot of fun to celebrate your baby turning one in front of all your loved ones - whether that be opening presents, enjoying cake, singing happy birthday, or simply spending some time together - they'll love to be included and it'll make it all the more special for both you and the baby who might recognise some familiar voices and faces.

Have A Cake Smash

Baby eating cake

The classic cake smash is such a special way to celebrate and remember your little one's first year. While you obviously won't be able to have a professional photographer coming over to capture the moment, your smartphone camera will still do a fine job! Set up a backdrop and decorate it with balloons, banners, confetti, or whatever else you manage to find (there are plenty of great decoration kits that you can order cheaply online) and either bake or purchase a big old cake for your baby to 'smash'. Get your little one kitted up in their cutest outfit that you don't mind getting messy, and let them go wild. You'll be able to snap tons of cute photos of your baby with frosting all over them, having the time of their life with the cake. You could even follow up with an adorable bubble bath shoot for when  you need to get rid of all that mess. Your family will love the photos, and it's such a precious memory that you can fondly look back on - not to mention, they'll make for a great 18th birthday presentation!

Throw A Teddy Bear Picnic In The Garden

Teddy Bear Picnic

If you've got your own garden and the weather is nice, why not throw your baby a mini Teddy Bear Picnic party? (If you don't have one/the weather isn't great - you can still do this inside your living room). It's a great idea for those that love their stuffed teddies, and will make for some super cute photos. You don't need much; a picnic mat, as many teddy bears as you can find, and whatever decorations that you can either conjure up yourself or order online. You'll also probably want to make some picnic food for yourself to enjoy on the day (and any other little ones you may have around the house) - after all, you are the one who's celebrating. While your baby isn't going to remember the party, you can still make it a fun and special day for them by playing nursery rhyme music and reading them bear-themed stories such as The Teddy Bears Picnic, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Winnie the Pooh. It'll be such a special memory for you to look back on in the years to come!

Bake Your Own Themed Treats

Whether you've opted to throw your own little party or you're waiting until lockdown is over to properly celebrate, it's still a great idea to do something to commemorate the occasion. Baking is a super fun way for you to get creative and show your love to your little one by making something yourself - even if you're the only one who actually gets to taste it. You'll be able to snap some cute photos of your baby 'helping' with the baking, and could even use something you create for a cake smash like we suggested earlier. Whether it's just you or you've got a partner with you, creating special treats for the day will be a fun memory and a lovely way to spend the birthday - so get creative with themes such as princesses, pirates, unicorns, and superheroes. (If all goes wrong, your little one will be too young to remember, you can destroy all photo evidence, and you'll have a funny story to tell!)

Check out this video to learn how to make a number one shaped cake, or this recipe for delicious birthday biscuits.

Write Your Baby A Letter

Baby's Birthday Card

Aside from having your own little celebration at home, a great way to make that first birthday extra special and memorable is to write your baby a letter that they can read when they're much older, perhaps on their eighteenth birthday. At just one years old, they're obviously far too young to understand everything that you could possibly want to say to them, and how much you love them - but that doesn't mean you can't write it all down for later. If possible, why not ask your relatives to send in their own letters too? When your child eventually opens them all those years later, they'll really make for a sentimental gift that will be treasured forever, and will show your child just how much love surrounded them at such a young age. Writing a letter also gives you the chance to reflect back on the precious first year you've just experienced, and makes for an emotional and enjoyable activity. While your baby may only be interested in toys and teddies for now - there's no better way to commemorate the special occasion than with a letter.

Have A Themed Photo Shoot

Sure, this is probably more for you than for them, but why not commemorate this momentous occasion with a themed photo shoot? If you've got other kids, this is the perfect time to get everyone in matching outfits! Make it extra fun by introducing a theme - for example, if your shoot is jungle-themed, bring some house plants into the shot as props, play some jungle noises over the speakers to make it a full sensory experience, grab some animal print clothes or a cute bear onesie and you've got yourself a ridiculously cute photo shoot.



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