34 Brilliantly Batty Bat Names

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So are you looking for a name for your pet bat?

Bats are amazing creatures. They are classified as mammals and there are over 1400 species of bats worldwide.

Whilst there are many different types of bat, all bat types can be classified as Chiroptera, this is the Latin scientific word for bats (which could even make a great pet name). There are no special words for male and female bats, they are simply known as male bats and female bats, which keeps things simple, right?

To help you name your pet bat (or perhaps your very own family of bats), we have listed 30 of the best bats' names. For more pet naming fun check out these goat names and monkey names.

Famous Bat Names

These names for bats come from popular bat characters in books, movies, and TV shows.

1. Bartok, a bat from 'Anastasia' and the title character of 'Bartok The Magnificent'.

2. Batman, from 'DC Comics'.

3. Chocula, from the cereal Count Chocula.

4. Fidget, after Fidget the bat from 'The Great Mouse Detective' and 'House Of Mouse'.

5.  Whiskers, named after the vampire cat from 'Frankenweenie'.

6. Rouge, a bat from the 'Sonic' series.

7. Stellaluna, the title character of a children’s book and film.

Famous Vampire Names

These names are perfect for your vampire bat and come from popular vampires in books, films, or TV shows.

8. Barnabas, from the character Barnabas Collins from 'Dark Shadows'.

9. Bunnicula, the title character from 'Bunnicula', a children’s novel series.

10. Duckula, the title character from 'Count Duckula', a cartoon character originally from 'Danger Mouse'.

11. Edward, one of the main characters from the 'Twilight' series.

12. Kate, the name of a character from the 'Twilight' series.

13. Orlok, from the name of Count Orlok in the film 'Nosferatu'.

14. Count Von Count, this is the name of a character from 'Sesame Street' that teaches children to count.

15. Dracula, one of the most famous characters to exist, and the title character from the novel by Bram Stoker.

16. Nosferatu, the title character from 'Nosferatu' which is a dark horror film.

Mythological Bat Names

These mythological names come from creatures and legends relating to bats.

17. Anishinabe (Algonquian), from a legend about a hero who turned cannibalistic women into bats.

18. Camazotz (K’iche), meaning “death bat,” the name of a creature associated with night, death, and sacrifice.

19. Evaki, is the night Goddess who is responsible for getting the sun out and putting it back at night, she is sometimes represented as a bat.

20. Phooka (Gaelic), a trickster being who possessed people.

Bats deserve cool names

Names Meaning Bat In Different Languages

All of these words reference bats in different languages.

21. Chauve Souris (French), meaning “bald mouse”.

22. Fledermaus (German), derived from words meaning “flying mouse”.

23. Pipistrello (Italian), meaning "bat".

Cute And Funny Bat Names

Funny names are perfect for your pet fruit bat.

24. Fang (Old English), meaning “prey,” referring to a fang that bats have.

25. Foxy, suitable for any species of flying fox bat.

26. Luna (Latin), meaning “the moon,” because bats are nocturnal.

27. Nocturna, derived from the word nocturnal, meaning “of or pertaining to the night".

28. Penumbra (Latin), meaning “shaded region” and “partial shadow”.

29. Shadow (Old English), meaning “dark image cast”.

30. Yoda, a well known character from 'Star Wars' that vaguely resembles a bat.

Unique Bat Names

These bat names will help your bat to stand out. Some of these bat names are related to the night, as bats are famously nocturnal.

31. Moonlight (Dutch), literally meaning "light of the moon".

32. Nightwing, from the 'DC Comics' character who is associated with Batman, Nightwing’s original alias was Robin.

33. Flutter, from the definition of the word bat, which means “to flutter”.

34. Fox, relating to the Flying Fox, which is a species of bat.

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