30 Burger Puns That Are Really Cheesy

The hamburger is named after the German city of Hamburg.

Burgers are just like burger puns, they better be gouda or they'll go bacon some hearts!

Burgers, along with pizza and pasta are some of the most popular foods among kids so it's great to have a burger pun or two and some jokes that they can learn to go along with their meals. These funny and cheesy puns will have them in stitches.

The hamburger is named after the German city of Hamburg, but there is considerable evidence that the first hamburger as we know it was sold in the USA in the nineteenth or twentieth century. However, there has been some controversy surrounding the origins of the hamburger as its principal ingredients (bread and ground beef) have been used in different dishes across the world for centuries. Burgers came about as a form of cheap fast food eaten and bought by the working and middle classes as the world became more industrialised. They are now one of the most recognizable foods across the world!

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Funny Burger Puns

A whole load of cheesy hamburger puns, including some funny names for burgers based on famous people or books that you'll be sure to recognise.

1. Give your burger a good pickle to make it laugh.

2. What's Bread Pitt's favourite burger?

3. The hamburger was cracking so many jokes. He was on a roll!

4. The best things in life are fry.

5. If your burger isn't tasty enough you had better bacon again.

6. They have been in the freezer, that's why the brrrr-gurs are so cold.

7. Jane Austen ate her burger with Fried and Prejudice.

8. When I eat a burger with french cheese I call it a Justin Brie-ber.

9. You must be the tastiest burger I've eaten cos your bacon me crazy!

10. You're the only bun for me.

Cheeseburger Puns

Cheese the day and say some of these cheesy burger puns that will get you laughing every time.

11. Lettuce, meet Patty.

12. I think cheese and a hamburger would taste gouda together.

13. It's undercooked? Don't go bacon my heart!

14. The tomato made fun of the cheeseburger. "Well that's mature!"

15. Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

16. I'll serve you the best burger of all time, does that set your mind at cheese?

17. I'll eat any kind of burger, I'm so cheesygoing.

18. This cheesy hamburger is mozar-hella good!

Hamburgers are one of the most recognizable and popular foods world-wide.

Chicken Burger Puns

Look no feather than here if you want to fill your day with chicken burgers and related jokes.

19. You'll be a comedi-hen when you whip out all these puns.

20. Look no feather for the best chicken burgers.

21. If you want to perfect the chicken burger, you've got to keep frying.

22. Shakespeare didn't eat chicken burgers, he was too caught up with Ham-let.

23. Chick the chicken burger on the bar-peck-cue.

Burger Relish Puns

If you really relish all the trimmings that come with  burgers and want some puns to go with them, then lettuce do the work because we've compiled the best burger puns below!

24. When the hamburger and cheese come together they have a proper Ketchup.

25. I relish the moment I bite into a tasty burger.

26. I am pretty sure I already put mustard on my burger, I've got Dijon-vu.

27. Hellman's are you really going to eat your burger without mayo?

28. I have mustard the strength to eat the final hamburger.

29. I fought the slaw and the slaw won.

30. Our pickles are kind of a big dill.



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