30+ Burrito Puns And Jokes That Will Give You A Serious 'Queso' The Giggles

Try burrito jokes and puns for a creamy affair.

In queso you didn't know, you can make your day spec-taco-lar with some cheesy and corn-y Mexican food jokes and puns.

Be it a burrito bowl or a roll, it's always a treat for the tummy and the soul! While any day can turn out to be a good day for a mex-cellent and delicious burrito, funny burrito jokes and puns are like the perfect wrap-up to your meals.

Classic burritos come with a savory filling wrapped in a flour tortilla that'll make you hungry for more. With a delicious stuffing of meat, veggies, rice, cheese, and classic condiments, burritos are tortill-y yummy! It gets even better with wet burritos that come smothered in hot and peppery enchilada sauce. Just hold the burrito straight and take a neat bite of this absolutely heavenly delight. But hey, be careful not to spill the filling! But if you are looking for some rib-tickling food jokes and puns, burrito jokes and puns are what you should read. We've brought to you a few of the best and funniest burrito food puns and jokes that'll get you all beef-ed up with laughter!

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Best Burrito Jokes That'll Fill You With Glee

Burritos are the best example of a mouthwatering and hearty dish. So here is some of the best burrito humor that'll remind you of all the times you had a delightful burrito wrap. You can convert them into puns, burrito-based funny sayings, and craft awesome Instagram captions. One can really enjoy these amazing puns with a burrito in hand!

1. What is it that cannibals love in their burritos? People de gallo.

2. What did one burrito say to the other on the dance floor? "Let's salsa together!"

3. What is a burrito's favorite music? Beets.

4. What's smaller than a pico de gallo? A femto de gallo.

5. What do burritos ask when they meet after a long time? "Hey, how have you bean?"

6. What did the burrito say when asked if it wanted brown white or white rice? It said, "I'm not a rice-ist."

7. My waiter asked, "Would you want beef, sour cream, and salsa in your burrito?" "That's a loaded question!" I replied.

8. What do Mexican prisons serve the inmates who are to be hanged? Pico de gallo-ws.

9. Why was the burrito fed up with his fillings? It's because they wouldn't Romaine calm.

10. What do ducks like in their burrito? Quack-amole.

11. What is Rowan Atkinson's favorite burrito filling? Beans, of course!

12. What do you call selfish bacteria in a chipotle burrito? M-E.coli.

13. Why can't breakfast burritos pull an all-nighter? It's because they get eggs-hausted.

14. How did the Taco Bell manager motivate his employees? He said, "Cheese the day!"

15. Why are burritos so conservative? It's because they are not open like tacos.

16. What do you say when you finish eating a burrito? "And it's a wrap!"

17. What do you call an ice-cold burrito? A burrr-ito.

18. What did the happy burrito say to the sad burrito? "Take it cheesy, man!"

Funny Burrito Puns That You Can Drool Over

Savor Mexican food by enjoying it with these wholesome puns.

A few burrito puns a day keeps the gloom away. So, here's our in-house menu listing some of the best and funniest puns about burritos that you can relish. These puns are really tasteful and great for your health!

19. I love burritos. They guac-cupy a special place in my heart.

20. "Bean-ough is bean-ough!" cried the burrito when he got very angry.

21. The cute burrito blushed with guac-wardness when I complimented her.

22. Burritos just love to have avoca-dough toasts for breakfast.

23. Yesterday, I was carrying a jar of salsa to the sea beach. So my friend asked what I was doing. I said I'm going to take a dip in the ocean.

24. "Lettuce be friends!" said the tortilla to the beans.

25. Reuniting a child with its mother warms my heart. That's why I add chicken to my cheese and egg stuffed burrito.

26. I can never trust my burrito friend with secrets. She'll just spill the beans!

27. My burrito friend, who lived next door, passed away last night. I still can't wrap my head around it.

28. Quarantine isn't going well for Mr Burrito so far. But for him, it's just the tip of the iceberg, and the worst is yet to come.

29. Whenever burritos are sad, they listen to Bohemian wrap-sody.

30. When the chipotle died, we thought it's best to burr-it-off in the ocean.

31. My college life is like a burrito. It always feels like everything is going to fall apart!

32. Last night, I had one of those Chinese burritos. Gosh, they weigh almost won-ton!

33. I wonder what burritos do during the summer. Perhaps they go skinny dip-ping in the sea.

Wacky Quesadilla Puns For The Love Of Burrito

Who doesn't like one delicious burrito coated in cheesy and spicy queso sauce? We're sure that our menu of hilarious queso puns will make you crave a wrap right away!

34. When I asked my Mexican friend what she does in ques-o' an emergency, she said, "I pray to cheese-us!"

35. I hear that the detective has found one lost jar of cheese dip in the refrigerator. He just cracked a cold queso-pen.

36. Quesadillas are a big hit at charity dinners because everybody chips in.

37. A quesadilla's favorite ice cream is a Mo-cheese.

38. My friend was in the kitchen, and he knocked over a pan of hot queso on his feet. Guess he had Tosti-toes.

39. I wish to tell you the story about the man who stole cheese from my fridge. K, so here it goes…

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