40+ Cafe Names That Are Funny, Cute, Or Famous

Find name ideas for your cafe here.

There are many things to consider and put in place before your cafe is up and running; namely, well, the name!

The right name says a lot about your brand and what it stands for. Your business name is what distinguishes you from all other cafes doing the same thing.

When choosing a cafe name, remember to keep it short, simple, and catchy. Your cafe name could be inspired by anything, from your actual name to your favorite place. Your cafe's name should also be easy to pronounce, you don't want people giving their cab driver the wrong address after all. Did you know that a small cafe is also called a bistro? Perhaps you could incorporate this into your cafe name too?

This list includes many cute and funny cafe name ideas. You can also browse some excellent diner names and restaurant names too for more inspiration.

Famous Cafe Names

Names for coffee shops can be hard to decide on.

Some names of coffee shops have gained prominence in recent years, their names are instantly recognizable by people in most parts of the world. This is a list of well-known coffee shop names all over the world. They could also inspire you to think of unconventional names for your business.

1. Anthracite Coffee (English origin) in Seoul, South Korea.

2. Birch Coffee (English origin) in Madison Avenue, New York City.

3. Blue Bottle Coffee (English origin) in Oakland, California.

4. Brew Lab (English origin) in Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

5. Bob Coffee Lab (English origin) in Bucharest, Romania.

6. Café Du Monde (French origin) meaning "the people's café," in New Orleans, LA.

7. Curto Café (Portuguese origin) meaning  "short coffee," in Rio, Brazil.

8. Dawn Patrol (English origin) in Kangarilla, Australia.

9. Fenster Cafe (German origin) in Vienna, Austria.

10. Four Barrel Coffee (English origin) in San Francisco, California.

11. Eighthirty Coffee Roasters (English origin) in Auckland, New Zealand.

12. Metal Hands (English origin) in Beijing, China.

13. NOC Roasters (English origin) an acronym for 'Not Only Coffee,' in Hong Kong, China.

14. Starbucks (English origin) in Seattle, Washington.

15. Tim Wendelboe (English origin) in Oslo, Norway.

Funny Cafe Names

Why not pick funny names for a coffee shop?

Why not use some slang words for coffee (such as 'dirt', 'Joe', 'cupped lightning' and more) to make a great cafe name that is funny and interesting at the same time?

16. Barista Patrol (Italian origin) meaning "a bartender who serves snacks, cold or hot beverages behind a counter."

17. Coffee Street (English origin) it's a popular cafe in Bangalore, India.

18. Dream Bean Coffee shop (English origin) it's a peppy cafe and bakery in Fiji.

19. Espresso Express (Italian origin) quirky name for a cafe.

20. Ground Up Cafe (English origin) playing with words about the act of grinding coffee.

21. Huggamug Cafe (English origin) a delightful name for coffee lovers.

22. Jumpin' Beans Cafe (English origin) the name sure sets your imagination free.

23. Lava Java (English origin) the name of popular cafes in the US and India.

24. Manhattan Mocha (English origin) based on a city in New York.

25. Mugs Coffee (English origin) read the first word in reverse order to make sense.

26. Spiced Chai Cafe (Indian origin) stands for spicy tea cafe.

27. Steam Beans Cafe (English origin) doesn't any name with beans sound appealing?

28. The Grind (English origin) your cafe could serve as a place to repel the woes of the daily grind.

29. Wake Up Cafe (English origin) you cafe could be keeping the city awake.

Cute Cafe Names

Simple, less complicated names often make cute coffee shop names.. All that is required to think of a cute coffee shop name is some out of the box thinking, for example you could name your coffee shop based on different coffee names. Find some catchy coffee shop name ideas here.

30. Aroma Mocha (English origin) it's a popular cafe name. Cafes with similar names can be found across the world.

31. Busy Bean (English origin) imagine beans that are constantly at work to keep customers happy!

32. Coffee House (English origin) among the most simple and popular coffee shop names. Again, among the most common names ideas.

33. Cup Of Joy (English origin) what could be a better name for a cafe!

34. Cup o'Joe (English origin) could be the next go to cafe.

35. Grind House (English origin) makes complete sense as your cafe is the place where beans are ground.

36. Impresso Espresso (Latin origin) this espresso cafe name means "impressive coffee".

37. Jumpstart Coffee Shop (English origin) the name of a small coffee shop in Cape Town, South Africa.

38. No Doze Cafe (English origin) a place where you just can't sleep, literally.

39. The Coffee Club (English origin) a simple name for a cosy cafe.

40. The Hideout (English origin) the cutest of coffee shop names, this could be the next place for the young coffee-loving generation.

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