52 Car Puns That Are Wheely Great

Cars on a race track inspiring car puns

Looking for some funny jokes to tell the kids?

Telling jokes is one of the best ways to get instant laughs and brighten everyone’s mood. Whether your kids are mad about cars or just love a good laugh, you’re in the right place!

We’ve scoured the internet and found 52 of the best, kid-friendly car jokes that will have the whole family in fits of giggles. These funny racing jokes are sure to be repeated time and time again and provide endless chuckles.

Family laughing at car puns

Question And Answer Jokes

1) What goes through towns and up hills but never moves? A Road!

2) Where do Volkswagens go when they get old? The old Volks home!

3) What did the tornado say to the car?  Want to go for a spin?

4) What did the dinosaur say after he’d been in a car crash? I’m so-saurus!

5) What kind of driver never gets a ticket? A screwdriver!

6) How do you stop a dog from barking in the back seat of the car? Tell him it's time to bark in the front seat!

7) What type of car do sheep like to drive? A Lamborghini!

8) Why do robots like to sleep under cars? Because they like to wake up oily!

9) What happens when a dinosaur crashes their car? There’s a Tyrannosaurus wreck!

10) What does a snake drive? An Ana-Honda!

11) What did the traffic light say to the car? “Hey! Don’t look! I’m about to change!”

12) What type of snakes are found on cars? Windshield Vipers!

13) Why should you always check your tyres for punctures? In case there is a fork in the road!

14) Why did the taxi driver lose his job? Because he kept driving his customers away!

15) What was wrong with the wooden car? It wooden go!

16) Why couldn’t the car play football? Because it only had one boot!

17) What happens when you put a car and a pet together? You get a a carpet!

18) What did Jack say to the car? Can I give you a lift?

19) Why is driving with one headlight not a good idea? It isn’t very bright!

20) What kind of car does an egg drive? A Yolkswagen!

Child making car puns

21) What do you say if a frog calls asking for a ride? Hop in!

22) Why couldn’t the frog find his car? Because it had been toad!

23) What kind of car do frogs like best? A Beetle!

24) What happened when the frog's car wouldn’t start? He jump started it!

25) What is the laziest part of a car? The wheels, they are always tyre-d!

26) Why are pigs such bad drivers? Because they hog the road!

27) Where do dogs park their cars? In the barking lot!

28) When you cross a race car with a potato, what do you get? Crashed potatoes!

29) What is a cars favourite meal? Brake-fast!

30) What’s another name for a used car salesman? A car-deal-ologist!

31) Where can you get the fastest fast-food? Lamb-burger-inis.

32) How does a turkey drive a car? He wings it!

33) What happens if you run in front of a car? You get tyre-d!

34) What is a cars favourite place to hang out? At a Car-nival!

35) What kind of motorbike does Santa ride? A Holly Davidson!

36) What sound does a witches car make? Broom broom!

37) When does a car stop being a car? When it turns into a corner!

38) What kind of car drives over water? Any kind of car, if it’s on a bridge!

39) What happened when the robot motorway had to be closed? Everyone had to take the R2- Detour!

40) What do you call a Ford Fiesta out of petrol? A Ford Siesta!

41) What does Woody from Toy Story say when he walks into a German car dealership? Audi!

42) What should you do if you see a spaceman? You should park in it dude!

43) Why did the spider buy a car? He wanted to go for a spin!

44) What kind of car does Yoda drive? A Toyoda!

Monster Truck Cars inspiring Car Puns

Knock Knock Jokes

45) Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Cargo who?

Car go “Beep beep”

46) Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Iona who?

Iona new car!

47) Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Alpaca who?

Alpaca the suitcase, you load the car!

48) Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Mister who?

Mister last bus home, give me a lift!

49) Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Phillip who?

Phillip my tank please, I’ve got a long way to go!

50) Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Wanda who?

Wanda where I put my car keys?

Extra Car Puns

51) Two crisp packets are walking down the road. A man in a car comes along and asks if they want a lift. They reply “No thanks, we’re Walkers!”.

52) A man couldn’t work out how to fasten his seatbelt. Then it suddenly clicked!



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