Chalkwell Beach: An Oasis Of Calm An Hour From London

Two young children walking away from the sea up the sand carrying watering cans

As more attractions reopen, here at Kidadl we want to give you a clear explanation of when and how you can safely enjoy this Southend-on-sea beach.

Chalkwell Beach has a Marine Conservation Society Award; a trip to this beach is great way to escape the intensity of London. You can relax on a sandy beach with an accessible esplanade that showcases the best that Essex beaches have to offer.

What Is There To Do At Chalkwell Beach?

Chalkwell Beach is located in Southend - a resort town with the world's longest pleasure pier, an amusement park and a theme park if you are looking for excitement. However, Chalkwell Beach is currently one of the best Essex beaches because it is typically quieter and less crowded, making it easier to maintain social distancing on your day out.

View of Chalkwell beach.
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Once the search for the perfect spot is over you can hire a deck chair, sit back and soak in the rays, just don't forget the suncream! Chalkwell Esplanade also offers a lovely large space to walk and is wheelchair accessible. In addition, one of the most reassuring aspects of this beach for parents is the presence of lifeguards watching swimmers. They ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time in the sea during low tide times and when the tide is higher.

What Are The Facilities Like At Chalkwell Beach?

Children having fun playing at the seaside.
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Chalkwell Beach in Southend has plenty of facilities, just be aware that COVID-19 restrictions are impacting some one these at the moment. Toilets are now open with social distancing encouraged whilst queuing, visitors are advised to wash their hands regularly, avoid touching their face and bring sanitiser. Shower facilities are open at Chalkwell with advice to take your own sanitiser and any other things you may need. There are also toilets that are accessible for disabled people open at the moment on the Esplanade.

What Is There To Eat At Chalkwell Beach?

After a day at the seaside, something nice to nibble on is a must. Here are three of our favourites to make that search for food as smooth as possible. Typical of British beaches, there are many amazing sea food restaurants along the beach front in Southend. But if this doesn't take your fancy, there are also family-friendly Italian places to get a bite to eat.

For a quick bite at the seafront, Saltwater Beach Cafe is a great option with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options available. They are great for breakfast, brunch and lunch meals.

There's a Brewers Fayre for a family-friendly dinner meal, their indoor play areas are currently closed but their restaurant area is open with social distancing measures in place.

Lastly, The Oaktree Vegan Restaurant is one of the best vegan restaurants in the area, about a ten minute walk from the beach. They make healthy, fresh vegan food, giving you the perfect opportunity to show children that vegetables can be really tasty

A big burger in a pink beetroot bun with salad, cheese and a gherkin secured with a stick.
Image © OakTree Vegan Restaurant Facebook

How To Get To Chalkwell Beach

If you are travelling by car and looking to input an address for a Sat Nav or Google Maps, the Chalkwell beach postcode is: SS0 8JJ. Parking can be found on Chalkwell Esplanade at the end of Chalkwell Avenue.

London to Chalkwell station is less than an hour on the train. Chalkwell train station is just a five minute walk away from the beach so this is a surprisingly easy-to-get-to seaside day out.

It is important to check the latest information and government guidance surrounding public transport, only take public transport for leisure purposes when it is allowed.

Kidadl Top Tips

Chalkwell Beach is a sandy beach so make sure to prepare beforehand to make the most of the experience.

Dogs are not allowed on Chalkwell beach between the 1st of May and the 30th of September.

Social distancing rules are encouraged and while different shops in the area may have different policies, its best to get into the habit of always bringing a mask along with you wherever you go.

The esplanade is wheelchair accessible but it is unfortunately not guaranteed that every shop or restaurant is too, it is best to call or email ahead just in case.



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