100 Charming Amish Names For Your Baby

Find the best Amish baby names in this list.

Are you looking for the perfect Amish names for your baby?

If you are looking for traditional Amish names, then you have come to the right place! We have gone through and found the most common Amish names for those who are looking for the perfect name for their child.

The Amish are a community of traditional church fellowships related to the Mennonite church. They tend to live in Pennsylvania and mainly speak either English or German. Traditionally the Amish do not use electricity. They believe that using electricity will tie them too closely to this world and obstruct their journey to heaven.

If you are looking for the perfect first name for your baby, then you might find the perfect name in this list of names popular among the Amish community. This list includes common Amish names of boys and common Amish girl names, we hope it also includes your perfect name!

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Modern Names For Amish Men

A few modern names from Amish culture for men are listed here.

1. Aaron (Hebrew origin), this name is Hebrew for "lofty." Aaron is the older brother of Moses in the Bible.

2. Andy (Hebrew origin), this name is Hebrew for "manly".

3. Baker (Middle English origin), this name means "to bake".

4. Camp (Dutch origin), this word means "field" and is popular among those with farming in their lineage.

5. Chandler (French origin), this word means "seller" or "maker of candles".

6. Collin (English origin), this name means "people's victory" and is common among Amish names.

7. Conrad (German origin), this comes from a German word meaning "brave counsel".

8. Evan (Welsh origin), this means "God is gracious".

9. Fletcher (Old English origin), this name means "maker of arrows".

Stylish Names For Amish Boys

Those looking for a stylish name for a baby boy  should think about using one of these.

10. Frederick (German and Dutch origin), this name means "ruler".

11. Freeman (Saxon origin), this name means "free man" and has its roots in ancient Europe.

12. Harley (English origin), among Amish names this word means "meadow".

13. Harrison (Old English origin), Harrison, literally translated, is "son of Harry".

14. Henry (German origin) this name means "home".

15. Hunter (English origin), an occupational name, this name was used to indicate bird catchers and hunters.

16. Ike (Slavic origin), this name means "to laugh".

17. Jesse (Hebrew origin), this is a Hebrew name that means "gift".

18. Justice (French origin), this modern name means "upright".

19. Kemp (Norse origin), this name means "champion".

20. Kevin (Gaelic origin), this name is derived from Gaelic and means "handsome" or "gentle".

Creative Names For Boys

Some other creative names for baby boys popular among Amish people include.

21. King (English origin), this simple name means "ruler".

22. Lawrence (Latin origin), this name comes from Latin and means "man".

23. Leonard (English origin), Leonard means "lion" or "strong".

24. Leroy (French origin), this name means "the King".

25. Lloyd (Welsh origin), this name means "grey," which meant "holy" during Medieval times.

26. Marshall (English origin), this is a common name among those who love horses.

27. Oliver (French origin), this name pays homage to the historic olive branch, which has always indicated peace.

Traditional Amish Boy Names

If you are looking for a first name for an Amish boy, a few common examples are listed here.

28. Abram (Hebrew origin), this name means "high Father" and is a contraction of Abraham.

29. Albrecht (Hebrew origin), this is one of the oldest Amish names and means "bright" or "intelligent".

30. Amos (Hebrew origin), one of the most popular Amish names from the 18th and 19th centuries, this name means "strong".

31. Caleb (Hebrew origin), this name means "faithful".

32. Daniel (Hebrew origin), this name means "God is my Judge".

Classic Names For Amish Boys

A few classic names for boys loved by Amish communities are listed here.

33. David (Hebrew origin), this name means "friend."

34. Eli (Hebrew origin), this name means "ascended."

35. Elijah (Greek origin), among names for Amish children, this common one means "Jehovah is God."

36. Elmo (German origin), this cute name means "protection."

37. Gabriel (Hebrew origin), from the Bible, this name means "devoted to God."

38. Isaac (Hebrew origin), this name means"laughter".

39. Ivan (Russian origin), this name means "gift from God."

Your baby might suit one of these Amish names.

Biblical Amish Boy Names

Some Biblical names for a baby boy are listed here.

40. Jacob (English origin), a popular name in the Amish community, this name means "may God protect".

41. James (English origin), a prominent Amish name, this is the Greek form of Jacob and means "supplanter".

42. Jeremiah (Hebrew origin), another common Amish name, it stands for "God's exaltation".

43. John (English origin), derived from Jehovah, this is a common name among all communities.

44. Jonah (Hebrew origin), this  name means "dove".

Strong Names For Baby Boys

A few strong names for baby boys are listed here.

45. Jonas (Greek origin), this is a popular Biblical name that is given to Amish baby boys.

46. Joseph (English origin), Joseph was the husband of the Virgin Mary in the Bible.

47. Joshua (Hebrew origin), this is a Christian name that means "savior".

48. Josiah (Hebrew origin), this is a traditional Biblical name that means "the fire of the Lord".

49. Matthew (English origin), coming from the Gospel, this is one of the most common names in the world.

50. Noah (Hebrew origin), this name pays homage to Noah from the Biblical flood.

51. Peter (Greek origin), this name means "stone" and was the name of one of the apostles in the Bible.

Modern Girl Names In The Amish Community

First names for girls from the Amish community may include these modern choices.

52. Beth (Hebrew origin), this name means "house of God".

53. Abigail (Hebrew origin), this name means "the joy of the father".

54. Amity (Latin origin), this is a name that means "friendship".

55. Anke (German origin), this is the Dutch version of Anne and means "favor".

56. Barbara (Greek origin), this is a name that means "foreign".

57. Bertha (German origin), this is a name that means "bright".

58. Bridget (Gaelic origin), this name stands for "power" and "strength".

Cute Names For Girls

A few pretty sounding names for young girls that are used in Amish communities are listed here.

59. Catherine (French origin), this name means "purity" or "clarity".

60. Charity (English origin), this is a name that means "generosity" and "kindness".

61. Collette (Hebrew origin), this name means "the victory of the people".

62. Dawn (English origin), this name means "new life".

63. Dorothy (Old English origin), this name means "daybreak" or "awakening".

64. Eleanor (English origin), this name was popular during the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly in England, and means "shining".

65. Emma (German origin), this name means "universal" or "whole".

First Names for Girls That Pay Homage To The Old Testament

If you are looking for a traditional Amish name, a few examples can be found here. These Amish names are a great way to honor the Old Testament when naming your baby girl!

66. Anne (Latin origin), this is a name that means "grace".

67. Anna (Hebrew origin), a version of Hannah, this name is mentioned often in the Old Testament and is another name for the Virgin Mary.

68. Annie (Hebrew origin), a clear variant of Anna, this name also means "prayer" in Hebrew.

69. Betty (Greek origin), this is a shortened version of Elizabeth and is a popular name among Amish families.

70. Eliza (Hebrew origin), this is another name that is short for Elizabeth.

71. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin), this name comes from the Old Testament, where Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist.

72. Esther (Hebrew origin), this is another name that comes directly from the Bible and means "star".

Inspirational Names For Baby Girls

Some Amish names that you can use that will inspire your children can be found here.

73. Eva (Hebrew origin), this is a name that means "giver of life".

74. Faith (Latin origin), this is a name that means "confidence".

75. Hope (English origin), hope is one of the most important virtues in Amish families.

76. Irene (Greek origin), this is a name that means "peaceful".

77.  Iris (Greek origin), this name that means "rainbow".

78. Louisa (Hebrew origin), this traditional name comes from the Bible, where Louisa was the grandmother of Saint Timothy.

79. Lucy (English origin), this name means "born at daylight".

80. Ruth (German origin), this name means "vision of beauty".

81. Sadie (English origin), a variation of Sarah, this means "princess".

82. Serenity (French origin), this classic name means "calm".

The perfect Amish names for your baby girl are here.

Trendy Names For Amish Girls

Think about using a trendy name for a baby girl such as these.

83. Eve (Hebrew origin), Eve was the first woman that God created according to the Bible.

84.  Evelyn (Celtic origin), this is a beautiful name that means "desired".

85. Greta (German origin), this is a name that means "pearl".

86. Hannah (Hebrew origin), from the Bible, this woman was the mother of Samuel.

87. Henrietta (English origin), this is the female version of Henry and means "strong ruler".

88.  Justine (French origin), this name means "righteous".

89. Kathryn (Greek origin), this name means "pure".

90. Rachel (Hebrew origin), this stands for "female sheep".

91. Rebecca (Hebrew origin), this name means "servant of God".

Popular Names For Girls In Amish Families

A few popular names for Amish girls are listed here for you.

92. Fannie (English origin), this is a common name and means "free".

93. Grace (Latin origin), this name means  "elegance" or "God's favor".

94. Ivy (English origin), this is a short name yet it carries great depth, meaning "faithful".

95. Jacqueline (French origin) this stands for "supplanter".

96. Jane (English origin), Jane is the female version of John and means "gracious".

97. Joyce (German origin), this is a name that means "happiness".

98. Maria (Hebrew origin), this name means "a child wished for".

99. Martha (Aramaic origin), this name means "bitter".

100. Nancy (Hebrew origin), this name means "grace".

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