49 Cheese Puns That Are Really Grate

All puns about cheese do not necessarily have to be cheesy.

Cheese is love and the fact that it comes in many various shapes, sizes and types only accentuate that.

And like cheese, cheese puns also happen to be the best kind of punny humor for cheese-lovers. You cannot say no to cheese because the universe pulls you towards it.

There are many different types of cheese including feta and brie. However, when making a pun like a birthday cheese pun, a cheesy pun can get tedious if you lack cheesy ideas. After all, whether it's cheeses or a piece of cheese, the devil is in the details.

If you are on the lookout for a list of some gouda cheese puns, and cheese humor, this gouda list will make any food lover melt. For more puns, check out Dairy Puns and Milk Puns.

Good Cheese-Related Puns

Sometimes, all you need to do is cheese your way out of life.

Here is a list of the best cheese puns which will prove to be a treat for any cheese lover.

1. When his maternal aunt decreed unto him that he couldn't see an R-rated movie, the aged cheddar said, "I'm too mature for your taste."

2. A cheese lover's favorite event track event at the Olympics is the curdles.

3. Things get overtly tense with a cheesy lover when they come up and convey to you that they are fondue.

4. Upon waking up at the crack of dawn and looking at the mirror the cheese exclaimed, "Halloumi."

5. The variant of cheese that beavers love to eat is Edam.

6. The cheese's favorite philosophical book was Introduction to Fetaphysics.

7. Building a roquefort is your best bet when looking after little cheeses.

8. When the cheese's wife left him, he became forever provolone.

9. Checking himself out in the looking glass, the Cheddar remarked unto himself, "you are looking sharp!".

10. When the community found out that the religious Mr Cheese had stolen from the church funds, the pasta from the local church came and told him, "Have you heard about the word of our lord Cheesus?"

11. A lion's favorite type of cheese is a roarquefort.

12. If cheese was intentionally made in reverse, then it becomes Edam.

13. The cheese that wails the most is a Babybel.

14. You should always take proper fire precaution measures at the cheese factory in queso a fire breaks out.

15. A referential cheese is called Feta.

16. The type of cheese that defends a palace is known as Moat-zarella.

17. If you want to take a photograph of a mouse, just say "Cheese."

18. The cheese did not submit itself to be sliced up, because he had far grater schemes.

19. A cheese is driven crazy when everybody they meet on a daily basis is crackers.

20. A sad cheese is blue cheese.

21. The cheese got curly hair because it decided to go for a permesan.

22. The cheese couldn't sleep because she was terrified of the munster in the closet overhead.

23.  The Italian cheese told his swiss cheese wife when they bought a car on loan, "Ricotta make the installment payments on time".

24. The air hostess showed the cheddar how to operate the emergency window in queso emergency.

25. On his marriage anniversary parmesan renewed his vows by saying, "I wheely am in love with you".

26. The baby cheese dreamt that upon growing up he would live in cottage cheese

27. The blue cheese was depressed because his neighbors told him that he smelt.

28. Upon attending the reunion, feta exclaimed to his friend, "I camembert the last time I saw you".

29. I recently got a slice of cheese from the market which was behaving very weirdly. Guess, I bought myself Emmental cheese.

30. I guess all my efforts to smoke cheese into a pie went in vain but an applewood.

31. When I went to visit my cheese friend, he welcomed me with open arms and asked me whether I’ll take tea or coffee. I replied that I’ll Havarti.

32. The biggest problem that we face today is that the cheese-based diet we follow just makes us feta and feta.

33. At the restaurant, the customer ordered some fresh feta cheese when it already was tomme to go.

34. We should refrain from eating too many cheese dips as it may result in a bad queso diarrhea.

Famous Cheesy Puns

Some cheese puns need no introduction, here's a list of some of the most famous cheesy puns.

35. A cheese lover's favorite type of music is R n' Brie.

36. The most loved Village People's song for any cheese lover is 'Nacho Man.'

37. Shakespeare named his cheese platter 'To brie or not to brie.'

38. A cheese lover's favorite musician is Mozart-arella.

39. The Beatle's love for cheese can be truly understood through their immortal song 'Let it brie'.

40. A cheese lover's most beloved rap singer is Feta wap.

41. The swiss cheese and his feta wife were both eager to attend Brie-once's concert.

42. I had read in the history books that Al Capone liked eating lots of cheese. His favorite cheese to gorge upon would be the mass-carpone.

43. Introducing its newest cheesy offering on the market, the company labeled it as 'Nacho your regular cheese'.

44. Mr Gouda and his family had recently attended the concert of their favorite singer Alicia Cheese.

Gouda And Brie Puns For All Ages

Gouda and brie are some of the most famous types of cheese in the market, no wonder such puns are in hot demand. Here's a list of such puns.

45. A good way to start a conversation in your first interview is to say, "It is brie you're looking for?"

46. When the little boy cheese was having a rough day, his mom told him, "You gotta take the gouda with the bad."

47. When the baker told the cheese lover that the shop is closing early, he said, "You gouda brie joking!"

48. Mr Gouda the cheese's greatest fear was to buy an apartment in a grated community.

49. The cheese could not go to the party at night because he did not have the parmesan from his parents.

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