25 Children's Books About Weather

Grab your bookmarks, reading specs and experience a breath of fresh air with these awesome and educational weather books.

With plenty of time to get your little ones reading during lockdown but with endless books to choose from, we’ve made it super simple and rounded up our favourite children’s books about the weather according to age!

Grab your bookmarks, reading specs and experience a breath of fresh air with these awesome and educational weather books.

Under 5's

Little Cloud, Eric Carle

Ever looked up at the sky and noticed the clouds forming all kinds of shapes? Well, you might have spotted Little Cloud. This playful and uplifting picture book tells the story of Little Cloud, who loves transforming into all different shapes and eventually joins all the other clouds to form one massive one in the sky!

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Caroline Jayne Church

Have your singing voices at the ready to make your way through Rain, Rain, Go Away - the musical adventure book that is bound to brighten anyone's day!

Wind, Rain, Snow and Sun, Carol Thompson

Wind, Rain, Snow and Sun are four books that are part of Carol Thompson’s ‘Whatever the Weather’ range and they are perfect for teaching little ones about all types of weather. They are super engaging and provide a real sensory insight!

Hello, World! Weather, Jill McDonald

Perfect for little ones who are just beginning to explore the big wide world and all its weathers, Hello, World! Weather aims to introduce even the youngest of kids to nature. Featuring engaging and colourful illustrations, it’s bound to be a hit.

Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book, Lucy Cousins

Turn the wheels to make rain fall, allow rainbows to appear and even a spot of snow! Maisy’s Wonderful Weather Book is one of the most interactive weather books out there. Filled with great questions about different types of weather, bound to get your kids thinking, it’s a must-read!

Ages 5-10

Singing in The Rain, Tim Hopgood

Reminisce over the classic song with this classic weather book! Accompanied by adorable illustrations and of course, the famous lyrics, follow the journey of kids who love the rain.

Hurricane, David Weisner

Escape the storm with David Weisner’s Hurricane, a fictional story that follows two brothers as they shield from a hurricane. Learn the dangers of hurricanes but also get some serious inspo for what to do on a rainy day!

The Magic School Bus Inside A Hurricane, Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen

If you and your kids are fans of The Magic School Bus then this weather book is bound to be a hit! Hop on board with Ms. Fizzle and learn about the science behind the storm.

Green City: How One Community Survived a Tornado and Rebuilt for a Sustainable Future, Allan Drummond

This true story of a town in Kansas that was rebuilt following a tornado is not only an incredibly uplifting story but will also teach young children about the importance of sustainability and kindness!

May I Come In?, Marsha Diane Arnold

After a raccoon is caught out in the rain, he seeks shelter at three different animal’s houses but is sadly turned away. Until he knocks on the door of Rabbit who says ‘There’s always room for a good friend’. Another great story that teaches invaluable lessons of care and hospitality to children!

The Reasons for Seasons, Gail Gibbons

This super educational weather book explains how and why seasons come about, how different seasons affect the world around us and also gives you your science fix as you learn about the Earth’s position and how that affects the Sun!

National Geographic: Little Kids First Big Book of Weather, Karen de Seve

Oozing with fun facts, epic diagrams and simple explanations, this book is the perfect place to start when it comes to teaching children about the weather!

Weather Words and What They Mean, Gail Gibbons

This is one of our favourite weather books for kids! Practically an encyclopedia of all the weather words, accompanied by engaging illustrations and super simple definitions, you’ve got to have this book in your collection.

Weather: Explore Nature With Fun Facts and Activities, DK

Providing a more hands-on, interactive approach to learning about the weather, do everything from making a barometer to getting clued up on key definitions from the world of weather.

National Geographic Kids Everything Weather, Kathy Furgang

Covering everything from the basics of weather and how to predict it to fun facts about more extreme types of weather and some serious myth-busting - this National Geographic book is a must-read!

Ages 11+

The Finest Hours (Young Readers Edition): The True Story of a Heroic Sea Rescue, Michael Tougias

Adapted for younger readers, The Finest Hours tells the true story of the most daring sea rescue in US Coast Guard history - you’ll be on the edge of your seats!

Basher Science: Climate Change, Simon Basher

As climate change floods our social media and is a hot topic among young adults and teens, Simon Basher’s book is one of the best introductions to climate change and is bound to spark some thought-provoking discussions at the dinner table.

It’s Raining Fish and Spiders, Bill Evans

Filled to the brim with epic facts, awesome photography, educational charts and tables, not to mention personal anecdotes - Bill Evans’ book addresses myths and facts about the weather and is a highly entertaining read.

Gaia Warriors, Nicola Davies

With simple explanations and fact-filled pages, this is one of the best weather books for kids that allows children to come to terms with climate change and the ways our world is changing.

The Cloudspotter’s Guide, Gavin Pretor-Pinney

Not strictly a weather book but we can guarantee gazing at the sky will never be the same after giving this helpful, insightful guide a go.

Blizzard’s Wake, Phyllis Naylor

Following a freak blizzard, both the Sterling family and Zeke Dexter must bind together in this story of incredible determination and grief - a truly gripping read.

Chasing the Storm: Tornadoes, Meteorology, and Weather Watching, Ron Miller

Ever considered meteorology as a career? As one of the few books about weather for children that touch on meteorology, it’s unmissable!

On The Same Day in March: A Tour of the World’s Weather, Marilyn Singer

Who knew that on the same day in March it could be snowing and sunny in two different countries? Singer’s book explores weather patterns and introduces youngsters to seasonal changes across the world.

On a Magical Do-Nothing Day, Beatrice Alemanga

Serving as a reminder to look at the outside world and put down our electronic devices, Alemanga’s book tells us of all the fun adventures we can get up to on a ‘do-nothing’ day!

Water is Water, Miranda Paul and Jason Chin

Combining poetry and science, Paul and Chin’s magical book touches on the basics of the water cycle whilst highlighting the importance of water conservation for kids.


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