40 Chiss Names With Meanings For Your Characters

The Chiss are a society in the much-loved Star Wars series

An essential part of the imaginary Star Wars universe is the Chiss society existing on the planet of Csilla far, far away.  

The Chiss are a blue skin humanoid species. In their society there is great importance put upon names.

Their family names are interesting, as they represent not only them but also their families. For people unaware of the fictional world,  these Chiss names might be quite odd if you don't know what they mean, we are here to solves all those queries for you.

Csilla is governed by mainly nine ruling families, which comprises of the first part of the three-part full name, the second part is the personal name, and the third fragment is an indicator of that person’s position at home on an administrative and hierarchical level or their occupation. This could also include whether they belong to that family by blood or by adoption. These together, with the last letter(s) of the first section, the whole middle name, and the first letter(s) of the last name section, form the core name of a Chiss. The core name is what the Chiss used when speaking to other species who are unable to pronounce their names. This is usually used in the Star Wars Old Republic video game where they are the official allies of the Sith empire.

Take Grand Admiral Thrawn for example, where 'Thrawn' is his core name and his full name is Mitth’raw’nuruodo—in which, the “Mitth” is Thrawn’s family, “Raw” is his given name, and then “nuruodo” is his relationship to his family. He is a merit adoptive member of the Mitth family as he wasn’t related by blood but is in the process of trying to join it permanently by serving in the Chiss military.  It is pretty clear that the Chiss ascendancy in the Star Wars world is identified by their one of a kind names. A striking example would be the similar-looking character with red eyes, Cad Bane.  He is initially distinguished through his non-Chiss name in the Clone Wars as the manipulative bounty hunter from the planet of Duro. While there are Chiss Jedi, they also possess unique names which underscore their order in the Chiss culture.

Captivated by the fascinating Chiss naming conventions? Then let's engage you a little more with our list that will give you some interesting name ideas to choose from.

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Chiss Names From The Star War Series

While there are endless possibilities of Chiss names as well, the below list contains all the predominant Chiss characters from the Csilla universe, along with the meanings of their core name.

1.Chaf'orm'bintrano (formbi) Meaning 'an old settlement'

2.Fehlaaur'aitel'loro (known as fehlaaur) Meaning 'unpredictable'

3.Jer'jo cam'co (jocam) Meaning 'Established by God'

4.Kthira'shi'ktarloo (ashik) Meaning 'adorer' or 'suitor'

5.Kung'urama'nuruodo (known as nuru kungura ) Meaning 'light'

6.Mitth'ali'astov (core name thalias) Meaning to blossom or to flourish

7.Mitth'raw'nuruodo (thrawn) Meaning 'twist or distorted'

8.Mitth'urf'ianico (thurfian) Meaning 'thunder an god of battle'

9.Mitth'ras'safis (thrass) An Americanized form of 'dresh' which is an occupational name, 'dresher of grain'

10.Prard'ras'kleoni (drask) Derived from old Scandinavian word, thresk meaning 'marsh'

11.Sev'eere'nuruodo (veeren) Meaning 'brave'

12.Sever'ance tan (rance) Meaning 'shield'

Cool Gender-Neutral Chiss Names

It is pretty clear from the Star Wara series that Chiss names are gender-neutral in nature and can be named for either of the sexes. You can read the list below to get more Chiss name inspiration for your different characters.

13.Anath'ar'iameps (Tharia) Meaning 'night' or 'angel of song'

14.Chal'azru'sarthi (lazrus) Meaning 'God has helped'

15.Duwa'hid'ethima (wahide) Meaning 'the absolute one'

16.Feith'adeu'slakan (thadeus) Meaning 'courageous heart'

17.Jarlat'hos'colien (Thosco) Meaning 'rough'

18.Karr'riti'grimersi (ritig) Meaning 'triumphant' or  'from the heart'

19.Kit'alo'nuruodo (Talon) Meaning 'bird claw'

20.Laht'al'ikran (Tali) Meaning 'dew'

21.Leid'olor'enevah (dolore) Meaning 'sorrow' or 'pain'

22.Marinel'lan'omoh (llano) Habitation association from any of the places named Llano

23.Mitt'ren'talsi (Trent) Topographical name associated with people who lived near the banks of the river Trent

24.Nligh'liam'mirko (Ghiliamm) Meaning 'gift of god'

25.Orphim'imko'saarothi (mimikos) Meaning 'charming child'

26.Payg'emi'nido (gemini) Meaning 'the twins'

27.Sal'exi'nuruodo (lexin) Meaning 'defending men'

28.Sev'risk'aklaio (Vriska) Meaning 'scorpion'

29.Snar'Eape'ranthe (reaper) Occupational name  from old English used for someone concerned with harvesting

30.Sorr'emow'acer (remowa) Meaning 'to depart'

31.Surr'oseal'emui (roseal) Combination of rose + al meaning the flower and 'harmony'

32.Tes'atomi'eorge (satomie) Meaning 'Hometown beauty'

Unique Chiss Names

The Chiss family name convention is unique in itself and these special ones take it a notch above, so read on to know all about the meanings of these rare core names.

33.Duza'edak'eagae (zaedake) Meaning 'god of righteousness'

34.Kan'ikit'isan (Nikitis)Meaning 'victory'

35.Kres’ave’kleon (savek)Meaning 'servant of God'

36.Maz'ahid'erinth (Zahide)Meaning 'diamond'

37.Nagh'ebate'rawerki (hebater) Meaning  'free-spirited'

38.Shev'elda'arelith (Velda) Meaning 'power' or 'ruler'

39.Tlimm'emoun'aeze (memouna) Meaning 'safe' and 'trustworthy'

40.Warn'aranj'ohlugaz (naranjoh)Topographic association, meaning someone who lived by the orange grove

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