55+ Chocolate Names For Your Brown Lab That Are Deliciously Cute

Famous chocolate names make great names for brown dogs.

Thinking about a good chocolate name for your brown lab?

There are so many good chocolate names. From popular chocolate names such as Mars to quirky choc bars names such as Wunderbar, it’s really difficult to choose the right name for your cute brown lab.

Here’s our list of the most popular chocolate bar-inspired brown dog names. Pick your favorite one. Looking for other cute names for your brown dog? Then, you may want to check out French dog names or Christmas dog names.

Popular Chocolate Company Names For Your Brown Lab

Who can resist a good bar of chocolate, right? Similarly, who can resist a brown labs cute face? These are some of the best chocolates in the world. Consider naming your brown lab one of these popular choc bars names and add to your brown furball’s cuteness quotient.

1. Bounty (M/F), the extremely-popular coconut-centered bar of chocolate.

2. Butterfinger (F), the crispy peanut butter-based candy bar from Ferrero.

3. Cadbury (M/F), the famous British confectionery maker, which is the second-largest in the world.

4. Ferrero (M), from the yummy chocolate-hazelnut confectionary.

5. Flakes (F), the thin, folded chocolate bar from the British confectionery maker Cadbury.

6. Galaxy (F), the tasty chocolate bar made by the confectionery group Mars. It’s available in different variants too.

7. Godiva (F), the range of Belgian chocolates by the Turkish chocolate maker – Godiva Chocolatier.

8. Guylian (M), the Belgian chocolate manufacturer, best known for their pralines.

9. Hershey (M/F), inspired by The Hershey Company, commonly referred to as Hershey’s.

10. Kinder (M), the Italian chocolate brand by Ferrero.

11. KitKat (M), Nestle’s renowned chocolate-covered wafer bar.

12. Lindt (F), the famous Swiss chocolatier company.

13. Mars (M), commonly called the Mars bar, is a chocolate bar from the world’s largest confectioner, Mars.

14. Milky (F), inspired by the chocolate bar from Mars confectioners.

15. Nestlé (M/F), the largest food and beverage company in the world.

16. Patchi (F), a Swiss and Belgian combination chocolate bar.

17. Snickers (M), one of the most loved chocolate bars, which was initially called Marathon.

18. Sprungli (F), of Lindt and Sprungli, one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world.

19. Toblerone (M), the popular almond nougat and honey-covered Swiss chocolate.

20. Twix (F), the biscuit-based chocolate bar from Mars confectioneries.

Cool Chocolate Inspired Brown Dog Names

Though these may be common names, these chocolate inspired names qualify as uber cool brown dog names.

21. Clark (M), a well-known chocolate-coated honey and peanut butter bar in the US. Also, Superman’s alter ego – Clark Kent.

22. Crunch (M), this name comes from a rice crisps-based chocolate bar.

23. Duncan (M), a popular milk chocolate brand in the UK and Ireland.

24. Fudge (M/F), this name comes from a popular confection sold in Ireland, UK, and New Zealand.

25. Milka (M/F), a milk chocolate bar that features a purple cow with a bell on the wrapper.

26. Reese (F), the name of a Hershey’s product that could give you a sweet hit. Any fans of Reese’s peanut butter cups?

27. Reggie (M), the famous Reggie! Bar inspired by the name of the great New York Yankees baseball player, Reggie Jackson.

28. Ripple (M/F), the name of a milk chocolate bar from Galaxy’s line-up.

29. Theo (M), from the Seattle-based organic chocolatier.

30. Twirl (F), a name from the twin-packaged chocolate bar from Cadbury.

31. York (M), a name from chocolate bar from Mars sold primarily in the US and Canada.

32. Yorkie (F), a name from chunky chocolate bar from Nestle, popular in the UK and Ireland.

Though chocolate and dogs don't usually mix, we love these name ideas.

Unusual Chocolate-Inspired Brown Dog Names

Who doesn’t like a quirky name? These are some of the most unusual and quirkiest chocolate name ideas that you could consider for your brown dog.

33. Aero (M), the name of a frothy-type chocolate bar which has a bubbly appearance.

34. Bueno (F), inspired by the hazelnut-cream-based Kinder Bueno chocolate bar.

35. Domingo (M), the Italian chocolatier who owns the Ghirardelli chocolate brand.

36. Kisses (F), the small bite-sized teardrop-shaped chocolate cones from Hershey’s.

37. Krackel (M), a crispy rice-based chocolate bar manufactured by Hershey’s.

38. Lindor (F), from the chocolate truffle ball of the same name.

39. Lotte (M/F), the brand that makes the marshmallow-based cake snack, Choco Pie.

40. Malteser (M/F), the yummy pack of chocolate-honeycomb balls, originally manufactured for women.

41. Milo (F), a delicious cereal bar by Nestle.

42. Picnic (M/F), a milk chocolate bar from Cadbury, filled with peanuts, crispy rice, wafer, and caramel.

43. Pistache (F), a dark chocolate bar with pistachio, orange, and cardamom.

44. Rocher (M/F), inspired by the leading chocolate maker, Ferrero Rocher.

45. S’mores (F), a Hershey’s chocolate bar popular in Canada and the US.

46. Skittles (F), juicy fruit-flavored candy balls.

47. Skor (M), thin toffee-based candy bars popular in the US.

48. Taza (M/F), a Mexican-inspired chocolate brand in the US.

49. Toffifee (F), a combination of milk chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, and nougat.

50. Turtles (M/F), a turtle-shaped chocolate filled with cashew clusters, caramel, and pecan.

51. Whoppers (M/F), milk balls in malt, and coated with chocolate. A Hershey’s product sold in the US and Canada.

52. Wonka (F), a delicious chocolate bar that contains bits of Graham cracker.

53. Wunderbar (M/F), an extremely popular chocolate bar in Germany.

Not just chocolate brands, chocolate ingredients and confectionery items are also great name ideas.

Other Chocolate Related Brown Dog Names

This list of brown dog names draw inspiration from common chocolate ingredients and confectionery items. And, they make perfect names for brown labs.

54. Brownie (M/F), because chocolate brownies are a delicious dessert.

55. Caramel (F), the perfect flavoring for desserts, puddings, and, of course, chocolates.

56. Choco (M/F), just a simple and cute nickname for chocolate.

57. Cocoa (M/F), the main ingredient in chocolates. Also referred to as cacao.

58. Hazelnut (M/F), a really popular nut used in confectioneries.

59. Nougat (M), a chewy and sticky sweet substance.

60. Peanut (M), another popular nut often seen in chocolates. Also, a famous comic.

61. Pecan (M), a tasty nut that’s quite similar to walnuts.

62. Sugar (M/F), a treat for those with a sweet tooth.

63. Swiss (F), the best bars of chocolate in the world are, of course, Swiss.

64. Praline (F), another confection form made of nuts, sugar, and cream.

65. Donut (M/F), although not a chocolate, this sweet snack makes a perfect name for your brown lab.

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