20+ Christian Puns That Your Whole Church Will Find Hilarious

Biblical puns have been around since the time of Moses.

Religion doesn't necessarily need to always be a serious topic; it can also be a fun one.

These funny Christian puns will help you spend your time in a fun manner. Christian puns are great for Christians, churchgoers, and religious people in general.

Even if you identify as an atheist, these funny puns will surely make you chuckle. This comprehensive list includes church puns, bible puns, Christian easter puns, and funny church puns. Some great bible jokes include references to bible verses, Christian humor, and funny Jesus humor. If you are someone looking for Christian jokes, you can transform these puns into jokes. Jokes like these are great to crack at your next church gathering or at a Sunday family barbecue. Adding puns into the mix can really raise up the spirits!

These Christian puns are sometimes considered to be dad jokes because of how corny they are, but trust us when we say one day you'll love them!

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Christian Puns

A Christian pun can really elevate your humor.

Want to indulge in some great jokes and puns? This list of puns includes some great Christian coffee puns and Christian puns that may be interpreted as dad jokes. Select a pun and humor your friends.

1. Everyone loves the way Moses makes his morning cup of coffee. Hebrews it for the added flavor.

2. Noah reprimanded the chickens on the ark because they were saying a lot of fowl things.

3. If you need ever need an ark, you can ask me. I Noah man.

4. The pharaoh wasn't keen on realising how bad he was at leading the country, because he liked to stay in de Nile.

5. If you look for it hard enough, it's easy to find Solomon's temple. It's situated near his head.

6. Adam is known to be the fastest runner of all time because of his premier spot in the human race.

7. Atoms are known to be devout Catholics. All of them hold mass.

8. Jonah had a lot of trust issues related to the ocean. He always thought it was a little fishy.

9. Everyone knew that Peter was an affluent fisherman. His net income was very high.

10. Moses was known to be a very technologically savvy person. After all, that's why God trusted him with two tablets.

11. Contrary to popular belief, cars did exist when Jesus was alive. We know this because all the wise men came to see Jesus in one Accord.

12. Theologists estimate the time of day that Adam was born was a little bit before Eve.

13. During the flood, none of the animals got a chance to play cards because Noah was guarding the deck.

14. My friend had no idea if she could juggle her responsibilities at home and still attend church every Sunday. She was dealing with mass confusion.

15. If Jesus was born in the 21st century, he'd have a lot of money. That's why he would be able to afford a Christler.

16. If you don't eat bread while you're in church you'll be toast.

17. My friend decided to use her salon as a center for religion on weekends. I'm going for a faith lift on Saturday.

Bible Puns

Any pun about the Bible can really make you smile.

Here's a list of some good bible puns. If you've read your Bible verses then you're definitely going to understand this list!

18. Most people assume that Joshua was an orphan. The bible mentioned that he was the son of Nun.

19. The best way to study the bible is to Luke through it.

20. Samson was the funniest guy in the bible. He totally brought the entire house down.

21. My sister only believes in 20% of the bible. She's an eight-theist.

22. The smartest man in the Bible is Abraham since he knew a Lot.

23. My blind friend recently lost her copy of the bible and went on a long journey to find it. She is on a journey for the Holy braille.

24. The religious Easter bunny loves to read the bible on Easter Sunday because it is a Hol-yday.

25. Cain despised his brother as long as he was Abel.

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