Christmas Shows, Events And Deals You Can Book Right Now

Potted Panto can be booked for Christmas this year.

Image: Potted Panto

With lockdown ending in England on 2 December, and restrictions easing for the festive period, we can once again take the family out to shows and events. As ever, Kidadl has some of the best ticket deals around. Here’s our pick of the festive best. Discounts are accurate at the time of publication, but may change -- see ticket pages for more details.

Drive-In Cinema

Enjoy a festive movie at The Drive-In cinema.

Based in Meridian Water, Enfield, London, the drive-in cinema has a bumper crop of seasonal films this Christmas. 

50% off Arthur Christmas: A festive tale of intergenerational santas, from Aardman Animations. 18/23 December
50% off Christmas With The Cranks
: Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis want to skip Christmas, but will the neighbours let them? 22 December
50% off Elf: Come on, admit it. This one just gets funnier with each watch. 5/8/15 December
50% off Frozen: Is it a Christmas film? Not really, but it’s got plenty of snow and Christmas spirit. 10/19 December
50% off The Holiday: A transatlantic holiday romance, for teen viewers. 19/22 December
50% off Home Alone: Left alone at Christmas, 8-year-old Kevin must use his ingenuity to ward off burglars. 7/10/17 December
50% off It’s A Wonderful Life: A downtrodden Jimmy Stewart is shown by an angel how loved and appreciated he is. 20 December
50% off Love Actually
: Quite possibly the best festive rom-com of all time, with an all-star case. 14/23 December
50% off Miracle on 34th Street
: Catch the original 1947 version of this Santa-based classic. 18/24 December
50% off The Muppet Christmas Carol: Quite simply the best film of all time. Don’t argue. 13/22 December
50% off The Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton’s ever-so-slightly-creepy Christmas tale. 12/23 December

See other upcoming Drive-in shows here.

On Stage

Indoor venues are once again able to put on performances, with audience capacities reduced to 50%.

A Christmas Carol: A Musical Staged Concert: Brian Conley is Scrooge in this musical adaptation at the Dominion Theatre, London. 7-9 December
Dear Santa: A live performance of Rod Campbell's book, at London's Riverside Studios.
The Magic Hour: Illusionist Tony Middleton puts the sleigh back into sleight-of-hand (my bad pun, not his) at this seasonal magic show at the Sheraton Grand Park Lane Hotel. 4/11/18 December.
Nutcracker Delights
: See highlights of English National Ballet’s The Nutcracker, live at the London Coliseum. 17-19 December
Potted Panto: The pantomime’s cancelled! Oh no it isn’t. In fact, you can see seven classic pantos rolled into one at this hilarious Garrick Theatre production. 5/6/8 December
West-End Musical Christmas: The Palace Theatre presents a medley of hits from West End shows, performed by some of the brightest talent. 17-20 December



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