66 Christmas Names For Your Festive Bundle Of Joy

Blue-eyed baby lying on its back wearing a furry hood smiling.

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The festive period is famously the most wonderful time of the year.

And what could be more wonderful than a beautiful new baby joining the family at Christmas time? You can capture the magic of your new arrival's first Christmas with a Christmas baby name that will stay with them forever.

If you're on the lookout for festive names for your special Christmas baby, Kidadl can help. We have put together this list of 66 Christmas names for your baby. From festive Christmas baby names such as Robin and Rudolph, to Christmas names from the nativity such as Mary and Gabriel, there is loads of inspiration here, whether you are expecting a baby boy, a baby girl or a surprise!

Boys' Baby Names From The Nativity

Why not name your Christmas baby one of these baby names straight from the nativity story?

Small baby wearing a bib with Christmas trees on, sat on the floor looking at some Christmas lights.

1.Angelo (Greek origin), meaning 'angel'.

2.Balthazar (Arabic origin), this is the name of one of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus in the nativity.

3.Casper (German and Slavic origin), this is another name of one of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus.

4.Frank (German origin), frankincense was one of the gifts given to the newborn baby Jesus from the three wise men.

5.Gabriel (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God is my strength'. In the nativity, it was the Angel Gabriel who told Mary that she was going to give birth to the son of God.

6.Jasper (Persian origin), a variation of Casper, the name of one of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus.

7.Jesus (Hebrew origin), the name of the son of God.

8.Joseph (Hebrew origin), meaning 'God shall add'. Joseph is the name of Mary's husband in the nativity.

9.Melchior (Hebrew origin), the name of one of the three wise men who visited the baby Jesus after his birth.

10.Shepherd (English origin), meaning 'sheep herder'. This name references another important group of characters in the nativity.

Girls' Baby Names From The Nativity

These Christmas names from the nativity story would be lovely for a baby girl born at Christmas time.

Happy baby girl, wearing a pink baby grow, with lights shining behind her.
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11.Angel (Greek origin), meaning 'messenger of God'. Angels play a prominent role in the nativity story.

12.Angelica (Latin origin), meaning 'angel'.

13.Angelina (Greek origin), meaning 'angel'.

14.Beth (English origin), this name, a diminutive of Elizabeth meaning 'God is my oath', reminds us of Bethlehem, the town where Jesus was born.

15.Gabrielle (French origin), meaning 'God is my strength'. Gabrielle is the feminine form of Gabriel, the angel who told Mary she was going to give birth to the son of God.

16.Mary (Hebrew origin), meaning 'beloved'. In the nativity, Mary is the name of baby Jesus' mother.

17.Myrrh (Greek origin), meaning 'ancient spice'. The three wise men gifted myrrh to the newborn baby Jesus in the nativity.

18.Star (Latin origin), the three wise men followed the Star of Bethlehem to find baby Jesus.

Christmas Baby Names For Boys

These Christmas names are great ideas for a baby boy born in December.

Mum holding her newborn baby in her hands, smiling at it.

19.Alfredo (Italian origin), meaning 'elf counsellor'.

20.Cane (English origin), this name references a popular Christmas treat - candy canes!

21.Celyn (Welsh origin), meaning 'holly'.

22.Christian (Latin origin), meaning 'follower of Christ'.

23.Claus (German origin), meaning 'victory of the people'. This name reminds us of  Santa Claus himself.

24.Cole (English origin), meaning 'charcoal', the traditional gift given to naughty children on Christmas morning.

25.Comet (English origin), this is the name of one of Santa's reindeer.

26.Eldan (English origin), meaning 'from the elves' valley'.

27.Garland (French origin), meaning 'wreath, prize'. This is also the name of a traditional Christmas decoration.

28.Nicholas (Greek origin), meaning 'people's victory'. St Nicholas is the traditional name of Santa Claus.

29.Noel (French  origin), meaning 'Christmas'.

30.Rudolph (German origin), this is the name of the most famous reindeer of them all.

31.Wenceslaus (Slavic origin), meaning 'greater glory'. The famous carol 'Good King Wenceslas' has meant that this name is now associated with Christmas.

32.Yule (Old English origin), meaning 'Christmas time'.

Christmas Baby Names For Girls

Take a look at these cute Christmas baby names for your baby girl.

Baby girl lying on her back with her legs in the air, wearing a white nappy.

33.Amaryllis (Greek origin), meaning 'sparkling'. The Amaryllis flower is a popular choice in the festive season.

34.Beatrice (Latin origin), meaning 'bringer of joy'. This sweet name epitomises everything that Christmas is about - joy!

35.Belle (French origin), meaning 'beautiful'. Bells are traditionally played at Christmas time, making this a lovely Christmas baby name.

36.Berry (English origin), meaning 'small fruit'. The image of red berries instantly makes us think of Christmas.

37.Candy (American origin), meaning 'bright, sweet'. This name references a traditional Christmas treat - candy canes!

38.Carol (English origin), meaning 'free person' or 'song'. This could be a lovely name for your very own little Christmas Carol.

39.Christina (Latin origin), feminine form of Christian meaning 'follower of Christ'.

40.Clementine (English origin), this name of a fruit traditionally given at Christmas, means 'mild or merciful'.

41.Cookie (English origin), meaning 'sweet biscuit'. This is the name of a popular Christmas treat.

42.December (Latin origin), meaning 'born in December', this name is perfect for a Christmas baby.

43.Donna (English origin), meaning 'woman'. This is the name of one of Santa's reindeer.

44.Eve (Hebrew origin), meaning 'life'. This name could be perfect for a little girl born on Christmas Eve.

45.Faith (English origin), meaning 'faithful'.

46.Ginger (English origin), meaning 'reddish, orange colour'. Gingerbread is instantly recognisable as a Christmas flavour.

47.Gloria (Latin origin), meaning 'glory'.

48.Holly (English origin), meaning 'plant with red berries'. Holly trees are a popular symbol of the Christmas period.

49.Ivy (English origin), meaning 'faithfulness'. The ivy plant is traditionally associated with Christmas, making it a lovely Christmas name.

50.Juniper (Latin origin), meaning 'evergreen shrub'. Juniper is another plant that is popular at Christmas and is often used in decorations.

51.Merry (English origin), this name, meaning 'cheerful, happy', is a word commonly used to describe the mood of the festive season.

52.Natalia (Italian origin), meaning 'born on Christmas day'.

53.Natalie (English and French origin), meaning 'birthday of the Lord'.

54.Natasha (Russian origin), meaning 'born on Christmas day'.

55.Nicole (French origin), feminine form of Nicholas.

56.Noeleen (French origin), meaning 'Christmas'.

57.Noelle (French origin), meaning 'Christmas'.

58.North (English origin), popularised by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, this name is a cute nod to the home of Father Christmas himself - the North Pole!

Unisex Christmas Baby Names

These are wonderful names for Christmas babies of any gender. Whether you have a baby boy or girl there is bound to be a Christmas name here that you will love!

Blue-eyed baby boy with a wooden block in his mouth.

59.Avery (Old English origin), meaning 'ruler of the elves'.

60.Christmas (English origin), meaning 'mass of the Christ'.

61.Kris (Latin origin), meaning 'follower of Christ'.

62.Robin (English, French and German origin), meaning 'bright fame'. Robin red breasts are a popular symbol of Christmas.

63.Rudy (American origin), diminutive form of Rudolf, meaning 'famous wolf'.

64.Stevie (Greek origin), meaning 'crown'. Boxing day on 26 December is traditionally called St Stephen's Day, making Stevie the perfect name for a baby born on this date.

65.Winter (American origin), why not name your Christmas baby after the season they were born in?

66.Wish (English origin), this modern baby name is perfect for a baby whose arrival was your Christmas wish!



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