42 Chultan Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Chultans are a notorious human race in Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop game belonging to the RPG (role-playing games) genre.

It is widely played as it helps dive right into the fantasy world and is quite immersive. 'Chultans' are people of the human race belonging to the Chultan peninsula in the fantasy realm of dungeons and dragons.

They are tall and ebony-skinned people that put their clan before themselves and worship dinosaurs. Their purpose is to protect their area and do business with whoever visits their land. As a player, you are also a character creator and it is of utmost importance to name your character to emerge victorious and be honored. Each player is given the opportunity to create their own character with their own features and traits and hence, a name plays a very important place.

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Chultan Names For Your Male Character

Characters are set to face a lot of adventure and adversities in the game and a name is the most important and hardest decision to make in terms of the character you will be role-playing. Here's a list of male names with their meanings that will help you choose better.

1. Arval (Latin origin) meaning "cultivated land"

2. Atuar (Arabic origin) is a good chultan name meaning "A gift of the most merciful"

3. Eshek (Hebrew) meaning violence

4. Gerog (Greek origin) meaning "Earth and soil"

5. Hector (Greek origin) has meaning "restrain"

6. Jarov (meaning unknown) the name is found to be used most in USA, Canada and Germany

7.  Kerban (Dutch origin) is a chultan name meaning "pleasant leaf"

8. Kwalu (Dutch origin) has meaning "independent and free"

9.  Lloyd (Welsh origin) is a chult name meaning "sacred"

10. Nathaniel (Hebrew origin) is one of the chultan names meaning "gift of God"

11. Nsi (English origin) is a chultan fit name meaning "Thank you"

12. Osaw (Japanese origin) meaning "big swamp"

13. Robiel (Finnish origin) meaning "first child"

14. Robik (English origin) meaning "bright and shining"

15. Yoven (Indian origin) is a name of the forgotten realms meaning "great leader"

Chultan Names For Your Female Character

Women are strong, warrior-like and are notorious to have the combination of the best of traits. While deciding on the characteristics when creating a character, the name is crucial as once you enter the fantasy world your real identity will not matter and it will only be you role playing as your character. All the consequences and actions will be of the character and that's why we're here with a list of names to help you shine strong.

16.  Azuil (Spanish origin) is a perfect chult name meaning "the colour blue"

17.  Chuil (meaning is unknown) but name was seen to be used in USA, UK and Canada

18.  Fipya (Irish origin) meaning "powerful"

19.  Helga (German origin)  meaning "blessed"

20.  Isi (Spanish origin)  meaning "deer"

21.  Kyrin (Gaelic origin)  meaning "dark" that can fight even the yuan ti

22.  Lora (Spanish origin) meaning "victory or honour"

23.  Lorit (English origin) meaning "sweet bay tree that is symbolic of victory"

24.  Mainu (Indian origin)  meaning "practical & Patient"

25.  Magdalena (Greek origin) meaning "high tower" that belongs in the Chultan peninsula

26.  Mipha (English origin) meaning "graceful healer"

27.  Sana (Arabic origin) meaning "radiance and brilliance"

28.  Selu (Native American origin) meaning "the first woman Goddess"

29.  Shara (Hebrew origin) meaning "open / plain"

30.   Thelma (Greek origin) is a name meaning "will and volition"

Gender-Neutral Chultan Names For Your Character

Choosing a gender-neutral name goes a long way in the early stages of building a character and helps combine traits of both the male and female. Here's a list of names we think work best for a character from Chultan.

31.  Antal (Hungarian origin) is a name meaning "value beyond measure"

32.  Arvel (Welsh origin) is a name meaning "cried over"

33.  Celys (English origin) meaning "compassion"

34.  Devcka (Origin unknown) meaning "derived from powerful authority"

35.  Eray (Turkish origin) is a name meaning "shining like moonlight"

36.  Gamor (African origin) is a name meaning "money machine"

37.  Harphi is a name with an unknown meaning that would be perfect for chultan last names

38.  Harim (Bibilcal origin) is a perfect chultan name meaning "destroyed"

39.  Irmgard (German origin) is a name meaning "complete and universal"

40.  Janera (Arabic origin) is a name meaning "intelligent"

41.  Prez (France origin) is a perfect chult name that belongs to the forgotten realms

42.  Wallis (English origin) is a name meaning "stranger"

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