101 Circus Names Inspired By The Greatest Show On Earth

There are numerous fun and unique circus names.

A company of performers who put on fun and entertaining shows for their audience is referred to as a circus.

In a circus the Ringmaster leads the show, which is held in a huge tent called a Big Top. Other circus performers include clowns, animals, acrobats, dancers, jugglers, musicians, stunt artists and more.

The very first circus was designed and hosted by the English Cavalry Sergeant Major Philip Astley in 1768. While the popularity of old fashioned circus acts has gone down recently, you can still go to watch a circus today, they are particularly popular in New York.

Owing to how fun and unique circus acts are, it is natural to wonder the kind of names that these performers have. From acrobat names to circus leader names to carnival themed names, there are so many cool circus names that exist and are fun to learn about. If you are looking to learn about such amazing ringmaster names and carnival names, your search is finally over. Or, perhaps you are looking for ideas to name your very own circus? Well, we can help with that too as this list also includes some funny and some spooky circus name ideas!

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Circus Performer Names

There are numerous circus shows that have gained massive popularity over the years. For example, Lennon Bros Circus is a world famous circus in Australia and Barnum Bailey Circus is a famous American traveling circus company. Other super famous circus companies include Circus Oz, Cirkus Cirkör, Circus Krone and Cirque Du Soleil. Here is a list of the best names of circus characters and performers.

1. Annie Jones, known famously for her super long beard.

2. Antoinette Concello, known famously as the greatest woman flyer of all time.

3. Barbara Woodcock, one of the most famous elephant trainers in the circus industry.

4. Charles Blondin, the famous French daredevil known famously as The Great Blondin or The Little Wonder.

5. Dan Rice, the famous mid-19th century performer also known as The King of American Clowns.

6. Gladys Roy, one of the best wing walkers of all times.

7. The Hilton Sisters, Daisy and Violet Hilton were known famously as Hollywood’s Conjoined Twins.

8. Human Cannonball, the circus name of Rosa Richter, who is also known as Zazel.

9. Isaac Van Amburgh, known popularly in the circus world as The Great Lion Tamer.

10. Jules Leotard, known popularly as The Daring Young Man on the flying trapeze.

11. Kittie Smith, dubbed most famously as The Armless Dynamo.

12. Leona Dare, known famously as the Queen of Antilles.

13. Little Sure Shot, the circus name of the trick shooter, Annie Oakley.

14. Maria Spelterini, the tightrope walker famous for her Niagara Falls stunt.

15. Maud Wagner, also known very famously as The Tattooed Lady.

16. May Wirth, dubbed famously as The World’s Greatest Bareback Rider.

17. The Marvelous Mabel Stark, the most famous tiger trainer of all time.

18. The Seven Sutherland Sisters, the New York based sisters are also known as The Seven Wonders of the World.

19. Ursula Blütchen, known very famously as The Polar Bear Princess.

20. Woman Of Steel, the circus name of Katie Sandwina.

Fantasy Circus Names

Are you interested in learning real life circus names, troupe names, creative carnival names and traveling circus names? Whether it’s a fantasy circus or a medieval circus, you will want to name your circus something that’s unique, fun and entertaining. From Bros Circus, to Barnum Bailey Circus to Lennon Bros Circus, all of these circus companies have had amazing names. If you want a circus name as amazing as these, here are some of the best carnival names ideas and circus fair names to inspire you. Some of these are real famous circus names whereas some are twists and tricks of our imagination!

21. Bazaar Lunacy, for your crazy circus company.

22. Circus Angelica, one of the best name ideas.

23. Circus Bareback Rider, circus names don’t get better than this one.

24. Circus Contraption, perfect for a cabaret troupe.

25. Circus Fantasia, a super amazing name.

26. Circus Oz, this contemporary circus also fights for humanitarian causes.

27. Circus Silly, a super fun fantasy circus name for a circus company.

28. Circus Vargas, a circus company from the United States that performs in the big top.

29. Circus Volant, an amazing name for a traditional circus.

30. Circus Time, a super fun name for a traditional circus.

31. Cirque Medrano, one of the most famous French circus companies ever.

32. Dreamscape Harmony Circus, another amazing name idea.

33. Enchanting Titans, a super amazing name idea.

34. Euphoria Circus, another fun name for a circus.

35. Harris’ Utopia Circus, for a circus company that is unique and eclectic.

36. Harmony Big Top, an amazing circus name.

37. Jubilee Galaxy, another magical circus name.

38. Jumbo Circus Galaxy, an amazing name for a traditional circus.

39. Olympia Circus, a Greek inspired name idea.

40. Miss Perry’s Electric Circus, one of the best traditional circus names there can be.

41. Momentum Circus, another fun name for the best show on earth.

42. Mr. Gray’s Berserk Circus, another one of the most amazing names for a circus.

43. Mystique Circus, there is no more magical name out there than this one.

44. Mystique Jubilee, another powerful name idea.

45. NoFit State Circus, known famously for performing in a big top spaceship-like tent.

46. Poppy’s Bazaar, another fun circus name.

47. Professor Beach’s Circus Galaxy, a not so traditional name for a circus.

48. Sensational Elephant Man, an amazing and fun name for a circus company.

49. The Blue Eclipse, another amazing name for a traditional circus.

50. The Devilish Tumblers, for a circus company that has daring acrobats.

51. The Dreamscape Big Top, another powerfully magical name for a circus.

52. The Fly Fruit, an amazing circus name.

53. The Gifted Circus, a fun and magical name for the best show on earth.

54. The Gumbo Galaxy, circus name ideas don’t get better than this one.

55. The Jolly Cirque, a super fun and happy name for your fantasy circus idea.

56. The Implausible Ringmaster, another super amazing name for you to try out.

57. The Majestic Wayfare, another fun name idea.

58. The Ringing Circus, a fun name for an imaginative circus company.

59. The Staggering Circus, another fun and eclectic name.

60. The Wonder Cirque, an eclectic and magical name for a circus.

Some of the circus names have a certain mysterious ring to them.

Circus Themed Names

Looking for a circus name for not just the best show in the United States but also the best show on earth? Ringling Bros Circus Company is one of the best circus names that already exists. Whether it’s the United States or any other country, circus companies such as Barnum Bailey Circus, Lennon Bros Circus, Circus Krone, Ringling Bros and more have kept people entertained for many years thanks to the amazing performers they have had. To come up with your own cool circus name, here are some of the best fair names and carnival circus characters names for you to choose from.

61. Avalon Bazaar, a fun name for a fair.

62. Baron Cantu, an amazing character name for a carnival circus.

63. Boggle Royale, another fun name idea.

64. Count Miranda, a fun character name for a carnival circus.

65. Destiny Circus, another fun name idea.

66. Dreamland, a mystical name for a circus.

67. Flora Jolly, a character name for a carnival circus.

68. Infinity Blue Moon, circus names don’t get better than this one.

69. Jumbo Bazaar, a jolly name for a fair.

70. Mademoiselles' Circus Galaxy, an amazing name for a circus.

71. Maestro Dame, another amazing character name for a carnival circus.

72. Miss Lynn’s Infinity Circus, a super mystical and magical name for a circus.

73. Miss Morgana’s Acrobats, one of the best name ideas.

74. Odom’s Spectacle Circus, an immensely eclectic and magical circus name.

75. Sphinx Bazaar, another fun name for a fair.

76. Sweeney’s Eclectic Galaxy, another amazing name for a circus.

77. Thayer’s Bazaar, a character name for a carnival circus.

78. The Merry Harmony, an amazing name idea.

79. The Phantom Circus, an amazing name for a spooky circus or carnival.

80. The Rainbow Utopia, another amazing circus name.

Many circus names are fun and magical.

Creepy Circus Names

Looking for creepy circus name ideas that are both spooky and magical? Here is a list of the best creepy circus names for you to choose from.

81. Bareback Circus, a creepy circus name.

82. Benji’s Clean Circus, a creepy name for a circus company.

83. Chi Chi Flame Boy, a funny circus character name.

84. Crazy Flying Eternity, a scary circus name.

85. Fortune Fantasia, this could be a circus name or a name for a character.

86. Ghost Jamboree, super spooky name.

87. Howling Myriad, a creepy name for a circus.

88. Knick Knack Morgana, a weird character name.

89. Lester’s Wonderland, another creepy circus name.

90. Merry Gravity, a creepy carnival name.

91. Mystique Aurora, a weird fair name.

92. Nirvana Majestic, another creepy circus name idea.

93. Olympus Big Tops, a creepy circus that puts on a great show.

94. Starfall Utopia, a winderful yet weird fair name.

95. Starlight Living Electricity, a super creepy name.

96. The Dazzling Sword Swallower, a scary character name.

97. The Ravishing Bearded Lady, a  crazy circus character name.

98. Titan Eclipse, a slightly creepy circus company name.

99. Titan Sorcerer, a wonderful yet weird character name.

100. Tumblus Howling, a creepy fair name.

101. Yates’ Dreamland, a creepy circus name.

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