100 Classy Girl Names You'll Love

A classy and elegant girl name can make a girl feel more confident about herself

All girls have names, but not all girl names are classy.

If you want your girl to be known as a sophisticated person, you have to choose an appropriate name. In this blog, you can find more than 100 classy names to choose from.

The names we'll cover in this blog originate from different parts of the world. So sit back, scroll on, and get to know some of the best baby girl names that exude class and sophistication. For more interesting names articles on Kidadl, check out sophisticated names and elegant girl names.

Classy Girl Names From Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood boasted of numerous actresses whose names never went out of their fashion because of their classiness. Read on to get inspired by these names and feel free to pick a classic name for your little one.

Old Hollywood had actresses who served as inspiration for names.

1. Agnes (Greek name), made popular by Agnes Moorehead, and the name meaning is "holy" and "pure".

2. Anita (Sanskrit name), made popular by Anita Page, and the name meaning is "full of grace".

3. Audrey (English name), popularized by Audrey Hepburn, and the name means "noble" and "strength".

4. Ava (Latin name), popularized by Ava Gardner, and the name means "bird".

5. Bette (French name), popularized by Bette Davis, and the name means "plentiful is my God".

6. Brigitte (Irish name), popularized by Brigitte Bardot, and the name means "strength".

7. Constance (Latin name), made popular by Constance Talmadge, and the name meaning is "constant".

8. Corrine (French name), made popular by Corrine Griffith, and the name meaning is "beautiful maiden".

9. Deanna (Latin name), popularized by Deanna Durbin, and the name means "fertile".

10. Evelyn (French name), popularized by Evelyn Brent, and the name means "hazelnut".

11. Fay (English name), popularized by Fay Wray, and the name means "fairy".

12. Florence (English name), popularized by Florence Lawrence, and the name means "blossoming".

13. Grace (English name), popularized by Grace Kelly, and the name means "grace" and "God's favor".

14. Greta (Swedish name), popularized by Greta Garbo, and the name means "pearl".

15. Ginger (English name), popularized by Ginger Rogers, and the name means "pure".

16. Ida (German name), popularized by Ida Lupino, and the name means "work".

17. Ingrid (Norse name), popularized by Ingrid Bergman, and the name means "beautiful".

18. Joan (English name), popularized by Joan Crawford, and the name means "God is gracious".

19. Josephine (French name), popularized by Josephine Baker, and the name means "God will add".

20. Katharine (Greek name), popularized by Katharine Hepburn, and the name means "pure".

21. Lana (English name), made popular by Lana Turner, and the name meaning is "little rock".

22. Louis (French name), popularized by Louis Brooks, and the name meaning is "warrior".

23. Loretta (Latin name), popularized thanks to Loretta Young, and the name meaning is "laurel tree".

24. Lucille (French name), popularized by Lucille Ball, and the name means "light".

25. Mae (French name), made popular by Mae West, and the name meaning is the month of "May".

26. Marion (French name), popularized by Marion Davies, and the name means "rebellion".

27. Marlene (English name), popularized by Marlene Dietrich, and the name means "woman from Magdala".

28. Myrna (Arabic name), made popular by Myrna Loy, and the name means "sweet oil".

29. Natacha (Russian name), popularized by Natacha Rambova, and the name means "birthday".

30. Paulette (French name), popularized by Paulette Goddard, and the name means "humble".

31. Rita (Spanish name), popularized by Rita Hayworth, and the name means "pearl".

32. Rosalind (German name), made popular by Rosalind Russel, and the name meaning is "tender".

33. Sophia (Greek name), made popular by Sophia Loren, and the name means "wisdom".

34. Tallulah (Native American name), popularized by Tallulah Bankhead, and the name means "running water".

35. Vera (Latin name), made popular by Vera Miles, and the name means "true".

36. Veronica (Latin name), popularized by Veronica Lake, and the name means "true image".

37.Viola (English name), popularized by Viola Dana, and the name means "violet".

38. Vivien (French name), popularized thanks to Vivien Leigh, and the name meaning is "alive".

39. Zasu (Hebrew name), popularized by Zasu Pitts, and the name means "movement".

Classy Girl Names From The 1920s

The 1920s were golden times as far as names for girls were concerned. The names for girls that became popular in that era went on to become classic names. Read on to know some of the most iconic baby names for girls from the 1920s in this section.

The 1920s were famous for bringing about wholesale changes to girl names.

40. Alice (German origin), a baby name for girls meaning "noble".

41. Althea (Greek origin), derived from the Greek word althainein, meaning "to heal".

42. Anna (Hebrew origin), a Hebrew baby name for girls meaning "grace".

43. Avis (German and Latin origin), an elegant name for your baby girl meaning "bird".

44. Barbara (Latin origin), a baby name for girls meaning "foreign woman".

45. Clarice (Latin origin), a name derived from the Latin word clarus, which means "famous" or "bright".

46. Doris (Greek origin), one of the Greek baby names to consider for your baby girl, meaning "the ocean's gift".

47. Dorothy (Greek origin), one of the classic baby names for girls from the 1920s, meaning "God's gift".

48. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin), an elegant girl name meaning "pledged to God".

49. Eloisa (German origin), a variant of the name Louise, and it means "war famous".

50. Evelyn (French origin), one of the elegant names to consider for your little one meaning "wished for child".

51. Harriet (French origin), one of the classic baby girl names from the 1920s, meaning "home ruler".

52. Helen (Greek origin), an elegant and classic name for your baby girl meaning "shining light".

53. Iola (Greek origin), which means "violet".

54. Irene (Greek origin), a baby name for girls meaning "pearl".

55. Jean (English and Scottish origins), one of the most elegant names for girls meaning "God is gracious".

56. Marie (Hebrew origin), a Hebrew name for a baby girl meaning "bitter".

57. Marjorie (English origin), a nickname used for the proper name 'Margaret', which means "pearl".

58. Mavis (French origin), meaning "songbird".

59. Mildred (English origin), an elegant baby girl name meaning "gentle strength".

60. Opal (Sanskrit origin), from upala, a Sanskrit word, which means "precious stone".

61. Petra (Latin origin), an elegant name meaning "rock".

62. Rosemary (Latin origin), meaning "the sea's dew".

63. Ruth (Hebrew origin), a classic name from the 1920s meaning "compassionate friend".

64. Shirley (English origin), one of the popular baby names for girls from the 1920s, meaning "bright meadow".

65. Sybil (Greek origin), meaning "prophetess".

66. Thora (Scandinavian origin), the female version of Thor, meaning "thunder Goddess".

67. Virginia (Latin origin), an elegant name for your baby girl meaning "pure".

Classy Girl Names Inspired By Royalty

The names of female members of royal families past and present often dominate headlines and become popular. Let's take a look at some of those royalty-inspired names in this part.

68. Adela (German origin), meaning "noble", which was held by Adela of Normandy, who was the mother of King Stephens.

69. Alexandra (Greek origin), meaning "men's defender", which was held by Alexandra of Denmark.

70. Anastasia (Russian origin), meaning "resurrection", which was held by a daughter of Russia's last czar.

71. Beatrice (Latin origin), meaning "bringer of joy", which is held by Princess Beatrice, one of Prince William's cousins.

72. Berenice (Greek origin), meaning "the person who delivers victory", which was held by Princess Berenice, who ruled Judea in ancient times.

73. Christina (Greek origin), meaning "Christ's follower", which was held by the Netherlands' Princess Christina.

74. Cordelia (French origin), meaning "the sea's jewel", which was held by Cordelia of Britain.

75. Cosima (Greek origin), meaning "decency" or "order", which was held by Lady Cosima Rose Alexandra Windsor, who was the daughter of the Earl and the Countess of Ulster.

76. Fiona (Irish and Scottish origins), meaning "white" and "fair", which is the name of Princess Fiona from the fictional Shrek franchise.

77. Gabriella (Italian origin), meaning "God's woman", which is held by Lady Gabriella, the daughter of Kent's Prince Michael.

78. Georgiana (Greek origin), meaning "farmer", which is held by a British duchess known as Georgiana Cavendish.

79. Grace (Latin origin), meaning "God's favor", which was held by Princess Grace of Monaco.

80. Helena (Greek origin), meaning "bright light", which was the name of the third daughter of Queen Elizabeth.

81. Isla (Scottish origin), meaning "island", which is held by the eldest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II.

82. Isobel (Spanish origin), meaning "God's promise", which was held by Isobel of Huntingdon.

83. Kate (Latin origin), meaning "pure", which is held by Princess Kate Middleton.

84. Lucia (Italian origin), meaning "graceful light", which was held by Princess Lucia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.

85. Makeda (Hebrew origin), meaning "beautiful", which was held by Queen Makeda of Sheba, an ancient kingdom.

86. Matilda (Latin origin), meaning "might", which was held by England's first female ruler, Empress Matilda.

87. Noor (Arabic origin), meaning "light", which is held by the Queen Noor of Jordan.

88. Patricia (Latin origin), meaning "noble", which is held by Queen Victoria's granddaughter, Patricia of Connaught.

89. Philippa  (Greek origin), meaning "horse lover", which is held by Sweden's Queen.

90. Rosalind (Spanish origin), meaning "beautiful rose", which was held by Princess Diana's great grandmother.

91. Savannah (Native American origin), meaning "flat grassland in a tropical region", which is held by the first daughter of Peter Philips; Queen Elizabeth II's eldest grandson.

92. Sibylla (Greek origin), meaning "oracle", which is held by Albany's Princess Sibylla, who is mother to the King of Sweden.

93. Theodora (Greek origin), meaning "God's gift", which was held by many powerful women during the peak of the Byzantine Empire.

94. Victoria (Latin origin), meaning "victory", which was held by the iconic Queen Victoria of England.

95. Wanda (Polish origin), meaning "wanderer", which was held by the Queen of Poland.

96. Wilhelmina (German origin), meaning "protector" and "defender", which was held by the Dutch Queen who ruled the Netherlands from 1890 - 1948.

97. Xenia (Greek origin), meaning "hospitality", which was the name of Russia's Grand Duchess; Xenia Alexandrovna.

98. Yasmin (Persian origin), meaning "jasmine flower", which was held by Prince Aly Khan's daughter with Rita Hayworth.

99. Zara (Arabic and Hebrew origins), meaning "beautiful", which was held by Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter.

100. Zetian (Chinese origin), meaning "day", which was held by the Chinese Empress Wu Zetian, who ruled China during the 7th century AD.

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