50+ Clown Jokes With All The Fun Of The Circus

Clowning jokes are jest amazing.

All kids love clown humor and tricks, and that's what keeps the circus going.

Circus jokes and jokes about clowns make even a dull day bright and funny. They go for the juggler!

Clown laughs are infectious. Clowns often have big shoes to fill with their nice jester and antics. If you find a gang of clowns funny, then this pack of hilarious clown jokes is going to make you laugh harder and louder! Here we present a list of the best clown jokes that will bring along all the fun of the circus.

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Funny Clown Jokes

Clown one-liners and good clowns joke keep everyone entertained.

Circus jokes for kids are only popular when they include references to clown performances. Here is a list of funny clown jokes and good clown jokes that will surely include some of the funniest clown jokes you have ever heard:

1. When do clowns go to the doctor in their clown car? When they feel a little funny!

2. Who had big shoes to fill? The circus clown.

3. What kind of doctor tells people that laughter is the best medicine? A clown doctor.

4. What was the reason behind the clown throwing his clock out of the window? He wanted to see whether time flies.

5. What was the name of the fish that tasted funny? Clownfish.

6. What did the tiger call the clown? His happy meal.

7. Why was the clown's education a joke? Because he was juggling with his future.

8. How do clowns cook their eggs? Funny side up!

9. Why did the clown get suspended from his job? Because he was fooling everyone.

10. How did the clown cross the road? By putting his stilt on.

11. How did the clown impress everyone? He showed a nice jester.

12. What kind of fever did the clown have? Juggle fever.

13. How does one escape when attacked by a gang of clowns? Just go for the juggler!

14. What is the name of a clown who hates sitting down? A stand-up comic.

15. How did the clown snore? Honk Shoe! Honk Shoe! Honk Shoe!

16. How did the clown count his money? Pennywise.

17. Why did the clown leave the cheese circus? Because he could not find his stilton.

18. What is used to make a clown outfit? Poly-jester!

19. Which test did the clown blow off? The balloon blowing test!

20. Why did the people run away from the clown? Because he smelled funny!

21. What do clowns call a tremor? A mirth-quake!

22. How were the clown's tricks? Ma-jest-stic!

23. Why are all the clowns busy? Because they got funny business to handle!

24. How huge was the clown's hard drive? 100 giggle-bytes!

25. Why did the clowns decide to take a holiday? Because the circus got a bit in-tents!

Hilarious Sad Clown Jokes

Clowns are funny even when they are sad. This list includes various funny and sad clown jokes and rubber chicken jokes. We present a list of the saddest and corniest clown jokes for kids that will make everyone crackle with laughter.

26. Why did the clown feel sad looking at the balloon? Because of inflation, he could not buy it.

27. Who do clowns love to perform with the most? Clownfish.

28. Why are clowns always found to be jumping? Because they have a funny bone in them!

29. Clowns mostly hate which superhero? Batman.

30. Which city was ruled by all the clowns? Honk-konk.

31. How do you cheer up a sad clown? Take him to an orthopedic surgeon to fix his funny bone.

32. What do you name a clown who showers people with free food? A kind jester.

33. Which movie did Pennywise avoid seeing because he hated biopics? 'IT.'

34. Why was the clown's mortgage turned down? Because he could not afford the clown payments!

35. Why was the clown so happy after getting an ear transplant on 31 December? Because he had a happy new ear.

36. Why did the clown cross the road? To get his rubber chicken from the store.

37. How is the clown's shoe business going? Intense, as it's no small feet!

38. Which place did the clown get to go after retirement? Old Clown Road.

39. Why do clowns avoid night shows? Because they are afraid of the 'Dark Knight.'

40. Why is the business of circus failing? Because people are not taking it seriously.

41. What would you call it if a man sends a clown to deliver flowers to his wife? A romantic jester.

42. Why do sharks not like to eat clowns? Sharks don't like to eat clowns because they taste funny.

43. Heard about the new showroom of clown shoes? It's no big feet.

44. What happened at the egg contest when one of the clowns had a cracked egg? The other clown said, "The yokes on you."

Funny Circus Jokes

The circus is where the fun begins! These circus jokes are bound to make everyone giggle and even make a clown who is sad laugh out loud. Here, we present to you a list of hilarious circus jokes that will tickle your bones:

45. How do you make a sad clown frown? Show him the mirror.

46. Where do clowns go to party? Clown Hall.

47. How was the circus fire? It was in-tents.

48. In the circus, who can see in the dark? Acro-bats.

49. What would an annoyed magician do? He would pull his hare out.

50. Why was the clown staring at the soda can? Because it said concentrate.

Famous Clown Names That Are Funny

Clown antics and silliness are a guaranteed laughter fest for everyone!

Clowns have always been in the spotlight, whether it comes to movies or in the circus. Some of the world's most famous clowns include Emmett Kelly, Lou Jacobs, William Scott, and Red Skelton. We present to you the list of some funny clown names that have become popular and are names of famous clowns:

52. Bozo the Clown

53. Clueless

54. Crackpot

55. Grock

56. Happy Slappy

57. Harlequin

58. Krusty the Clown

59. Ronald McDonald

60. The Firefighter Clown

61. The Joker

62. Twisty the Clown

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