30 Clown Puns That Are Too Funny For Words

A group of children laugh as they watch a clown perform funny tricks.

Kids just love clowns.

With their big noses and feet, bright colors and slapstick gags, they're brilliant at bringing a laugh or two. And here at Kidadl, we're helping to keep the circus fun alive, from skills you can learn at home to how to make balloon animals.

And for the comedy section, why not check out these hilarious and cute clown puns?

Clown One Liners  

You'll laugh from the top of your wig to the tip of your huge shoes with these silly clown puns.

1. I'm going to send a clown to deliver flowers to my wife... will she think that's a romantic jester?

2. My Mom bought me a clown shaped lollipop at the circus, but it sure did taste funny!

3. I think I'm going to start a clown shoe business. But it’s no small feat!

4. My Dad was the head clown at the circus, until he passed away. I guess I have some pretty big shoes to fill!

5. My Mom was a clown who performed on stilts. I always looked up to her!

6. My Dad worked as a trapeze artist - until he was let go!

7. I saw a group of pheasants and partridges dressed as clowns the other day and, I thought, “they’re game for a laugh!”

8. I quit my job at McDonald’s yesterday... Because the boss was a clown!

At The Circus

Entertain the family with these circus puns.

9. What do you call a circus clown who's covered in egg? A yolker!

10. Why was the lopsided circus clown looking for another piece of cheese? He only had one stilt-on!

11. Did you hear about the naughty clown who ran away with the circus? The ringmaster made him bring it back!

12. I’m absolutely surrounded by pickled vegetables in jars. It’s like Piccalilli Circus in here!

13. My friend worked in a circus as a human cannonball and when he retired, they didn't replace him: they couldn’t find anyone else of the same caliber!

14. I met my husband on the net. We were both terrible at trapeze!

15. Did you hear about the really dramatic circus clown? His act was always in tents!

An image of a soft toy clown with red hair and a big red nose.

Clown Puns

Show your family a 'nice jester' with these funny clown puns.

16. How did the clown write his jokes? He jest put pun to paper!

17. Why are clowns always going to the doctors complaining about bad necks? Because they sleep funny!

18. I went to the fancy dress shop to buy a clown outfit, but I couldn't decide on the accessories. I let the salesman pick my nose.

19. What's the best way to protect yourself, if you're attacked by a gang of clowns? Go for the juggler!

20. Why don't we eat clowns? Because they taste funny!

21. Today I went out with only half of my face painted like a clown. Not everyone saw the funny side!

22. Two cannibals are eating a clown, when the first says to the second: "Does this taste funny to you?"

23. My parents hired a clown for my birthday party. But he was a real Bozo!

24. What do you call a clown who went to jail? A sili-con!

25. What material are clown costumes made of? Poly Jester!

26. Why do clowns always wear loud socks? So their feet don't fall asleep!

27. Why was the clown so sad? He broke his funny bone!

28. What do you get when you boil a clown? A laughing stock!

29. What's the funniest fish? A clownfish!

30. I was heading into a shop when a clown held the door open for me. It was such a nice jester!



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