Walk The Line: 9 Great Free Colouring Pages To Print

Colouring pencils ready for colouring pages

Colouring in is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to entertain your kids, not only are there endless benefits but you get something unique and creative to keep!

While everyone is doing their best to keep spirits up, make homeschooling fun and stay creative at the moment, lots of illustrators have decided to design FREE colouring pages that you can download and print at home! You can print off as many copies as you like, maybe even make a whole colouring book.

Just a few of the many benefits of colouring in for kids (aside from that it might give you enough time to finish a hot cup of tea!) are:

Improving hand-eye coordination - don't worry too much about tiny ones holding their pens correctly, just the act of mark-making on paper is enough to help them focus!

Helping with colour recognition - choosing their favourite colours and lining up all their pencils and crayons ready to colour is an excellent way for kids to learn and remember the names of the colours.

The action of colouring in and working on staying within the lines can also contribute to better handwriting, and help to prepare little ones for school.

One of the most important benefits of colouring-in, however, is the meditative aspect. Colouring has been proven to be extremely relaxing, and this goes for adults too - so why not join in and get your creativity flowing! The action of calmly colouring-in can focus the brain in a very similar way to meditation, meaning it can help to lower stress, help you to relax, boost creativity,  and even help improve sleep, especially if you colour close to bedtime! Check out the designs we have picked out below - we have included a range of artists and different drawing styles to choose from. Some are lockdown themed and others are just beautiful designs that would look lovely in a frame, so why not collaborate with the kids and create a wall-worthy piece of art!

Toddler ready to colour colouring pages

Colouring For Little Ones

These colouring pages are suitable for all, but have very clear outlines and bold designs for little hands to make their own!

1. Castle And Things

This is a company that is all about everything bright, colourful, whimsical and fun! All of their artwork is sewn, screen printed and painted by Rachel Castle, based in Sydney. Rachel has designed some beautiful text-based colouring pages for you to print at home, which you can find on her website

2. Love Rainbow

A rainbow colouring sheet is perfect for right now - an excellent option to print off and pop in the window if you haven't already got a rainbow on display! Take a look on for free downloadable rainbow templates.

3. Yana Ko

Yana Ko is a graphic artist and designer, with a passion for children's illustration. Inspired by nature, travelling, culture, music, fashion, the arts, and reading. These beautiful delicate sketches would look beautiful adorning the walls at home, you will definitely want to print out a few extra copies for yourself. Check them out on Yana Ko's website

Coloured markers for colouring pages

Colouring For Kids

These designs are also great for all ages, but with a comic-book style and more detail they might appeal better to slightly older kids.

4. Liz Climo

You might recognise Liz Climo's cute and quick-witted animal drawings, and now you can decorate your own! Check out her Tumblr ( to download and print your own selection - she has kindly released a whole colouring book's worth!

5. Wonder And Rah

Wonder and Rah is a small mum-run business creating beautiful abstract prints for the home. They also make some really cool alphabet and times-table prints - educational posters you will be happy to hang in your home because they just look so great! They have created some super cute colouring pages to download and print, take a look on

6. Alexandra Finkeldey (Scatterbee)

These illustrations are so gorgeous you might actually not want to colour them in, but you could always print out more than one! Inspired by nature and in a dreamy paintbrush-like style, kids will love adding their own touch to these - just search for Scatterbee Illustration & Design on

Colouring pencils for teens to colour colouring pages

Colouring For Teens

These colouring pages are not too edgy for the younger kids, but a couple have a political message that might appeal to a teen who has had enough of lockdown and is ready to take to the streets!

7. Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll's illustrations are instantly recognisable, often featuring a cute pug and musings on everyday life! She has created some colouring pages for Badge Bomb - just search the colouring collections.

8. Rebecca Strickson

Definitely our most grown-up colouring page collection, Rebecca Strickson explores themes of politics, equal rights, and catchy protest sign style slogans, as well as really beautiful patterns and shapes. These would look great coloured in bold shades and put up on the wall poster style - take a look on her social @rebecca_strickson_illustration to download your own. Rebecca Strickson has also been running art classes for different age groups all the way through lockdown via Zoom, from tots classes on a Wednesday morning to a grown-up class in the evenings - check out her Instagram for more details.

9. Cecile Gariepy

These super cool illustrations are perfect for teens to colour in as a way to relax. Cecile Gariepy's work can be seen all over the place once you recognise the style, her work is playful with an emphasis on character design. These colouring pages are quite detailed with fine lines, so great for older kids - have a look on her website

For more artsy activities to do at home, check out our suggestions for making your own paint and how to make slime.


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