Comic Book Trivia: How Much Do You Know About The History Of Superheroes?

Superhero Comic Books were popular in 1940s in America.

Have you heard about Comic-Con? Have you ever met your favorite comic character?

The comic book world is magical and creative, offering movies, books, games and more. Did you grow up watching and reading all things comics?

Probably yes, but how well are you acquainted with their original source, the comic book themselves? Well...we are here to conduct a superhero trivia game. It will be based on random comic book facts but we will make it a difficult comic book trivia. Let's get started with the comic book quiz. If you love this quiz, be sure to check out Artists trivia and Batman trivia.

Trivia On Comic Book History

In 1938, the golden age of comic books began with the introduction of Superman in Action Comics, published by DC comics. During WWII, comic books became a popular and cheap form of entertainment. According to DC comics trivia, DC introduced Super Teams to popularize some lesser-known superheroes. Now, let's see how much you know you know about the interesting facts about comic books. Answer these superhero trivia games.

1. Question: Which is the best selling comic book of all time?

Answer: 'X-Men'.

2. Question: Who was the first superhero in comic books to wear a costume?

Answer: The Phantom.

3. Question: When was the first modern comic book published?

Answer: 1933.

4. Question: What was the name of the first Green Lantern?

Answer: Alan Scott.

5. Question: In which year was the 'Green Lantern' first published?

Answer: July, 1940.

6. Question: When was the first 'Captain America' comic published?

Answer: March, 1941.

7. Question: On the cover of the first comic book, who was Captain America punching?

Answer: Adolf Hitler.

8. Question: According to the Marvel Universe timeline, which was the first superteam to be joined by Captain America?

Answer: The Invaders.

9. Question: Who was the sidekick of Captain America in 1980s?

Answer: Nomad.

10. Question: When was the first comic book of 'Spider Man' released?

Answer: 1962.

1.1 Question: In the year 1963, which Marvel comic did characters assemble to form a superteam with a comic description of 'Earth's Mightiest Heroes'?

Answer: 'The Avengers 1'.

12. Question: In which year was the first 'Iron Man' comic printed?

Answer: 1963.

13. Question: The first comic book of 'X-Men' was published in which year?

Answer: September, 1963.

14. Question: In which year did Green Goblin make his first appearance?

Answer: 1964.

15. Question: The character of Batman made his first appearance in which comic?

Answer: 'Detective Comics'.

16. Question: In which comic did Wonder Woman made her first appearance?

Answer: 'All Star comics'.

17. Question: In which year did Wonder Woman make her first appearance?

Answer: 1941.

18. Question: When was the first comic of Flash released?

Answer: January 1940.

19. Question: In which year did Batman make his first appearance in comics?

Answer: 1939.

Trivia On Comic Plots

In American comic books, Superhero comics are the most popular genres. In the 1930s the genre rose to prominence thanks to the exceptional plot lines of the funny comic book characters. Since then it has remained the most popular genre in America Superhero comics consists of stories about superheroes and the universes these cool comic characters live in. Try these Superhero trivia questions for kids. It is an easy comic book trivia.

A Captain America Figurine is exciting for people of all ages.

20. Question: What is the real name of Green Goblin?

Answer: Norman Osborn.

21. Question: Edwin Jarvis was the butler of which superhero?

Answer: Iron Man.

22. Question: Who was the twin sister of QuickSilver?

Answer: Scarlet Witch.

23. Question: Where in Greenwich village did Doctor Strange reside?

Answer: Sanctum Sanctorum.

24. Question: What is the name of the alter ego of Superman?

Answer: Clark Kent.

25. Question: What is the real name of Captain America?

Answer: Steve Rogers.

26. Question: Who is the best friend of Captain America?

Answer: Bucky Barnes.

27. Question: Where was Captain America held from post WWII till his rediscovery in 1960?

Answer: Trapped in a block of ice.

28. Question: Steve Rogers shared the most romantic relationship with which agent of S.H.E.I.L.D?

Answer: Sharon Carter.

29. Which city did Spiderman protect from crime?

Answer: New York City.

30. Question: The superhero Hulk obtained his powers from which radiation?

Answer: Gamma radiation.

31. Question: Which newspaper intern became one with an alien symbiote to evolve as Venom?

Answer: Eddie Brock.

32. Question: Who is the mother of 'X-Man' Nightcrawler?

Answer: Mystique.

33. Question: Who is the father of the twin mutant Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch?

Answer: Magneto.

34. Question: What is the real name of X-man Nightcrawler?

Answer: Kurt Wagner.

Trivia On Comic Books Authors

The famous Marvel Superhero: Iron Man.

All the credit for the popularity of the comic books goes to their authors who gave life to brilliant characters and beautiful plot lines. In their honor, let's try out this funny comic book trivia.

35. Question: Who wrote the original Spiderman comics?

Answer: Stan Lee.

36. Question: Who is the original author of Batman Comics?

Answer: Bill Finger.

37. Question: Who is the famous artist to bring most of Marvel's superheroes into the limelight?

Answer: Jack Kirby.

38. Question: Which author was the writer of 'The Flash' and 'Justice League'?

Answer: Gardner Fox.

39. Question: Who is the original writer of 'Superman' comics?

Answer: Jerry Siegel.

Trivia On Video Games Based On Comics

Due to the huge popularity of the books, the video game makers made games based on them and it achieved a lot of success and appreciation throughout America. Let's take this comic book trivia questions based on it.

40. Question: Which company published the game 'Marvel: Ultimate Alliance'?

Answer: Activision.

41. Question: The fighting video game, 'Injustice: God Among Us' is based upon which fictional universe?

Answer: DC Comics.

42. Question: The online multiplayer game, 'DC Universe Online' is published and developed by which company?

Answer: Developed by Dimensional Ink games and co-published by Daybreak Game Company.

43. Question: Which company developed the famous video game, 'Batman: Arkham City'?

Answer: Rocksteady Studios.

44. Question: The game, 'Spiderman' developed by Insomniac Games was released in which year?

Answer: 2018.

45. Question: Which is the highest-selling superhero video game of all time?

Answer: 'Marvel's Spiderman'.

Trivia On Obscure Super-Villains

The Super Villains of the comics are on par with the superheroes as well. In an ode to these villains, let's take a quiz based on them. It contains marvel comics trivia as well. Let us warn you it is going to be a difficult comic book trivia.

46. Question: Which superhero defeated the villain Dormammu?

Answer: Doctor Strange.

47. Question: Which super-villain of DC has a similar name to that of his arc nemesis superhero?

Answer: Reserve Flash.

48. Question: Who is the most iconic villain from the comic series Batman?

Answer: Joker.

49. Question: The supervillain Doctor Doom is the nemesis of which superteam?

Answer: The Fantastic Four.

50. Question: Who is the greatest super-villain from the comics of Superman?

Answer: Lex Luthor.

51. Question: The villain Deadshot who is also known as the world's greatest marksman is from which comic book publisher?

Answer: DC Comic.

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