Complete List Of Angel Names From Around The World

Your angel deserves the best possible name.

When we welcome a new angel in our life, the first thing that every parent needs to do is give the baby a name.

In some cultures it is considered a blessing from God to have our own baby. Whether you believe in God or not, every parent wants to see their child fly like an angel in this world.

One of the first steps of a parent is to name their new born. However, we know that naming our angel children is not as easy as everyone says, there is a lot of thought process involved. There goes a lot of thinking when naming your sweet angel. If you are looking for some inspiration in naming your child, you could go through the below list of angel names for a baby. You can also choose names of fallen angels, guardian angels and important angels like Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel.

For more inspirational names for a baby, you can have a look at names meaning light, or you can also look at angelic names.

Names Of God's Seven Angels

If you are a firm believer of Christianity, you can consider naming your child as one of God's angels. They were God's first seven angels that are also known as archangels. These names of the archangels are considered to be the name of the highest angels.

You could name your baby Archangel Michael,  Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael or any of the options below. Have a look at the list of names of the seven angels from the fourth heaven.

1. Archangel Ariel, the archangels name means “lion or lioness of God”. This archangel is considered to be the embodiment and protector of nature and animals.

2. Archangel Azrael, the archangel name means “who God helps”. According to the Jewish traditions, Archangel Azrael is also the angel of death.

3. Archangel Chamuel, the archangel name means “he who sees God”. According to the legends, Archangel Chamuel is also the angel of courage and death.

4. Archangel Gabriel, Gabriel means “God is my Strength”. Naming your child after the Archangel Gabriel is popular for a reason, we think Gabriel is a lovely name.

5. Archangel Jophiel, the archangel name means “Beauty of the God”. Archangel Jophiel is also considered as the great angel chief.

6. Archangel Michael, the archangel name means “he who is god”. According to Jewish traditions, Archangel Michael is also the protector of Jewish people and the highest angel. Michael is a lovely name for a kid.

7. Archangel Raphael, Raphael means “God Heals”. Archangel Raphael is all about emotional and physical healing. Raphael is a great name for your child.

Pick an angelic name for your baby.

Guardian Angels Names For A Baby Boy

Angels and fallen angels are supernatural beings that act as messengers of God and are the ones who guide the people to peace and serenity. You can choose to name your child as one of the archangels mentioned above or after a fallen angel. You can also choose one of the best angel names for a boy from the following list.

8. Angelo, (Italian origin), name of angels that mean "messenger of angels".

9. Cael, the  angel of the zodiac sign Cancer.

10. Castiel (Hebrew origin), the name means "my cover is God". This is also the name of a fallen angel in the popular TV show 'Supernatural.'

11. Evangelos (Greek origin), the Greek part Eva means "good", and Angelo means "messenger of God".

12. Hanie, (Hebrew origin), angelic name which means "favored of God".

13. Hariel, the name is one of the archangels who rule over Capricon, the dawn, and December.

14. Javan (Hebrew origin), the name has a huge significance in the Bible and is the son of Noah.

15. Kemuel (Hebrew origin), which means "helper of God".

16. Malach (Hebrew origin), the name is a form of Malak, which means "angel".

17. Michelangelo, it is a combination of Michael and Angelo, which means "who is God", and "messenger of angels" respectively.

18. Raguel (Hebrew origin), the name is one of the seven archangels which follows the book of Enoch.

19. Ramiel (Hebrew origin), the name is one of the seven archangels of the book of Enoch. The name means "thunder of God".

20. Raziel, the name belongs to the "angel of mysteries" and "who guards the secrets of the Universe".

21. Samuel (Jewish origin), the name means "destined for greatness".

22. Uriel (Hebrew origin), name of angels that mean "the light of the Lord" or "flame of God".

23. Yael (Hebrew origin), an angel name "who attends the throne of God".

24. Zadkiel, the name is of the archangel of benevolence, and the name means "the righteousness of God".

25. Zerachiel (Hebrew origin), an angel name which means "God’s command".

Guardian Angels Names For A Baby Girl

It is very popular for parents to give an angelic name for their new-born little girl. Here you will find some amazing names that you can call your little angel. You could also pick the name of a fallen angel.

26. Angel (Greek origin), the name means the "messenger of God".

27. Angelica (Italian origin), the name of angels that mean "angelic".

28. Angelina (Greek origin), the name is perfect for a baby girl who is the "messenger of God".

29. Ariel (Hebrew origin), the name means "lion of God".

30. Charmeine, it is the name of angel of "harmony".

31. Dina, which means the angel of "wisdom and learning".

32. Evangeline (Greek origin), the name means "a good angel".

33. Laila, it is an angelic name which means "protector of childbirth".

34. Micheangela, it is a combination of Michael and Angela, which means "who is God", and "angels", respectively.

35. Parisa (Persian origin), the name means "like an angel."

36. Rabia (Arabic origin), it is a beautiful name which means "spring".

37. Rosangel, the name is a combination of Rose as the flower and Angela, which means "angel".

A guardian angel name could be the best choice for your kid.

Angel Names For A Baby Boy That Means Blessing Or Miracle

Having a baby is indeed a miracle of life, and it is also considered a blessing from God in some cultures. Therefore, it could be lovely to name your child that would mean miracle. How better to show how much you treasure this miracle that you grasp affectionately than by giving the baby a name that implies miracle or blessing.

38. Aaron (English origin), angelic name, which means "miraculous".

39. Adom (African origin), name of angels which means "the blessing of God".

40. Asher (Old Testament origin), the name means "the blessing of fortunate".

41. Barrak (Swahili origin), a guardian angel name that means "blessing".

42. Benedict (Latin origin), this name means "blessed".

43. Bennett (Medieval form), name that means "blessed".

44. Boone (French origin), name that means "blessing".

45. Daliso (Chewa origin), name of angel that means "blessing".

46. Eijaz (Arabic origin), which means "miracle".

47. Harika (Turkish origin), this angel name means "miracle".

48. Loreto (Italian origin), the name means "blessing".

49. Matthew (American origin), angelic name that means "gift of God".

50. Miracolo (Italian word), the name means "miracle".

51. Mirakel (Danish origin), which means "miracle".

52. Neo (Greek origin), the name signifies "something new or a gift from God".

53. Thaddeus (Aramaic origin), the name is similar to Theodore, which means "the blessing of God".

54. Zelig (Yiddish origin), the name means "blessed".

The Angels Names For Girls That Mean Blessing Or Miracle

Naming your baby girl something that means blessing or miracle can be a beautiful name. Your child will forever know that they mean a miracle to you. If you feel blessed to have your child, then feel free to choose a name that implies blessing or miracle.

55. Alazne (Basque origin), angel name, which means "miracle".

56. Amari (American origin), name of angel that means "miracle of God".

57. Ayah (Arabic origin), a name that means "miracle".

58. Beatrix, it was the name of one of the queens of Netherland, which signifies "being blessed".

59. Behati (African origin), which means "one who brings happiness".

60. Genevieve (French origin), name of angels which means "God’s blessing".

61. Gwyneth (Welsh origin), the name means "blessed".

62. Jesse (Hebrew origin), which means "blessing".

63. Mira, a short form of "miracle".

64. Mikelle, a funny and rhythmic name to the miracle.

65. Mirai (Basque origin), which means "miracle".

66. Miriella (French origin), the name signifies being "miraculous".

67. Mireya (Spanish origin), angelic name that means "miracle".

68. Nessa (Jewish origin),, common name that means "miracle".

69. Nasya (Hebrew origin), the name means "miracle".

70. Pelia (Hebrew origin), the name is very popularly meant as a "miracle of God".

71. Sachi (Japanese origin), name of angels which means "miracle".

72. Winifred (Welsh origin), a beautiful name which means "blessed peacemaker".

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