Complete List Of Tinkerbell Character Names

Tinkerbell is one of the most loved Disney fairies.

'Tinker Bell' is one of the most popular Disney movies till date, and continues to gain popularity among children everywhere.

'Tinker Bell' is also popular for its designs and amazing animation. The plot of the Disney film, follows Tinker Bell, a tinker fairy, who is gifted in fixing and making new things from scrap. Tinker Bell is also based on the fairy who is famous as Peter Pan's companion.

According to the Disney movie, fairies are born from the first laugh of a baby. They begin their journey from there and are brought by the winds to Pixie Hollow where they take on the shape of fairies. Each fairy is gifted with unique skills and talents. There are light fairies, water fairies, animal fairies, tinker fairies, and many more. All the fairies from 'Tinkerbell'  work together to help change the seasons on the mainland. 'Tinker Bell' is the first movie in the 'Disney Fairies' franchise. 'Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure', and 'Tinker Bell And The Great Fairy Rescue' are the subsequent movies released with Tinker Bell as the protagonist. 'Secret Of The Wings', 'The Pirate Fairy' and 'Tinker Bell And The Legend Of The NeverBeast' are also other movies from the same franchise.

Disney names have a lore and aura attached to them that make them compelling and unique. Not to mention, the magic associated with these childhood characters makes them great starting points for you to come up with your own unique names. If would like to check out more names that are not only specific to 'Tinker Bell', you can take a look at these Disney boy names and Disney cat names.

Main 'Tinkerbell' Characters

 Tinker Bell has a number of Disney characters with amazing personalities.

The Disney Fairies franchise is a broad and diverse world with lots of amazing characters. This list consists of Disney characters who are considered integral to the 'Tinkerbell' Movie. They play a major role in the story and in their relationships with Tinker Bell, who is the protagonist of most of the 'Disney Fairies' movies. They also have some super awesome powers, of course! Here's a list of Disney characters in 'Tinkerbell':

1. Tinker Bell, originally from 'Peter Pan', Tinker Bell soon became the mascot for Disney. Her real name is Mae Whitman.

2. Bobble, a 'Tinkerbell' fairy with a slender gait.

3. Chole, a gorgeous garden Disney fairy.

4. Fairy Mary, a bustling fairy who is the fairies' overseer.

5. Fawn, a cute animal fairy who is one of the best known 'Tinkerbell' fairies as she is the protagonist of 'Legend Of The NeverBeast'.

6. Iridessa, a light fairy who dons a sunflower dress.

7. Periwinkle, a frost fairy who is also Tinker Bell's twin sister born of the same baby's first laugh.

8. Queen Clarion, Queen of Pixie Hollow who has large, unique, gold butterfly-shaped wings.

9. Rosetta, a beautiful garden fairy and another of the best known 'Tinkerbell' fairies as she is the main fairy in 'Pixie Hollow Games'.

10. Silvermist, a water-talent fairy who wears a dark turquoise dress.

11. Vidia, a fast-flying fairy who has dark purple hair. She was at first Tinker Bell's enemy, but soon became one of her close friends.

Non-Fairy Characters From 'TinkerBell'

The 'Disney Fairies' franchise also has lots of characters who are not fairies- they are animals, insects or humans! They help Tinkerbell and other fairies on their numerous quests with their unique magic abilities.

12. Cheese, a mouse that pulls a cart and Tinker Bell's friend.

13. Martin Griffiths, an insect scientist who made an appearance in 'Great Fairy Rescue'.

14. Grimsley, a troll on a lost island near Never Land who guards a bridge.

15. Blaze, a wish-granting baby firefly who accompanies Tinker Bell on one of her quests.

Fairies From The 'Tinkerbell' Books

Fairies are quite common in films and books.

A lot of the book fairies don’t appear in the movies and are lesser-known, but they are Tinker Bell's friends. They are also incredibly magical just like the fairies in the movies. Here are the fairy names from 'Tinkerbell'.

16. Beck, an animal fairy.

17. Bess, a fairy with an art talent.

18. Lily, a garden fairy.

19. Fira, a fairy with a light talent.

20. Prilla, a travel fairy who appeared in 'Fairy Dust And The Quest For The Egg'. She has the talent to fly between the mainland and Never Land.

21. Rani, a water-talent fairy who plays a role in 'Fairy Dust And The Quest For The Egg'.

22. Elwood, a fast-flying fairy who talks a lot but is also very nice to everyone.

23. Glissandra, a light fairy who wears a lot of makeup.

24. Humidia, a water fairy.

25. Luminaria, a light fairy.

26. Magnolia, a fairy with a leaf talent.

27. Melinda, an art-talent fairy who is amazing at glass-blowing.

28. Mixie, a fairy with a baking talent.

29. Nilsa, a scouting-talent fairy.

30. Olwen, a seed-planting garden fairy.

31. Pell, a fairy with a harvest talent.

32. Quill, a shy and quiet fairy talented in art.

33. Rune, a fairy with a story-telling talent.

34. Temma, a fairy who is a shoemaker and appears in 'Fairy Haven And The Quest For The Wand'.

35. Tizzywing, a fairy with a fast-flying talent.

36. Violet, a very pretty fairy with a dyeing-talent.

37. Zuzu, a tinker-talent fairy.

38. Buck, an animal fairy who has brown hair.

39. Dewey, a knowledgeable winter fairy.

40. Lumina, a light fairy.

41. Nyx, a tough and loyal scouting fairy.

42. Viola, a summoning fairy who wears a black cap with a white feather.

43. Tutupia, Queen of the great-wand fairies who use wands that possess magical powers.

44. Fufalla, one of the wand fairies who likes pulling pranks and playing around.

Non-Fairy Characters From The 'Tinkerbell' Books

Just like in the movies, there are lots of non-fairy magical creatures in the books ranging from animals to mermaids! Here's a list.

45. Kyto, a sneaky dragon who has been imprisoned for a long time.

46. Numi, a beautiful mermaid with blue hair and a red tail.

47. Oola, who is a mermaid with yellowish-green hair and green eyes.

48. Pah, a mermaid.

49. Soop, a beautiful but impatient mermaid.

50. Voona, a yellow-orange haired mermaid.

Kidadl has lots of great lists of names that you could use to name your characters. If you like this of the fairies names in 'Tinkerbell', check out these lists of the Dwarfs last names and Disney Prince names that are sure to inspire you even more!



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