45+ Construction Puns That Hit The Nail On The Head

The foundation to a constructor's friendship is humor.

The construction of a building requires a sheer team effort.

If you are looking for something to get to know your team better and nail your next creation, we recommend using puns and one-liners. After all, the humor will help you build new friendships alongside your new project.

A good constructor needs to have a strong relationship with his or her co-workers. Jokes and one-liners are the best way to break the ice. You can be a good constructor, and still not have what it takes to construct a new pun. Here's where we help you. If you are trying to construct a joke and failing miserably, here is a list of some of the funniest construction humor for you to enjoy.

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Hilarious Construction And Carpentry Puns

Construction humor makes building together a bundle of fun.

There are plenty of construction jokes, but not all of them are built to get good laughs. Construction humor includes some great contractor humor, concrete puns, and wordplays on construction. This is why we've compiled a list of the best construction one-liners and carpentry and construction puns for you to enjoy.

1. I kept defending my brother, who was accused of theft by a construction site. But when I came back, I realized that the signs were always there.

2. At the party, my brother said he has this great joke on construction that he couldn't tell me. I guess he is still working on it.

3. It was only when the construction workers ran out of marble they realized the most valuable construction material is marble. One must never take it for granite.

4. My friend was offered a job at a construction site in Egypt, but he refused it right away. It turns out that it was a pyramid scheme.

5. I saw someone trying very hard to make a joke on road construction. I think he needs some time to lay it all out.

6. We visited a zoo last week that was partially under construction. I saw a snake wearing a construction hat. I guess that was a boa constructor.

7. Our company assigned me the task of building a barn for Christmas. I am not sure if I can. I have to check my shed-yule.

8. Applying a coat of waterproof coating to a squeaking deck makes it shut up only because you are giving it the sealant treatment.

9. I saw my friend cracking a poor joke on carpentry which made everyone laugh. I didn't think it wood work.

10. Yesterday, the cement-mixer was used for the first time. The results were pretty concrete.

11. The wasted concrete slabs are buried under the ground. We call the place a cementery.

12. I finally managed to do some carpentry today and I'm so proud of myshelf.

13. Last night I watched this documentary on how to fix steel girders. It was nothing but riveting.

14. The dogs have started a home construction business that focuses on the top of houses. You can say that they work on woofs.

15. My friend used to be a drill operator. He left the job after a few years because it was boring.

16. There's this new workout for construction workers where you have to hit garden buildings. It is a good thing because I'm looking to pound some sheds.

17. Last week I went to a movie with my friends. It was about a gorilla working on a construction site. It's called King Koncrete.

18. My little sister discovered an easy and effortless way to break the concrete floor. It was a groundbreaking discovery.

Funny Construction Worker Puns

One-liners about construction workers can act be used as ice-breakers.

A construction worker has a big responsibility during the construction of a building. Handyman puns and carpenter puns can make your work enjoyable. Here we bring you some of the best puns about construction workers.

19. I happened to attend a party for construction workers last week, where I met a steamroller driver who gave me a lot of compliments. She was such a flatterer.

20. The construction worker who was accused of theft was arrested and is being sent to jail. The police said they found something concrete.

21. I told my contractor that I don't want carpeted steps. I feel like I asked for too much because he gave me a blank stair.

22. The first carpenter did a bad job and screwed the furniture up but the second one nailed it.

23. My boss just asked me to attach two wood pieces and I completely nailed it.

24. My father said that he was very excited to be a plumber at one point in his life, but later he found the job to be draining.

25. While cutting metals, the construction worker accidentally cut off his left hand. The doctors said he will be all right now.

26. The thief was caught due to the help of the carpenter. They say the carpenter saw everything.

27. The plumber who came to fix my pipe also fixed the bulb. Plumbing contractors have such multi-fauceted personalities.

28. My father always wanted to be a plumber for a construction company, but his plans ended up being nothing but a pipe dream.

29. I knew this plumber who was trying to become an artist on the side. Sadly he just couldn't find the faucet for his creativity.

30. I bought this new sink unclogging liquid from the store. But it just ended up being money down the drain.

31. The other day, I had a few plumbers down at my place. They made so much noise that I had to tell them to pipe down.

32. One of the construction workers at my company got sick. I hope he can deal with it as-best-os he can.

33. I heard the replacement window installers quit soon after they started their job. Apparently, they feel it's a real pane.

34. We went to a party with the construction workers last week. They were so funny. I must say, they really raised the roof.

35. The carpenter accidentally broke the wooden cross. Thankfully, he cruci-fixed it.

36. The construction worker who was blind for many years got his eyesight back. I heard he took a hammer and saw.

37. I was surprised when I heard the carpenter was angry after hitting a nail. Turns out, he hates getting hit on fingernails.

Furniture Puns

If you're looking for more humor to enjoy, here's a list of household furniture wordplays that we know you will sit back and enjoy.

38. You may find this weird but I have this amazing relationship with my household furniture. I totally adoor them.

39. My neighbor has most of his household items made of fern. I heard he has a lot of ferniture.

40. I really do love all my furniture, but the recliner is my favorite because we go way back.

41. I'm moving next week and I've decided to make my own furniture. Sofa it's going well.

42. My lumberjack friend gave me pieces of wood for me to build my furniture. He showers me with random ax of kindness.

43. I had gone to work thinking that I won the argument with my wife about our furniture arrangement, but when I got home, the tables were turned.

44. Everyone calls me lazy for always sitting. But they don't know that sitting is something that I chairish.

45. My dog was extremely tired after a long walk in the morning. She always prefers to sit on the bark-a-lounger when she is tired.

46. Someone was caught stealing furniture from the furniture shop. I heard he was shown the door.

47. The kind carpenter donated all the chairs he made to the orphanage. I heard he is really into chairity.

48. The carpenter was sad the furniture was not finished and kicked it in anger. The furniture shouted "Couch!"

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