Cook Up A Storm At These Kid-Friendly Classes!

Kids cooking

What better way to start the year than by learning a new skill with the little ones? With kid-friendly foodie classes becoming ever-more popular, we’ve rounded up the best of them to get your kids cooking, baking and chocolate-making this January!

Pasta 'n Play 

Pasta 'n Play run a wonderful array of cooking classes for parents and children to enjoy together. Kids from 1-4 can join their Cooking for Tiny Londoners workshops, learning to make simple, delicious and healthy recipes whilst exploring their food senses and installing that all-important kitchen safety early-on. For older children who might already have a taste for cooking, their Pasta 'n Play classes will have you making an Italian feast from scratch. As a family you’ll learn all about the ingredients and history of everyone’s favourite carb and pick up some life skills you can use all together at home. Tuck into your meal after the session or take it home to enjoy, and savour the luxury of getting creative in the kitchen without having to deal with the mess! Pasta 'n Play have plant-based classes perfect for Veganuary, half-term workshops if you’re planning ahead plus family day workshops, so you’ll definitely find something for you.

pasta n play

Gelato Making Experience at Unico Gelato & Caffè

It’s never too cold for ice cream, right? Unico Gelato & Caffè is letting you into the secrets of this perfected Italian tradition in their Gelato Making Experience taught by expert instructors. You’ll discover ice cream like no other as your group learns to sculpt an entire gelato cake (yes, you read that right!) from flavours of your choosing and a huge array of delicious toppings. They’ll warm you up for plenty of taste-testing with a hot drink when you arrive, and you’ll be able to take these incredible gelato cakes home for a sure-fire showstopper at your family’s dinner table.

unico gelato & caffe

Vegan Chocolate Truffles and Vegan Macarons?!

Trying Veganuary? Cutting dairy doesn’t mean cutting indulgence and these sweet Manchester-based masterclasses will help make that vegan challenge a little more attainable. R&M Fine Chocolate is running a wickedly decadent 2-hour Vegan Chocolate Truffle Workshop where you’ll create and package your own beautiful truffle treats, and The English Rose Bakery has mastered the unlikely art of vegan macarons in this surprisingly easy masterclass. Culinary wizard Marie will teach the family to create these colourful little confectioneries that the kids will love, that you can then take home to impress your sceptical friends.

Rainbow Bagel Making Workshop

Want to create the foodie sensation that’s taken Instagram by storm? Head to Putney to learn the art of the rainbow bagel and put a vibrant twist on these authentic Jewish delights. Each child will learn to knead and dye their dough in a vibrant colour of their choice which will then be combined with the rest of the class’ to make one huge rainbow! Take home 5 bagels each to truly jazz up those lunchboxes at home, whilst also making your Instagram feed pop!

rainbow bagel

Dr Choc's Chocolate Factory

Looking to make a day of it? Channel your inner Willy Wonka and head to Dr Choc’s Chocolate Factory in Windsor for either their 1 hour Chocolatier Workshop or 30 minute Express Workshop for those itching to explore Windsor’s beautiful castle (just opposite!). In this hands-on session you and the kids will learn everything from piping and marbling to bonbons and chocolate truffles. You’ll also have the chance to create the ultimate chocolate bar of your dreams with a choice of around 30 toppings to decorate with! Skip the January diet and take a bag of goodies home to enjoy with your budding little bakers.

chocolate making



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