100 Cool Nicknames For Boys

Cute baby boys deserve a fantastic nickname.

Your son's first name is very important.

It is the name that will form his identity both in the family and in the outside world. Picking the right nickname, however, is just as important.

While your son will officially be known by his first name, he will inevitably be given a nickname within the family and by close friends. It is therefore important to put some thought into choosing the right nickname for your baby boy.

Nicknames for boys include abbreviated boy names, cute and funny nicknames for boys, and even hipster nicknames. You may even come across a nickname in this list that you feel would be perfect as the first name for your baby boy.

There are so many options for nicknames to choose from, that selecting one can often seem overwhelming. So, we’ve compiled a list of 100 cool nicknames that can help narrow down your search, and, for more nickname naming ideas, please see our articles of the best baby names with nicknames and the best nicknames for the name Elizabeth.

Cool Names With Nicknames For Boys

Want to abbreviate your baby boy’s name with fun nicknames? For inspiration, just take a look at our list of popular and cool nickname names for your little guy.  

  1. Abrahym (Hebrew origin), meaning "multitude or father of many". Nicknames: Abe, Bram, Abie, Abram. These are also shortened boys' names.

  2. Achilles (Greek origin), this name means "pain". Nicknames: Arch, Archie. These are definitely some adorable nicknames everyone will love.

  3. Addison (English origin), this baby name means "son of Adam". Nicknames: Addy, Ade, Adam.

   4. Alberto (Spanish origin), is a cool name meaning "noble". Nicknames: Al, Albie, Bertie, Bert, Albert.  

   5. Aldridge (Old English origin), meaning "living among alders". Nicknames: Al, Reggie, Aldie, Reg.      

   6. Alexander (Greek origin), this cool guy name means "defender of men". Nicknames: Al, Alex, Axel, Xander, Lex.  

   7. Andrew (Greek origin), meaning "masculine". Nicknames: Andy, Andre, Drew.  

   8. Artemis (Greek origin), meaning "safe". Nicknames: Artie, Temmie, Art.

  9. Augustus (Latin origin), this name means "majestic". Nicknames: Gus, August.

   10. Bartholomew (Jewish origin), meaning "son of Talmai". Nicknames: Bart, Bartie.      

   11. Baxter (Old English origin), meaning "baker". Nicknames: Bax, Becks.

   12. Beckett (English origin), meaning "beehive". Nicknames: Bee, Bex, Kitt.  

   13. Brandon (English origin), meaning "a hill covered with broom". Nicknames: Bran, Brando, Brant.  

   14. Callahan (Irish origin), meaning "bright headed". Nicknames: Cal, Callum, Calvin.  

   15. Cameron (Scottish origin), meaning "crooked nose". Nicknames: Cam, Ronny, Cammy, Ron.  

  16. Carlisle (English origin), this name means "one who is from the protected city". Nicknames: Carl, Carlos, Lyle.  

   17. Casey (Irish origin), meaning "brave in battle". This is one of the popular boys’ names you can shorten to Cay, Ace, Chase.  

   18. Christopher (Greek origin), meaning "bearer of Christ". Nicknames: Chris, Chrissy, Kit, Christo.

  19. Creighton (Irish origin), this name means "a rocky place". Nicknames: Cray, Reign, Craig, Ray.    

   20. Daniel (Hebrew origin), a cool boys' name meaning "God is my judge". Short forms of this name you’ll love include Dan, Neil, Danny.  

  21. Dimitri (Greek origin), meaning "lover of the earth". Nicknames: Dima, Dimz, Mitri.

  22. Edward (English origin), this name means "protector". Nicknames: Eddie, Ed, Edwin.    

  23. Elliott (Greek origin), meaning "Jehovah is God". Nicknames: Eli, Lee, El.    

   24. Fernando (Spanish origin), meaning "bold voyager". Nicknames: Nando, Fernan.  

   25. Frederick (German origin), meaning "a peaceful ruler". Nicknames: Fred, Freddie, Ricky.  

   26. Gregory (Latin origin), meaning "alert". Nicknames: Greg, Rory.  

   27. Isaiah (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is salvation". Nicknames: Isaac, Ike, Isa, Zac.

   28. Irving (Irish origin), this popular name means "friend of the sea". Nicknames: Irvie, Irvin, Vin.    

   29. Jacob (Hebrew origin), meaning "supplanter. Nicknames: Jake, Jack, Coby.  

   30. Jeremiah (Hebrew origin), meaning "the Lord will rise". Nicknames: Jerry, Jere, Remi, Jem.  

   31. Kenndy (Irish origin), this popular unisex name means "helmeted head". Nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Kenzo.    

   32. Lennox (Scottish origin), meaning "elm grove". Nicknames: Lenny, Nox.  

   33. Leonardo (Italian origin), a popular name meaning "courageous lion". Nicknames: Leo, Lee.  

   34. Lucas (Greek, Latin origin), this name means "shining". Nicknames: Lou, Luke, Luca.  

   35. Maximilian (Latin origin), meaning "greatest". Nicknames: Max, Mac, Maximus, Maccy.

   36. Nathaniel (Hebrew origin), a popular name for a boy meaning "God’s gift". Nicknames: Nate, Nathan, Neil, Nat.    

   37. Patrick (English origin), meaning "noble". Nicknames: Pat, Patsy, Rick.  

   38. Pierson (Greek origin), meaning "rock". Nicknames: Pierre, Pierce.  

   39. Richard (German origin), meaning "brave leader". Nicknames: Rich, Rickie, Rico, Richie.  

   40. Sullivan (Irish origin), meaning "black eyed one". Nicknames: Sully, Van, Saul.  

   41. Theodore (Greek origin), meaning "God’s gift". Nicknames: Theo, Teddy, T.  

   42. Thomas (Aramaic origin), meaning "twins". Nicknames: Tommy, Tom.

   43. Warren (French origin), this name means "defender". Nicknames: Wren, Aron.    

   44. Wesley (English origin), meaning "western woods". Nicknames: Lee, Wes.  

   45. William (English origin), meaning "resolute". Nicknames: Will, Liam.    

  46. Zachary (Hebrew origin), meaning "Lord has remembered". Cute nicknames you might use: Zac, Zee, Zacky.    

Unusual Boys' Nicknames

Many nicknames are chosen completely at random.

Why not choose a nickname for boys that is more unusual or personal?

   47. Ahni, a nickname for boys, taken from the name Kianni of Irish origin, means "ancient".’

   48. Chas, a name you might like for your little guy from the name Charles (German origin), meaning ‘"free man".

   49. Dari or Dare from the name Darius of Persian origin which means "rich and kingly".  

   50. Demi from the name Damien (Greek origin), meaning "to tame".    

   51. Donis from the name Adonis (Greek origin), meaning "handsome".

   52. Eph or Ephee from the name Ephraim (Hebrew origin), meaning "fruitful".

   53. Eth from the guy name Ethan (Hebrew origin), meaning "strong".

   54. Garth from the name Garrett (English origin), meaning "one who is brave with a spear".

   55. Gunner or Gunther, a nickname from the name Gunnerson (Scandinavian origin), meaning "a bold warrior".

   56. Hux from Huxley (English origin), meaning "Hugh’s meadow".

  57. Jere, this is one of the short nicknames for boys from Jeremy (English origin), meaning "God appointed".

   58. Jules from the name Julian (Latin origin), meaning "youthful".

   59. Kale from Kaleb (Hebrew origin), meaning "wholehearted".

   60. Kerr, a nickname from the name Kerrik of English origin, meaning "the King’s rule".

   61. Linx from the name Lincoln (English origin), which refers to a lakeside colony.

  62. Maver from the name Maverick (English origin), which refers to one who is a non-conformist.

  63. Mige or Miggy from the name Miguel (Spanish origin), meaning "who is like God".    

   64. Prez from Preston (English origin), meaning "from the village of the Priest".

   65. Quince from Quincy (French origin), meaning "estate of the fifth son".

   66. Ryo a nickname from the name Ryan (Irish origin), meaning "little King".

   67. Urie from Ureil (Hebrew origin), meaning "the Lord is my light".  

   68. Val from Vallen (English origin), meaning "strong".

   69. Vaughn from Kavanaugh (Irish origin), meaning "one who is born handsome".

   70. Xav from Xavier (Spanish, Basque, Arabic origin), meaning "bright and splendid".

Adorable Baby Boy Nicknames

Nicknames are inevitable, particularly if your baby has a long first name.

Looking for a nickname that’s cute, short, and expresses the love your family feels for your baby? Here’s a list of short nicknames you can’t help but like.  

   71. Archie from Archer (English origin), meaning "bowman".

   72. Ben, Benny or Benji, taken from the name Benjamin (Hebrew origin), meaning "son of the south".

   73. Bodi, this is a short nickname for your little guy taken from the name Beauden of French origin which means "beautiful".

   74. Brady, this boy nickname comes from the name Brayden of English origin, meaning "broad valley".

   75. Clay, a nickname from the name Clayton of English origin meaning "one who is from the town on clay land".

   76. Dash a nickname from the name Dashiell (French origin), meaning "page boy".

  77. Dexie, a cute short nickname from the name Dexter (Latin origin), meaning "right-handed".

   78. Finn or Finny a nickname from the name Finley (Gaelic origin), meaning "fair haired warrior".

   79. Freddy from Alfred (English origin), meaning "magical". Other nicknames: Al, Alfie, Fred.

   80. Geoff from Geoffrey (English origin), meaning "peaceful".

  81. Gordo from Gordon (Scottish origin), meaning "great hill".

  82. Harry or Harold from the name Harrington (Irish origin), meaning "powerful".

   83. Jay Jay from Jason (Greek origin), meaning "healer".

   84. Jeffy from Jeffery (English origin), meaning "God peace".

   85. Johnny or Jonah from the name Jonathan (Hebrew origin), meaning "the Lord has given".

   86. Kai, a cute nickname for boys from the name Malakai (Hebrew origin), meaning "the messenger".

  87. Kay from Kayden (English origin), meaning "son of Cadan".’ Other nicknames: Kadie, Kaid, Aiden.

   88. Korbie or Kor from the name Korbin (French origin), meaning "raven".

   89. Manny from Emmanuel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is with us".

  90. Matty from Matthew (English origin), meaning "God’s gift". Other nicknames: Hugh, Matt.  

   91. Nick or Nico from Dominic (Latin, Roman origin) meaning "belonging to God".

  92. Ollie, you might like this nickname from the name Oliver (Old French origin), meaning "olive tree".

   93. Ozzy, a cute nickname from the name Oscar which means "friend of deer".

  94. Penn  shortened from Pennley (English origin), meaning "from the enclosed meadow".

   95. Raf or Raffie from Raphael (Hebrew origin), meaning "God has healed".

   96. Sam or Sammy, an abbreviated form of the name Samuel (Hebrew origin), meaning "one who is told by God".

   97. Stevie from the name Steven (Greek origin), meaning "honor".

  98. Tony from Antonio (Greek origin) meaning "praiseworthy". Other nicknames: Nino, Anton, Tonio.  

  99. True from the name Truman (English origin), meaning "one who is loyal".

  100. Wally from Walter (German origin) meaning "the army’s ruler".

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