53 Corn Puns That Are A Right Earful

Corn puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

Lend us your ear for a minute, and we'll tell you some of our favourite corny jokes about corn.

Corn is a vegetable that pops up almost everywhere. We eat it at dinner time, animals eat it in fields, and we even take a huge box of it into the movie theater with us to snack on while we watching something, dare we say, corny.

Of all the veggies out there, corn provides one of the best opportunities to make some corny puns and a-maize-ing jokes. Corn  is also sometimes called maize, and is a crop that has been grown by Central American countries since ancient times, and is now one of the most important crops in the world. Corn is used in the sweet popcorn we eat at the movies, the tortilla we wrap our tacos in and even in lots of surprising foods, like Heinz ketchup, French fries and even fruit juice! As well as eating corn, it can be used to make medicine, glue and our favourite, fun corn mazes for us to get lost in during summer time!

If you haven't been to a corn maze before, don't worry. It is basically just a maze route cut out from a field full of corn crops. You're going to feel as if you have visited one after reading some of our hilarious corn maze puns! If you're looking for puns that are more fall-focussed than our list of corn puns, then you're going to love these pumpkin jokes. If you're looking for something a little less corny and more spooky, our Halloween riddles are totally going to scare your socks off!

Funny Corn Puns

Corn puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

Make everyone giggle by sharing your best corn pun!

1. The corn stalks decided to hold a ceremony to honor their favourite scarecrow. They wanted to congratulate him on being out standing in his field.

2. The mama corn wasn't worried about her chubby son. "He's not fat," she said, "he's just a little husky."

3. The cornfield was relieved when it heard that it was going to rain. "Phew," it said, "that's music to my ears."

4. I went to a party in a corn field the other day. I wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be a total corn ball.

5. I gave a huge sum of money to a corn farmer. I was a bit nervous, it was a major stalk investment.

6. I got lost for hours in a corn field, I thought I was going to be scared, but it was actually an absolutely a-maizing experience.

7. If you want to buy some pirate corn, it's going to cost you a buccaneer.

8. Some corn fell out of a lady's grocery bag when she was walking down the street. I shouted after her but sadly my words fell on deaf ears.

9. I took the grain to the granary and the corn to the coronary.

10. The corn was worried he had a cough, his voice was getting a little bit husky.

11. My pa just told me an extremely funny corn pun. It's left me a husk of a person.

12. Some corn, a carrot and a cucumber all fell into the ocean. Now they are all C foods.

13. Some say that popcorn can be difficult to chew. I know where they're coming from, there's definitely a kernel of truth to that statement.

14. The grumpy girl was not happy when she found out that her parents wanted her to make the corn for supper. "This shucks," she sighed.

15. The corn farmer won the Nobel Peace Prize for his extreme dedication to world hominy.

16. I don't really like corn jokes. I find them a bit too difficult to digest.

17. Corn is a seriously good listener. It's all ears.

18. The baby corn wanted a pet, so his mama decided to buy the baby a corn dog.

19. If you're ever left alone in a corn salesman's office, whatever you do don't start snooping through his files. They are cornfidential.

20. Someone told me they had a good corn pun. I live in a hut made from corn husks, so needless to say I was all ears.

21. I could give you a list of corn loving baseball players, but you know Ty Cobb would be number one.

22. Plain popcorn? I'm sorry but you can really do a lot butter than that.

23. It was a nasty shock for the football team that practiced in the corn field. They got totally creamed.

24. The corn stalk decided to change careers. He went into a completely different field.

25. I saw a naked corn cob the other day. I was shucked!

Corny Puns About Corn

Why not share a corny pun or two with a friend?

26. The corn was really upset. I could tell because he had a cob on.

27. I had a traumatic experience once, involving a corn tortilla and some mince beef. Until this day, I still can't taco 'bout it.

28. I tried to make sweet corn by whispering sweet things into its ear.

29. The baby corn liked his mom, but he preferred his pop corn.

30. Shucking takes a serious amount of corn-centration.

31. My friend came back from a shopping trip with a shirt with stalks of corn all over it. I asked if she got a good deal on her new crop top, and she heard me from all the way across the street. I tell you, her ears are brand new.

32. The only vegetable that's also a nut is a corn.

33. Corn is the one food you shouldn't take on an aeroplane. It can be very dangerous if it makes your ears pop.

34. I don't eat meat, but I love corn. I'm a total corn-ivore.

35. I swallowed a whole corn cob the other day because I thought it would be funny. It was a bad idea though, I got very corn-stipated.

36. This corn is pretty rough to touch. It looks like a job for Kernel Sanders.

37. My teenage son is being rationed to only one bowl of corn a day. He asked me for a second one, and I had to tell him no. He's on cornantine.

38. You have to be careful what you talk about inside a corn maze. The walls have ears.

39. There was a pair of cornstalks who were best friends. I've never seen cuter ear buds.

40. I found a single kernel of corn on the floor at the movies. I've never seen a unicorn before.

41. This might be seriously corny, but I think that you're a-maize-ing.

42. You can buy corn at student unions. Uni-corn.

43. I wanna tell you some of my funny popcorn puns, but I have a feeling you're going to find them a bit too corny.

44. Did you know about the app that helps you grow corn in your back yard? It's made in Sili-corn Valley.

45. Should you eat corn when it's fallen off of the stalk? Well, you maize well.

46. The corn farmer had a knack for success. His tactic was to corn-er the market.

47. The egg couldn't understand why the cornflakes didn't like her corn puns. It was so cereals.

48. Sadly, I didn't have a map of the corn maze, so I just had to play it by ear.

49. The farmer was embarrassed when I complimented him on his corn maze. He said, "Aww, shucks that's sweet!"

50. When I was in the corn maze I seriously thought I was being stalked. It was very earie.

51. Farmers make really terrible comedians. Their jokes are totally corny.

52. Did you know corn has a favourite food? It loves cobb salad.

53. Did you hear about the dog who was obsessed with stripping ears of corn? I think he must have been part husky.

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