50 Cowboy Jokes That Will Spur On Laughter

Cowboy one-liners make people ride on in laughter all day long.

'Cowboy' usually refers to someone who has the occupation of herding cattle and other animals on a farm.

Cowboys are specifically identified by their unique appearance with cowboy hats. They are also accompanied by a horse on whom they ride from one place to another.

According to history, the tradition of the cowboys originated from Spain, who later traveled and settled in Latin and Central America. A large increase in cowboys was seen after the American Civil war, and the tradition still continues today. In Western movies, if you see a man riding on horseback with a lasso in hand, well, that's a cowboy. Even in children's movies, one can find a cowboy; the famous character of 'Woody' in 'Toy Story' is a cowboy. So, have a look at these cowboys jokes, including some ranch jokes, cowboy hat jokes of ours, and keep up always horsing around.

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Funny Jokes About The Cowboys

Cowboy jokes for kids are hard to find, but we've still got them.

Here's the list of the funny jokes about cowboys, rodeo jokes funny western jokes that'll help you up your cowboy humor.

1.What did Kenny Rogers do after his favorite cowboy boots snapped into two pieces? In tribute to his cowboy boots, he wrote the song 'You picked a fine time to leave me, loose heel'.

2. What did the catholic cowboy do when he met the father of the church on his confession visit? He greeted him by saying, "Howdy Pardoner!"

3. How did the cowboy react when he bought a new yo-yo? He simply said, "Well, this ain't my first yo-yo".

4. Why did the police arrest the cowboy for rustling? The police arrested him because the cowboy secretly took the cattle of his neighbors!

5. What will you get if you ever cross a cowboy with an Egyptian Pharaoh? You will get Darn Tutankhamun!

6. How do you refer to a cowboy who is suffering from gastric distress? You definitely call him Wyatt Burp!

7. How does a cowboy usually greet an equestrian? He simply takes off his hat and says, "Howdy Neigh-bor".

8. What kind of attire do the ghosts of cowboys wear? They only wear booooo-ts!

9. Why are a significant majority of cowboys all avid gamblers? Because they always like raising the steaks!

10. What is the best way to describe a kid who dresses up like a cowboy? You definitely call it Ranch dressing!

11. In modern times, how does a millennial cowboy speak? He simply says, "Yeet Haw"!

12. What is the favorite type of car for all the cowboys? It most definitely is an Audi, partner!

13. What do you say when you see a cowboy who has placed his foot across the border of Canada? You say his leg is in Canada, just aboot!

14. What did the cowboy say when his wife threatened to leave him? He said, "It's just like Sparks says, 'This town ain't big enough for both of us'".

15. While meeting others, how does a German cowboy greet them? He greets them by saying, Audi!

16. Why are cowboys incapable of getting down from their horses? Because they can only get down from a goose!

17. Which is the only team that the cowboys support? The cowboys are all avid fans of the Spurs!

18. What does a cowboy do when he laughs his heart out? He doesn't roll down in laughter, but he tumbles in it!

19. What did the cowboy do when he counted his cows and found there were 97 of them instead of 100? He simply rounded them!

20. Why did the cowboy kill an artist when he went to the new west town? He simply thought that the artist was going to draw!

21. For their lunch and dinner, where does a cowboy cook the dishes? He usually cooks them on the range!

22. What is the best way to describe a frog who has the lifelong dream of being a cowboy? You call him a Hopalong Cassidy!

23. What is the perfect way to call a cowboy who is always without money despite being a film actor? You call him always broke Skint Eastwood!

24. What does the cowboy say after he is given a boring job at the factory? After a long, tiring day, he says that his work is howdy pressing!

25. What did the cowboy say to his friend when his beloved dog left him? The first cowboy said, "It's very unfortunate partner, but my doggone".

Corny Cowboy Dad Jokes

Cowboy jokes for kids are hard to find, but we've still got them.

This is where you'll find some funny cowboy jokes, some corny cowboy jokes, funniest wild west jokes but definitely all the best cowboy jokes that are also some dad jokes which you'll love.

26. What did the young director say about his new film? He enthusiastically said, "I'm directing a cowboy film named 'Sun'. It is all to be set in the West".

27. What would you call a cowboy who has just retired? You say that he has been de-ranged!

28. If ever there was a fight, who would a zombie cowboy fight with? It would most definitely fight with the deadskins!

29. While taking out his herd, where do the cowboy take his cattle? The cowboy rides them up to Moo York!

30. What kind of philosophy lessons do all the cowboys teach their cows? They teach that when one attacks them, they will have to either move their udder cheeks or they'll get a moooo-ve on!

31. What did the cowboy do when all the cows started irritating him? He simply pressed the Moore button on them!

32. What can be the best way to refer to a cowboy who teaches acting? It is best to refer to him as a stagecoach!

33. What special characteristic did the artist cowboy have in his forte? He was excellent at drawing!

34. Why all of a sudden, did the cowboy start making a bed made only out of straw? Because he wanted to feed the night mares!

35. In what fashion does a cowboy arrive at a hockey game? He usually arrives in a zam-pony!

36. How did a cowboy get to know whether his cattle are properly following him or not without turning his head back? It is simple as he always herd them behind him!

37. What is the secret to cowboys being extremely rich? I think the only reason is that their horse often gives them a few bucks every day!

38. What is a perfect way to describe a very happy cowboy? You call him a jolly rancher!

39. Which cowboy Hollywood actor celebrity is known to light campfires very easily? It most definitely has to be Flint Eastwood!

40. As a cowboy, which is the first thing that a guy learns while filling up a canteen? The first rule that he knows is to go upstream from the herd!

41. Why was the cowboy sick when he rode a wild horse in the forest? Because he got affected with bronc-itis!

42. What is the only place where all cowboys go when they go on thinking over things? They usually go to Ponder-osa!

43. Why are cowboys always funny and smiling? Because they get many laughs by simply horsing around!

44. What do cowboys do to calm down while looking over their cattle? They listen to some country moosic!

45. Where do the cowboys usually feed all their hard of cattle? They usually feed their cattle at the calf-eteria!

46. Why did the cowboy ride on his horse? Because he was too heavy to carry!

Knock Knock Cowboy Jokes

Finally, here you'll find some knock-knock funny cowboy jokes, some old cowboy jokes that'll make you go always horsing around.

47. Knock, knock!

Who is it over there?


Hans who?

Take your Hans off my gold.

48. Knock, knock!

Who's there?


Heywood who?

Heywood you please hand me that lasso!

49. Knock, knock!

Who is it over there?


Howey who?

Howey pardner.

50. Knock, knock!

Who is it over there?


Handsome who?

Please would you Handsome chili over?

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