How To Create The Perfect Indoor Soft Play For Your Kids

Child playing in indoor soft play.

With everyone in lockdown, it’s safe to say that we need a few innovative ideas to keep the kids engaged during this time.

Learning on the weekdays, finding great activities to occupy their free time and having fun with all the family can be a challenge, especially when you’re at home and can’t go out to play.

Well, we have just the thing! Why not spend some time with the kids by DIYing your very own indoor soft play, using what you can find around the house? Here are a few tips and ideas to help you on your way to designing your very own indoor soft play!

Find the perfect space

Before creating your soft play, it's important to find the perfect space to build it. Make sure to find a room or space that is large enough for you and the little ones to move around without bumping into anything and be at risk of getting hurt.

Your lounge, bedroom or any convenient room where you don't mind rearranging furniture and feel is safe enough is the best bet!

Kid-proof it!

Chosen the ideal site for your play area? Great! Make sure that any sharp edges, corners or anything hazardous are covered, or moved out of the way. For instance, sharp table corners, any fragile items like a vase or any large obstructions which your kids may accidentally bump into.

It's time to design

Think with your little ones about the kind of play area they want. Do they want a certain theme?

If so, you could get them to make little decorations - if it was a pirate-themed indoor play, you could ask them to draw pictures and search for different things around the house that have a pirate and sea theme. Ahoy there!

In terms of the type of play area, do they want to create different obstacles? What sort of activities would they like to make and create? Try to get them to think of a variety of different design ideas to make it a fun and interactive DIY indoor play project.

Gather the supplies

It's now time to get building. Think of all the different elements you could use to create the indoor soft play for the children.  You could even make it a bit of a game or scavenger hunt to see what can be found!

Here are a few ideas:

As many cushions or pillows as the kids can find

Their favourite cuddly toys

Felt tips and crayons to design posters or draw pictures to decorate

Some great nibbles and drinks (read on later for more details)

Create your own tunnel

Now it's time to start building your indoor play area! Where to start?

Why not make your own tunnel? If you have a couple of chairs, you can line them up in pairs in two rows parallel to one another, leaving a big enough gap for your little ones to crawl through, with the seat part facing outwards. Then, by finding a sheet or blanket that is large enough, cover the top of the chairs and you have your very own tunnel!

At either end, you could even create a mini fort using a pop-up tent or a cardboard box/boxes you have lying around that the kids can even design using the supplies they've found.

Then, ask them to put whatever they like inside-voilà!

Make a mini climbing area

Fancy creating a little climbing obstacle? As long as you have chairs that are stable and safe enough, or you have something that is similar and is suitable, you can make one!

Like the tunnel,  put the chairs in pairs and in rows, however, this time put them back to back with the seats facing outwards- this is what the kids can climb upon.

You then have a mini climbing obstacle- make sure to surround the chairs with pillows, blankets or even sofa cushions to create a soft landing in case of any falls.

You could even create a more 'authentic' soft play if you have a couple of sofa stools you can push together and use to extend a sofa, creating your very own soft play climbing area!

Den building!

Use a tent or two chairs facing outwards with a big space in between them, covered with a large sheet to create your very own den.

You can then get the kids to fill the space with different cushions, blankets, their favourite books and even some of their favourite toys to personalise the space.

Some added fun for any great indoor play areas!

Mini trampoline park

Have a mini kids trampoline or your very own mini exercise trampoline? Then you could make your very own indoor trampoline park!

Get the trampoline and surround it with soft pillows or sofa cushions to create a safe environment for your mini jumpers who can have fun all whilst they jump for joy in their very own mini indoor trampoline area.

Make your own ball pit

Have your paddling pool lying around somewhere? Pump it up and make your very own ball pit!

Leave enough space for the pool, pump and then fill with plastic balls if you have any at home.

If you have any mini play equipment such as a mini plastic slide, you could even put this in the pool for your little ones to slide down!

Don't worry if you don't have any balls, however- instead, fill the pool with soft cuddly toys and pillows to make a comfy play area.

Snack break!

Remember the nibbles I mentioned earlier? Well, what would an indoor soft play area be without its snack station?

Create your very own snack and soft drink cafe by finding your favourite treats (maybe your favourite fruits and a little naughty sweet treat) and drinks at home and design a space where the kids can enjoy and refuel.

Music time

To top it off, every great indoor soft play kids area should also have a great music playlist! Get your kids moving and grooving to their favourite songs whilst they play by creating your own online playlist on YouTube.

And that's it! Why not try to DIY your very own indoor soft play? Have fun!



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