65 Creative Clown Names That Will Leave You Chuckling

These clown names are really funny.

Clowns are often happy go lucky and super funny characters.

There is almost a cultural fascination with clowns. They have got much attention in films recently and they are also considered as the first comedians to have worked purely to make us laugh.

A clown represents laughter, playfulness, and happiness, so a good name for a clown will spread laughter and happiness among people. It should be a name that will always bring a smile to your face.

If you are struggling to find clown names for your new characters, whether that be in a game, a book or a film, we have loads of ideas for you on this list. We hope you find the perfect one for your new clown character!

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Clown Names For Boys

Are you struggling to find the best clown name for a boy? If you are looking for a clown name that sparks laughter in the room and smiles on faces, one of these funny clown names could be your best pick.

1 . Alfie (Old English origin) meaning "wise".

2 . Auguste (German origin) clown means "majestic."

3 . Badin (Arabic origin) clown means "light-hearted".

4 . Bobo (Spanish origin) clown means "crazy, stupid".

5 . Chester (Old English origin) meaning "camp, fortress"

6 . Dumpty, is a popular egg-shaped character in the nursery rhyme 'Humpty Dumpty'.

7 . Eckles (English Origin) meaning "woodpecker."

8 . Ernie (German origin) clown name that means "serious."

9 . Glitterbug clown means "a handsome man."

10 . Hano (Japanese origin) meaning ''leafy field."

11 . Jester (English origin) "one who tells amusing and funny stories".

12 . KnickKnack, is a popular clown name that means "an object of decoration."

13 . Loko (Spanish origin) clown name means "foolish or insane person."

14 . Loppy (English origin) clown name meaning "awkward".

15 . Patches (English origin) clown name means "different than others."

16 . Pierrot (French origin) this is another word for "clown" in French.

17 . Shalimar (Sanskrit origin) means " abode of love".

18 . Shorty, this name is perfect for a little clown.

19 . Skip (American origin) meaning "sea captain."

20 . Skittles (Danish origin) name created after the candy "skittle."

21 . Waldo (English origin) meaning "God's power."

22 . Yobo (Korean origin) clown name that means ''darling.''

Clown Names For Girls

For female clown names take a look at this list.

Whilst some people can't stop laughing at clowns, others fear them. This is known as coulrophobia. For clown names that are terrifyingly funny, take a look at these clown names for girls.

23 . Ah-Choo (Russian origin) means "the sound of a sneeze".

24 . Binky (American origin) means "bringing relief".

25 . Buttercup (English origin) clown name, meaning "yellow wildflower."

26 . Calamity (Latin origin) means "disaster".

27 . Candy (Arabic origin) means "a sweet and sticky food."

28 . Coco (English origin) meaning, "chocolate bean.".

29 . Cupcake (English origin) meaning "sweet and happy."

30 . Daffy (Greek origin) meaning "laurel tree."

31 . Daisy (Old English origin) this clown name is inspired by the daisy flower.

32 . Dimple (Hindi origin) a clown character name meaning "happy."

33 . Giggles (English origin) a clown character name that means "laughter."

34 . Harley Quinn, was character in the film 'Batman'.

35 . Luna (Spanish origin) this clown character name means "moon."

36 . Molly (American origin) a clown name meaning "wished for child."

37. Smeraldina (Latin origin) a clown name meaning "bright greenstone." This could make a great evil clown name.

38 . Sunshine (English origin) a name that denotes "sun."

39 . Wally (English origin) a clown name that means "fool."

Gender Neutral Clown Names

Choosing a clown name is really fun. From popular scary clown names like Twisty The Clown and The Joker which can be found in horror films and TV shows, to funny circus clown names, we have loads of ideas to inspire you.  Here are some of the best gender neutral clown names!

40 . Chubby (English origin) this clown character name means "cute and heavy".

41 . Daffy (Greek Origin) a clown character name meaning "laurel tree."

42 . Diger, this clown name means "creative".

43 . Dumpling (English origin) is a clown character name that means "term of endearment."

44 . GoGo (Slavic origin) a clown name meaning "mountain", or "the man."

45 . Happy (American origin) this clown character name means "joyful".

46 . Jimbo, this clown character name is an American nickname for the name Jim.

47 . Joey (Hebrew origin) a great clown character name meaning "God will add up."

48 . Jojo (African origin) this clown name means "Sunday."

49 . Koko (Japanese origin) this clown name means "stork."

50 . LaLa (Bulgarian origin) this clown name means "tulip."

51 . Lollypop (Romany origin) this clown name means "sweet."

52 . Lucky (American origin) this circus clown name means "fortunate."

53 . Noodles (German origin) means "leadership quality".

54 . Pickles (Anglo Saxon origin) this funny clown name will make your character the star of the show.

55 . Pumpkin (Greek origin) clown name that means "sweetheart".

56 . Smarty Pants, is a clown name that means "clever."

57 . Smiley (Old English origin) a clown name you might find in a horror film, meaning "grin."

58 . Toodles, is a clown name that means "goodbye." This could make a great evil clown name!

59 . Yoyo (Chinese origin) this clown name means "friendly".

Famous Clown Names

Here is a list of famous clown names of clown characters who were loved for their funny (or sometimes evil) nature and their ability to make us all laugh. Why not pick one of these names for the star of your new book, game or film?

60 . Grock, is known as the King of Clowns, he was an acrobat who joined the circus in 1903.

61 . Pennywise, this is the name of the clown in 'It'. If you choose to name your character after this clown in 'It' name, beware: this horror character is really scary!

62 . Bozo, a clown created for children's entertainment, he was hugley popular.

63 . Ronald McDonald, is a clown that represents fast food chain McDonald's, the character was created by Willard Scott.

64. Krusty, Krusty is the name of the clown in 'The Simpsons'.

65. Lou Jacobs, he was a clown in the circus for more than 60 years.

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