Crocky Trail: A Terrifyingly Fun Day Out

Happy kids enjoying nature walking through Crocky Trail.

In Cheshire, the Crocky Trail is a park your entire family will enjoy exploring.

The outdoor adventure playground offers rides, slides and even a stream to cross. Located in Waverton, outside Chester, the trail is open from Easter to Halloween, as well as at weekends and during the school holidays, even in winter.

The Crocky Trail Chester has two parts, the park and the trail, which means the entire family will find something to enjoy. Kids under five go free, and even dogs are allowed in (on a lead, of course) which means absolutely everyone is truly included!

Things to do at Crocky Trail

The Crocky Trail offers two types of fun: the Park and the Rides. You could easily spend a whole day here, to explore everything, it is recommended to allow at least four hours.

Following the mile-long trail, you’ll walk through the park and come across scary rides like the giant slides and wheels including the spider trap and spinning disk. As you make your way around the trail, you’ll be able to stop and enjoy attractions such as the sandpit diggers, the flying saucer and mazes.

The entire family will also have to cross the wobbly bridge over the Crocky Stream. Try not to fall in!

The trail is a handy loop, so you’ll finish your adventure right back at the entrance.

For a great visit to Crocky Trail, wear shoes with good grip (it can get slippery) and avoid open-toes and sandals. Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats on sunny days, as well as longer shorts to avoid chafing if you plan on going on all the rides. A change of clothing and shoes is also a good idea, nobody wants to ride home cold and wet.

Young boy walking down steps exploring at Crocky Trail.
Image ©The Crocky Trail Facebook

Food And Drinks

Crocky Bites offers snacks and drinks and there is even an ice cream parlour called Kelly's Ice Cream Scoop Bar. The food on offer varies, with more options during the Summer Holidays. The autumn/winter seasons have limited food options.

You can also bring a picnic! It’s actually encouraged and there are loads of spaces to eat, be it laid out on the grass, sat on a bench or even in the covered seating areas. Do remember to bring drinks as you follow the trail, especially on a hot summer's day.

Where Is The Crocky Trail?

Address: The Crocky Trail Ltd, Cotton Abbotts, Waverton, Chester,CH3 7PH

How To Get There

Crocky Trail Postcode: CH3 7PH

Crocky Trail has free parking for all visitors. The car park is located right beside the start of the trail so that you can go back to your car if you’ve forgotten something or if you want to pick up your lunch after you've completed the trail.

Public transport is also available from Chester. Buses 41, 41A and 41B from the Railway Station go to Waverton Village. It’s only a ten minute walk to the trail from there.


There are changing rooms and toilets at Crocky Trail so you will be able to get out of your wet clothes and into warm and dry outfits without a problem if you run afoul of a wet English summer day.


Kids under five go free (with access to limited rides).

Entry for youngsters (up to 21) with full access is £15.

An adult pass (with limited access) is £10.

A group of young people (10 people or more) costs £13 per person.

Adult groups (10 people or more) cost £8 per person.

Little girl wearing a bow in her hair smiling and holding a flower.

COVID precautions

Crocky Trail is open, and all the rides and activities can be enjoyed without restrictions. Due to COVID-19, you will need to make a booking for one of the three daily sessions. The morning slot is from 9.30am to 12, the midday slot from 12.30pm to 3pm and the final session from 3.30pm to 6pm. You can only book online, but it is generally fine to book last minute.

There are only two types of tickets available at the moment: under 5s (free) and 5+ and adults (£10).

Tickets are not transferable between slots so make sure to get there on time, and you will have to leave by the end of the session.

For more information, you can contact Crocky Trail on Facebook and Twitter, or give them a call:  01244 335520




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