30 Crocodile Puns And Alligator Puns That Will Croc Your World

A baby crocodile on the beach.

Crocodiles and alligators are giants of the reptile world, and it's easy to see why.

With armor-plated skin covered in spikes called scutes, and a fearsome jaw that can snap closed on its prey they are a force to be reckoned with, but there are some differences between the two. Although it can vary between sub-species the main differences are in size and appearance.

Male alligators, for example, can be up to 3.4 meters long, compared to 2.6 meters for a female. Male alligators could also reach half a ton in weight. Appearance-wise it's all in the snout. A crocodile snout is pointed and V-shaped, while an alligator snout is wider and u-shaped in appearance. Whichever snout is sniffing out some dinner, you can be sure it will be a meaty feast, as crocodiles and alligators both enjoy fish, birds, frogs, and some mammals that lurk near the water's edge.

These real-life beasts might be scary to look at but have no fear we've found their funny sides. Join us on a journey through some alligator puns, and funny crocodile one-liners that all ages will enjoy. We've found some short and snappy funny lines the kids can use next time they have friends over, and some longer puns for all the budding comedians out there.

If you manage to work through all this list and your kids are up for some more fun, just type jokes, puns, or riddles into the Kidadl search box and see what comes up. Choose from hilarious chicken puns or maybe some dinosaur jokes, the animals may be extinct, but their comedic value isn't!

Funny Crocodile Puns

Your friends will be crying crocodile tears of laughter with these funny puns.

1. My favorite music is by Spandau Croc-quet.

2. Let's play some scrabble, I just need to get the croc-a-tiles.

3. Have you heard of the guy they nicknamed 'King of the Wild Frontier'. His name was Davy Croc-kett.

4. If a crocodile never admits he is wrong, he must be in de-nile.

5. Some people like to play croc-quet.

6. A crocodile tried to copy a rooster to wake his friends one morning, he went croc-a-doodle do.

7. You are really talented. You should join a punk-croc band.

8. I like you, you croc my world.

9. Did you hear about the croc calling the frog? He just croc-o-dialled.

10. How about the stylish female crocodile, she's every inch a frock-o-dile.

11. It's just a lot of croc 'n' roll.

12. The weather's getting colder, I really fancy some hot croc-o-late.

A small green wooden toy crocodile.

Snappy Alligator Puns

Just like these cold-blooded reptiles, these gator puns have some bite!

13. Whichever gator stole all the food, we'll catch the crook-a-dile.

14. If you need a mystery-solving, just call an in-vesti-gator.

15. When alligators need energy, they just slug down some gator-ade.

16. Have you seen the gators on skateboards, they are great alli-skaters.

17. If you ever need directions, call for a navi-gator.

18. That alligator took great photos, he was a bit of a snapper.

19. Alligators ask lots of questions, they'd make great interri-gators.

20. If you need to share out your to-do list, just be a dele-gator.

21. When a girl saw a sad alligator at the zoo she asked him; hey are you cai-man?

22. I told the other alligator to stay outside, he cai-man anyway.

Short And Funny Crocodile Puns

These funny phrases themed around crocodiles and gators can easily be fitted into a conversation. How many funny crocodile puns from this collection can you use in one go?

23. If the snap fits.

24. Snap-hoc

25. 28 days gator.

26. Thank me gator.

27. I'm from Gator-Manchester.

28. Wish you a snappy birthday.

29. Celebrate until the croc-of dawn.

30. See ya all gator.



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