Cupcake Bath Bomb Recipe That Looks Good Enough To Eat

If you’re a fan of bath bombs and love cupcakes, why not pamper yourself to the best of both worlds?

If you’re a fan of bath bombs and love cupcakes, why not pamper yourself to the best of both worlds?

Children (and adults!) love relaxing in lush, bubble baths and it’s even better when they’re unique. Novelty bath bombs have become more popular, with different ‘culinary’ creations, sizes and fragrances, making bath times more exciting.

So what are bath bombs? Well, they are exactly that! The solid balls are designed to ‘explode’ by fizzing and foaming as they are dropped into the bathwater. Thanks to its main ingredients of baking soda and citric acid, these help to create the fizzing reaction, creating those soft, velvety bubbles. Depending on the size and shape of the bath delight, you will only need to use a little piece to create huge bubbles and save the rest for future bath times.

Not only do bath bombs make an attractive addition to our baths, but fills the room with a heavenly fragrance. It also has the added benefit of being non-toxic, compared to the majority of shop-bought bubbles that are loaded with harmful chemicals. Home-made bath bombs are easy to make, cheap and a fun craft project for children 8 years and over (with adult supervision!).

Follow this simple guide to making yummy-looking, cupcake bath bombs that are the perfect bath time treat.

Cupcake Bath Bomb Recipe

Ingredients for the bath bomb:

Baking soda (300g)

Citric acid (100g)

Colouring - can be food, cosmetic or soap liquid colours. Or powders. (200g)

Fragrance or essential oil of your choice (10g)

For ‘icing’

White melt or pour soap base (200g) for whipped soap frosting

What you need:

A large mixing bowl

Kitchen scales

Small saucepan

A spray water bottle (optional)

Electric mixer

Cupcake soap moulds

Paper cupcake cases

A piping bag (optional)

Step-by-step guide for bath bomb:

1.    First, mix the bicarbonate of soda and the citric acid in the bowl. Ensure you mix thoroughly until you have a consistent texture.

2.    Add in drops of liquid food or cosmetic/soap colouring to make the exact shade you want. Mix in quickly to avoid it fizzing up in the bowl. There is also the option of powder colouring that does not add moisture.

3.    Now it’s time to make it smell heavenly! Measure your fragrance or essential oil of your choice. Bear in mind, if you choose a citrus oil it may cause the mixture to fizz but this can be avoided by continuously mixing.

4.    Spray a little water during your mixing task to get the right texture. Be careful not to add too much water. You’ll need just enough for the mixture to hold firmly together when lightly squeezed.

5.    Get your cupcake moulds and compress the mixture firmly into each mould. Leave a slightly raised or dome shape at the top to resemble a real cupcake!

6.    Get your timer out and leave to dry for 30-40 minutes.

7.    Once dry, take them out of the mould and place each into a cupcake case, leaving space for the all-important ‘icing’.

Step-by-step guide for the ‘icing’:

1.    In the saucepan, melt your soap base over low-medium heat.

2.    Get your electric whisk to whisk into a light texture until it becomes smooth like shaving cream. If you want to thicken it, you can use an emulsifier or dissolve salt into it.

3.    You can add a few drops of essential oils but this is optional.

4.    Before it sets completely, spoon your airy ‘icing’ onto the tops of each cupcake. If you want to adventurous, you can use an icing pipe to apply it onto your cupcake tops.  If you want to decorate your cupcake ‘toppings’, put some cosmetic glitter in a pepper shaker and shake a layer over it before it sets. You can also experiment with pretty decoration moulds for various shapes, sprinkles, flower petals or coloured ‘noodles’.

5.    Allow it to cool and set.

And there you have your perfect cupcake bath bombs, ready to create soothing baths with!

Helpful tips to create the perfect cupcake bath bomb:

Cupcake Bath Bomb Recipe

Cupcake bath bombs can make beautiful gifts. Place your ‘cupcakes’ in lovely gift boxes or better still, one with a clear cover that makes them even more convincing!

If your bath bomb starts crumbling, don’t worry! This is likely due to a lack of moisture in the mixture. If your mixture is too dry, try adding more water or more oil to moisten it and then let them sit again to dry out.

Don’t use too much essential oil in your recipe. This can cause the bath bombs to remain too soft and not harden properly.

Storing your home-made cupcake bath bombs is equally important. Wrap in plastic wrap before you store in a dry, dark cool place. Try not to expose your bath bombs to extreme temperatures like a steamy bathroom or direct sunlight. This can affect the consistency causing it to dry out or worse still, lose its fizz!

Cupcake Bath Bomb Recipe

Just like our food storage, bath bomb ingredients also come with an expiry date. The average shelf life span is recommended six months before it starts losing its effectiveness.

Witch hazel helps the essential oils bind together to the bombs and also provides a strong fragrance.

After a day with active children, a lavender essential oil in bath bombs creates a calming effect and helps relax the mind and body. An ideal way to prepare the little ones for bedtime!  



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