100+ Cute And Feminine Last Names

Last names are a means of family identification and give a sense of responsibility.

If you are looking for a way to trace your roots, your last name is a good place to start.

Choosing a first name is undoubtedly important when creating a character, but last names mustn't be forgotten too. That is why we have compiled a list of the best feminine last names, to inspire you when creating and naming your own characters.

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Common Feminine Surnames

A perfect last name should express the personality of a person

From inventive last names to titles that befit sovereignty, we've made a list of the best family last names for girls. Some of these last names are so beautiful that they can even be used as first names too!  Which name will you choose for your new character?

1. Aban (Arabic origin) means "clear".

2. Ai (Japanese origin) means "love, affection". This name is one of the best Japanese surnames for a girl with a sparkling smile.

3. Alecia (English origin) means "noble or nobility".

4. Aliz (Hungarian origin) means "noble, graceful and honest".

5. Alva (Latin origin) means "fair ". A royal last name that can be used for your characters' first names as well.

6. Annesley (English origin) means "clearing with a hermitage". This fancy last name is one of the best last names for girls with floral first names such as Rose or Daisy.

7. Aquila (English origin) means "an eagle".

8. Bao (Chinese origin)means "gem, treasure, precious, rare". This name is one of the most beautiful last names for girls.

9. Bijou (French origin) means "jewels". Among the top French last names for a girl with black hair.

10. Bloom (English origin) means "a flower or a blossom". A perfect girls' last name for a cute baby girl character.

11. Bo (Swedish/Danish origin) means "to live".

12. Chante (Latin origin) means "being sung". This name is a classy last names for tall girls.

13. Cher (French origin) means "darling or beloved". A French last name for girls with hazel eyes.

14. Chin (English origin) means "dweller by the ravine". A beautiful last name for girls with a fun loving nature.

15. Crassus (Roman origin) means "rich or wealthy". This name is used by a high class family, making it a fancy last name.

16. Deja (French and Spanish origin) means "once before, already, or remembrance". This last name would also make a cool, modern first name for a girl.

17. Esme (French origin) means "beloved". A French last name for a little girl who is fond of her sister.

18. Fa (Chinese origin) means "beginning".

19. Fang (Chinese origin) means "square" or "four sided".

20. Fawn (English origin) means "a young deer". It has pleasantness and honesty and is related to nature.

21. Guo (Chinese origin) means "fortification" or "a wall that surrounds a city".

22. Ice (English origin) means frozen water". A perfect feminine name for a cute girl.

23. Ilaria (English origin) means "cheerful and humorous".

24. Joy (French origin) means "pleasure", "delight" and "happiness". You can offer it to your character with the expectation that she spreads joy any place she goes.

25. Julie (French origin) means "youthful". This is one of the best French surnames for girls who are fond of chocolates.

26. Love (English origin) means "tenderness and warmth". This is among the cutest feminine last names.

27. Mayhem (English origin) means "chaos and mischief". A perfect last name for a person who causes trouble.

28. Raven (English origin) means "blackbird".

29. Ripley (English origin) means "from the field".

30. Rooney (Gaelic origin) means "red haired".

31. Rose (Latin origin) means  "rose, a flower".

32. Sinclair (French origin) means "pure, renowned, illustrious". This name is one of our favorite French last names for cute girls.

33. Tiara (Greek origin) means "Queen or head of Persian Kings". One of the cool last names for girls.

34. Tremaine (Celtic origin) means "from the town made up of stone", among the feminine sounding last names that would suit a cute girl with sparkling eyes.

35. Vanda (German origin) means "wanderer". A good last name for a girl.

36. Vera (Russian origin) means "truth", "faith" or "summer".

37. Verbeck (Dutch origin) means "from the creek".

38. Violet (English origin) means "color" or "the flower". A girl's last name that might be perfect for you characters.

39. Vivian (Greek origin) means "living", "lively" and "life".

40. York (English origin) means "from the estate". A top family name used by a family who loves traveling.

Rare Feminine Surnames

A unique name will make your characters stand out, alongside their great first name.

An important element nowadays, with regards to naming characters, is uniqueness. There are many good last names such as Smith and Johnson which are very common. So why not choose a last name for your character that is strong and practical but also unique? Some of the rarest last names are Tartar, Throndsen, Torsney, Tuffin, Usoro and Vanidestine If you are looking for the most unique and rarest feminine surnames we have put together this list for you.

41. Anastasia (Greek origin) means "resurrection". More commonly known as a first name, this name makes a rare surname for any character.

42. Angelica (Latin origin) means "angel". The top girl's last name can be used as the first name.

43. Antoinette (Latin origin) means "praiseworthy".

44. Arel (Hebrew origin) means "angel of fire". This name can also be used as a first name.

45. Autumn (Latin origin) means "to fall from a height"

46. Ayala (Hebrew origin)  means "doe".

47. Bellamy (French and English origin) means "beautiful friend". This name is one of the top French last names for families.

48. Caledonia (Latin origin) means "hard or rocky land".

49. Candidal (Latin origin) means "dazzling white, bright, glowing light". This name is one of the top last names for girls living in rural areas.

50. Enna (Irish origin) means "awe, fear, or terror". A unique girls' last name that can also be used for first names.

51. Estefania (Spanish or Greek origin) means "crown or garland".

52.  Eva (Latin origin) means "living life at fullest". This name is one of the top feminine surnames for people living in the countryside.

53. Evangeline (Greek origin) means "good news or a bringer of good news".

54. Gabriella (Hebrew origin) means "God's strength".

55. Jamille (African origin) means "beautiful".

56. Kenna (Scottish origin) means "born of fire" or "handsome".

57. Kylie (American origin) means "intelligent, graceful and beautiful".

58. Mila (Russian origin) means "gracious".

59. Olivia (Latin origin) means "a symbol of peace".

60. Opal (Sanskrit origin) means “gem".

61. Quinn (Irish origin) means "counsel".

62. Rojas (Spanish origin) means "red".

63. Sullivan (Irish origin) means "dark eyed".

64. Swayze (English origin) means "famous real life people ".

65. Tinsley (English origin) means "shiny metallic tree trimming".

66. Valencia (Valentinus origin) means "brave, firm, or healthy".

67. Valentina (Roman origin) means "healthy, strong". This name is a top Roman last name for girls living near the coast.

68. Winslet (English origin) means  "Wynn's stream".

69. Wrigley (English origin) means "to strive".

70. Yancy (American origin) means "Englishman".

More Feminine Surnames

If you still haven't found the feminine surname that you are looking for on this list, then we might be able to help here. This list contains our favorite feminine surnames, perfect for any characters or families.

71. Agustina (Latin origin) means "grand, majestic".

72. Althea (Greek origin) means "wholesome".

73. Bowie (Scottish origin) means "yellow".

74. Campbell (Scottish origin) means "crooked mouth".

75. Clara (Latin origin) means "famous or brilliant".

76. Collier (English origin) means "one that produces charcoal".

77. Davina (Scottish origin) means "beloved or friend".

78. Della (German origin) means "noble".

79. Eleanor (Greek origin) means "shining light". This is among the most popular first names for girls, that would also make a bold choice as a character's surname.

80. Faye (English origin) means "fairy or loyalty and belief".

81. Halston (English origin) means "holy stone".

82. Hathaway (English origin) means  "war warrior". One of the top surnames, thanks to actress Anne Hathaway.

83. Ines (Portuguese origin) "pure".

84. Irene (Greek origin) means "peace".

85. Julietta (Latin origin) means "Jove’s child".

86. Katz (German origin) means "Priest of justice".

87. Lana (Slavic origin) means "light".

88. Linnea (Swedish origin) means "a twinflower or lime tree". This top name comes from the name of celebrated Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.

89. Lucia (Latin origin) means "light or illumination".

90. Madden (Irish origin) means "little dog"

91. Merritt (English origin) means "from the boundary gate".

92. Milagros (Spanish origin) means "miracle or wonder".

93. Murphy (Irish origin) means "sea warrior".

94. Nadia (Slavic origin) means "hope". One of the surnames on this list that can also be used as first names.

95. Orianna (Latin origin) means "dawn, golden".

96. Reeve (English origin) means "around something".

97. Reveka (Hebrew origin) means "captivating".

98. Rooney (Gaelic origin) means "descendant of Ruanaidh".

99. Shayna (Yiddish origin) means "beautiful".

100. Shirina (American origin) means "love song".

101. Smith (English origin) means "a person who makes or repairs metal objects"

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