40 Cute Calico Cat Names For Your Kitten

Calico cats deserve lovely names.

Calico cats are rare and beautiful.

Your calico cat needs a the perfect name that will suit him or her and will make you smile whenever you see your beautiful calico kitten. This list of 40 of the best calico cat names might be able to help you find the perfect one!

Male calico cats in particular, are extremely rare. A study was carried by the University of Missouri's College of Veterinary Medicine, which estimated that there is only one male calico cat out of every 3000 calico cats, meaning that nearly 99.9% of calicos are female. This is because of the gorgeous cat's unique genetic makeup. The hereditary determination of coat colors in calico cats is connected to the X chromosomes, to be calico a female cat must have the calico gene on both X chromosomes. Male cats normally only have one X chromosome so it is not possible for them to be calico. The one in 3000 chance is that a male cat, due to a genetic abnormality may sometimes have three chromosomes (two X and one Y). If both of his X chromosomes carry the calico gene then he too will be a calico cat.

In the United States Of America, these calico cats are also called Money Cats because there is a belief that these calicos lead their owners towards a good and fortunate life. Calicos are independent, sassy and audacious, but they can also be very sweet, loving, caring and loyal too. They are certainly friendly! Here are some of the most elegant names for cats, more precisely for calico cats, for you to choose from.

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The Best Calico Cat Names

Calico cats have patches on their body in reddish-orang, orange, black and white or even brown, red, and caramel colors. Some may also look like a tiger with stripes on their body. There are different characteristics and different patterns for different calico cats. Here are some names for calico cats that we think you will love.

1 . Ailbe (Irish origin) means "white"

2 . Dillon (Irish Origin) means "a flicker of lighting"

3 . Dubh (Irish Origin) means "black"

4 . Gorm (Irish Origin) means "murky blue"

5 . Macushla (Irish Origin) means "beloved"

6 . Mal (Irish Origin) means "chief"

7 . Mosach (Irish Origin) means "shaggy"

8 . Quigley (Irish Origin) means "hairy"

9 . Quinn (Irish Origin) means "wisdom"

10 . Pusheen (Irish Origin) means "Kitten"

Royal Calico Cat Names

Find royal names for a female calico cat here.

Many people are fond of keeping royal names for a calico cat. These names can be taken from history, such as the name of a Queen, a ruler, or a famous place that has importance in history. Here are some royal names for calico kittens.

11 . Amenhotep (Egypt Origin) an Egyptian Pharaoh

12 . Cleopatra (Egypt Origin)  a famous Egyptian Queen

13 . Hatshepsut (Egypt Origin) the second historically female Pharaoh

14 . Menes (Egypt Origin) an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh

15 . Merneith (Egypt Origin) a consort of Ancient Egypt

16 . Nefertiti (Egypt Origin) an Egyptian Queen

17 . Pharaoh (Egypt Origin) means "Egyptian word to describe a ruler"

18 . Ramses (Egypt Origin) an Egyptian Pharaoh

19 . Sobekneferu (Egypt Origin) a female Pharaoh

20 . Thutmose (Egypt Origin) the third Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt

21 . Tutankhamun (Egypt Origin) the famous Egyptian Pharaoh

22 . Twosret (Egypt Origin) the final Pharaoh of Egypt

Irish Names For Calico Cats

Here are some of the sweet, most unique, and most popular calico cat names for a calico cat. These names for calico cats are all of Irish origin, perfect for your cute fluffy calico cat.

23 . Aoife (Irish Origin) this cute name means "joyful"

24 . Brianna (Irish Origin) means "noble"

25 . Caoimhe (Irish Origin) means "gentle"

26 . Colm (Irish Origin) means "dove"

27 . Conan (Irish Origin) means "little warrior"

28 . Conor (Irish Origin) means "a lover of hounds"

29 . Donal (Irish Origin) means "mighty"

30 . Fergal (Irish Origin) means "brave"

31 . Kayleigh (Irish Origin) means "slim and fair"

32 . Lorcan (Irish Origin) means "little fierce one"

33 . Maeve (Irish Origin) means "a bringer of joy"

34 . Niamh (Irish Origin) means "radiance"

35 . Nessa (Irish Origin) means "not gentle"

36 . Orlagh (Irish Origin) means "gold"

37 . Roisin (Irish Origin) means "a little rose"

38 . Ronan (Irish Origin) means "a little seal"

39 . Shannon (Irish Origin) means "a wise river"

40 . Shay (Irish Origin) means "hawk-like"

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