60 Cute Cowboy Names For Your Baby

Your cowboy baby will be the talk of the town with these lovely names

From the American Old West to the Wild West, each moment stands in America's history pages, filling our culture with exciting and unbelievable stories.

The macho looking and rugged styled famous cowboys carried an aura full of power, courage, adventurism, and self-dependence. The folklore's legendary characters were a big inspiration for good old American flicks.

The unique and tough sounding baby names have the flair of Western wilderness, and these names became famous, courtesy of the handsome looking cowboys and the sheriffs of the 19th century. You will find the western boy names originating from the old western folktales, legends, and other fictitious shenanigans while reading below. Put on your famous cowboys' hat, leather metal studded jackets and rancher boots, and hop on to your very own steed to enjoy the fun filled ride of finding old western names for your baby boy.

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Perfect Names For Famous Cowboys

Knee high leather boots and hat wearing cowboys relate to stories of machismo and heroic acts. These horse riding handsome and adventurous boys are always close to nature, following their tradition for ages. You too can get the flavour of the same by naming your little one inspired by the wild west! Fish out perfect names for famous cowboys from the list given below.

1.  Ames (Latin word) the name means "to love."

2.  Angus (Irish origin) a shortened form of "Augustus."

3.  Arizona (Native American origin) meaning "a small spring."

4.  Ashley (English origin) means "a field of ash trees."

5.  Austin (Anglo-Saxon origin) denotes "something great."

6.   Beau (Latin origin) meaning " being sweet and cute-looking".

7.   Billy (English origin) meaning "unyielding safety," fits well for your cowboy baby.

8.  Blaze (Old English origin) meaning " a blazing fire".

9.  Buck (Germanic origin) cowboy name meaning a "high spirited male deer."

10.  Caleb (Biblical origin) meaning "faithful, full hearted, brave" perfect name that fits for your little cowboy.

11.  Chester (Old English origin) names connote the "walled town of western England."

12.  Clayton (English origin) means a "silver tongued talker".

13.  Cody (Irish origin) that denotes "being a caring individual."

14.  Colt (Swedish origin) means "a highly spirited young horse" signifying the old west's gun slinger days.

15.  Dakota (North American origin) meaning of “ being a friendly individual".

16.  Dallas (Latin origin) means "wise individual".

17.  Denver (Old English origin) is a perfect choice for your treasure hunter, and a vintage name for the place during the (in)famous Gold Rush, where men flocked to California in search of gold.

18.  Ezekiel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's strength".

19.  Ford (Germanic origin) means a "shallow portion in the river-bed."

20.   Galen (English origin) means "being calm."

Unique Cowboy Names

'The Cowboys' starred some of the finest of Hollywood actors. Some were the connoisseurs of the Wild West movies, while the others were debuts, based upon four main male protagonists, namely, John Wayne (William “Wil” Andersen), Roscoe Lee Browne (Jedediah “Jeb” Nightlinger), Slim Pickens (Anse Peterson), and Bruce Dern (Asa “Long Hair” Watts).  Generate your unique and famous cowboy name from the list below without delay.

Cowboy names are great fun

21.  Garret (French origin) name of cowboy means "a spear's strength."

22.  Graham (English origin)amalgamation of two powerful words– "grand" denoting "stones" and "ham" is for "a farm."

23.  Guy (English origin)is an edgy and a macho name, meaning "a leader," this is one for your cool and composed cowboy.

24.  Handley (Old English origin) the name means "in the high".

25.  Hank (Hebrew origin) denotes "the merciful Lord."

26.  Homer (Greek word) means "to pledge".

27.  James (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "supplanter".

28.  Jeremy (Old English origin) name of cowboy that denotes 'God raises.'

29.  Jesse (Biblical origin) one of the cool western names that denotes " the father of David."

30.  Josh (Hebrew origin) means "being in salvation."

Cowboy Names Inspired By The Wild West

The much-glamorized and rugged-looking cowboys of the West venerates bravery and adventurism, topped with style. And, to make the same more happening, the much-preferred cowboy names are always on the go! Right from the cool-sounding ones like Levi and Wilder, we have all in one plate, to the bad-ass ones like Gunner and Ryder. Cherry-pick your favourite names for cowboys inspired by the Wild West.

Boy with cowboy hat

31.  Levi (Biblical origin) name of cowboy meaning "Jacob's son."

32.  Louis (French origin) a very popular name among French kings

33.  Maverick (Old English origin) this cowboy names means "a free-spirited soul."

34.  Morgan (Welsh origin) means "the vast ocean".

35.  Nash (Irish origin) is a cool name for your baby boy from the phrase "Atten-ash" means "in front of the Ash tree."

36.  Palmer (Latin word) meaning "palm-tree," a perfect match for your handsome cowboy.

37.  Pete (Greek origin) "Petros," connotes "rock-solid individual."

38.  Quentin (Roman origin) “Quintus," means " the number five," perfect for your cowboy born on the 5th day or the 5th month.

39.  Randy (German origin) the name is a great-sounding combination of words like, "rand" meaning "edgy," and "Wulf," telling "dire-wolf."

40.  Ray (English origin) one of the western names meaning "the bright beam of light".

Western Names For Cowboy

Are you aware of the most famous cowboys in the world? They were the leading cowboys, making their mark in America’s wild west frontier. The list is never ending, owing to their prominence and brave acts. And, we have come forward with a handful of them from various nations, having one thing in common – they all are well-acclaimed cowboys. Right from Will Rogers, Billy the Kid, Tom Ketchum to Don Bendell, Monty Montana, and Ben Johnson, they all carved a niche of their own. So, why not you join the race and select western names for your to-be cowboy?

41.  Reno (Spanish origin) meaning "renovation."

42.  Roy (Anglo origin) baby names, it was taken from "Ruadh," meaning "the colour red," and suits well for your little cowboy.

43.  Rufus (Middle English origin) "red-haired individual", the western names suits fine for your cute cowboy.

44.  Ryder (Old English origin) is a free-spirited western name meaning " the lover of the horse" or " a messenger".

45.  Sawyer (Old English origin) is a tough-sounding masculine baby names, meaning an individual "sawing the wood."

46.  Shane (Greek and Hebrew origin) is one of the baby names that was derived initially from Sean, it denotes "with all praise for the Lord".

47.  Skyler (Dutch origin) is catered from the word "a scholar".

48.  Toby (Greek origin) is judiciously used for both the sexes and a shortened version for "Tobias", it takes birth from the Greek name "Tobiah," meaning "God is good."

49.  Trevor (Welsh origin) and a shortened version of "Tref," the baby names connote "a hamlet" or from a "big community."

50.  Ty (Germanic origin) is one of the best no-nonsense shortened names for boys, it denotes "a place mostly traversed by antelopes."

51.  Vern (French origin) is a well-tweaked version of "Vernon," the baby names mean " a full-grown Alder tree".

52.  Virgil (Latin origin) the actual meaning indicates "to flourish," and also the famous Roman Poet's name for the Epic poem 'Aeneid.'

53.  Wade (Old English origin) this is one of the western names that mean "at the river-crossing."

54.  Walter (German origin) baby names, denoting the "rule of the armed forces," and caters to masculinity to your little hero.

55.  Warren (German origin) the name indicates " an animal enclosure."

56.  Wayne (Old English origin) Indicates a "chiselled craftsman".

57.  Wesley (Anglo-Norman origin) one of the baby names that refers to the "western direction" or the "westside meadow."

58.  West (Germanic origin) name indicates the “direction” of the rugged mountains.

59.  Zane (German origin) connotes the "Almighty being gracious," this is part of the baby names that fall under the contemporary category of the naughty little wonders' name-list.

60.   Zeb (Hebrew origin) names for boys, coining "Zebedee "or "Zebadiah"; means "being the sole part of the Almighty."

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