70+ Cute Food Names From Around The World

There are many foods around the world that have cute names.

Food inspired names are in trend since forever!

From companies to babies to pets, you won’t be surprised to find that many share their names with food items. Not only are food names popular, but there is also so much variety in them that they can still be unique!

If you’re looking for cute food names, you have come to the right place! We present to you a perfect list of the cutest names inspired by food items ranging from sweet fruits to savory dishes. You never know, you might find your favorite snack’s name on our list!

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Sweet Cute Food Names

If you have a sweet tooth and want to know a name that reflects your love for all things sweet- look at the list below.

1. Apple (English origin), an iron rich fruit. This cute name definitely tops our list.

2. Barfi (Indian origin), a dense sweet dish made from milk.

3. Candy (Latin origin), a sweet confection with loads of sugar.

4. Caramel (Hebrew origin), meaning “vineyard of God”. It is a confectionary made by heating sugar, butter, and cream.

5. Cherry (English origin), a red colored small fruit. It can be a cute pet name.

6. Honey (English origin), a sweet food substance.

7. Lolly (English origin), meaning “lollipop”.

8. Mochi (Japanese origin), tiny rice cakes that are central to Japanese culture.

9. Quince (French origin), a vitamin C rich yellow colored fruit.

10. Qulfi (Persian origin), a frozen sweet dish made from milk.

11. Peach (English origin), a sweet juicy fruit.

12. Sugar (Indian origin), a sweet table condiment extracted from sugarcane.

13. Vanilla (Spanish origin), meaning “little pod”.

Savory Cute Food Names

We have the cutest savory food names list for you. Take a look!

14. Barley (English origin), a cereal that is rich in fiber.

15. Brie (French origin), meaning “marshland”. It is a cheese made from cow’s milk.

16. Cinnamon (Ceylon origin), a fragrant spice. Cinnamon bun is a perfect name for a loved one!

17. Dill (German origin), aromatic culinary spice and herb with high medicinal properties.

18. Feta (Greek origin), a creamy, sharp cheese that is perfect in salads.

19. Kofta (Persian origin), a unique meatball found in South Asia and the Middle East.

20. Lime (Latin origin), a citrus fruit.

21. Naan (Persian origin), a unique flatbread from the South-East.

22. Nacho (Mexican origin), a crispy snack.

23. Penne (Italian origin), meaning “pen or feather”. It is a type of pasta.

24. Pepper (American origin), meaning “hot spice”. If you are a Marvel fan, Pepper is perfect for you!

25. Reuben (Hebrew origin), meaning “the eldest son of Jacob”. It is also the name of an American grilled meat sandwich.

26. Zea (Latin origin), meaning “wheat”.

27. Ziti (Italian origin), a kind of penne pasta.

Some of the savory food items have cute names as well.

Cutest Food Nicknames

Thinking of a new nickname for your beloved? Find your perfect name in our list below.

28. Berry (Irish origin), a small edible fruit.

29. Chip (English origin), a snack made of deep-fried potato.

30. Coco (American origin), meaning “a chocolate bean”. Perfect name for a cute little puppy.

31. Cookie (American origin), meaning “a sweet biscuit”.

32. Cupcake (American origin), a small cake meant to be served to a single person only.

33. Dumpling (English origin), are pieces of dough that are wrapped with filling.

34. Laddu (Indian origin), a spherical shaped delicious, sweet dish in India.

35. Marshmallow (English origin), a type of confectionary. This is probably the cutest name for your partner.

36. Melon (Latin origin), a family of sweet and fresh fruits.

37. Momo (Japanese origin), a south-eastern variant of dumpling. Probably the cutest name on our list.

38. Muffin (American origin), a small cake.

39. Nori (Japanese origin), an edible seaweed.

40. Olive (Latin origin), a fruit with high antioxidant properties.

41. Peanut (American origin), a legume crop with edible seeds.

42. Plum (English origin), a delicious fruit.

43. Pumpkin (American origin), a yellow or orange colored winter squash. Pumpkin is not only a cute nickname but also extremely popular.

44. Sushi (Japanese origin), a traditional Japanese dish.

45. Taffy (American origin), a type of candy.

46. Tofu (Chinese origin), a vegan food item like cheese.

Cute Food Names For Pets

Food inspired names are highly popular among pets. Here is a list of some name ideas!

47. Brownie (American origin), a popular chocolate dessert.

48. Caju (Portuguese origin), meaning “cashew”.

49. Cheese (Latin origin), a dairy product.

50. Fudge (German origin), a creamy confectionary made in America.

51. Ginger (English origin), a popular spice. Perfect name for your Ginger cat!

52. Mousse (French origin), meaning “foam”. It is a fluffy and creamy dessert having a foamy texture.

53. Soufflé (French origin), meaning “to breathe”. It is a sweet dish made from baked eggs.

54. Toffee (English origin), a sweet candy.

55. Truffle (French origin), a ball of chocolate ganache with cocoa dusting.

Cute food names are favorite among pet owners.

Unique Cute Food Names

If you are looking for a cute and unusual food inspired name, we have the perfect list for you. Look below!

56. Ceviche (Peruvian origin), the national dish of Peru.

57. Chia (Mexican origin), a kind of edible seeds.

58. Churro (Spanish origin), a pastry made by fried dough.

59. Dim Sum (Chinese origin), bite-sized food usually eaten with tea.

60. Fondue (French origin), Switzerland’s national dish.

61. Gnocchi (Italian origin), a traditional variety of pasta similar to dumplings.

62. Jamun (Indian origin), meaning “black plum”.

63. Kabab (Arabic origin), a roasted meat dish.

64. Kimchi (Korean origin), a Korean dish comprising pickled vegetables.

65. Kombu (Japanese origin), a popular edible seaweed in Oriental cuisine.

66. Maki (Japanese origin), a Sushi roll.

67. Mimosa (Latin origin), meaning “a tropical tree”. It is a popular cocktail usually made from orange.

68. Miso (Japanese origin), a traditional Japanese seasoning commonly used in soups.

69. Papita (Indian origin), meaning “papaya”.

70. Pavlova (Russian origin), an Australian dessert named after a Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.

71. Ravioli (Italian origin), pasta with filling inside.

72. Rosti (French origin), a famous Swiss dish made of potatoes.

73. Shabu (Japanese origin), a popular Japanese hotpot dish.

74. Taro (Japanese origin), a root vegetable.

75. Zucchini (Italian origin), summer squash with numerous health benefits.

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