100+ Cute Hawaiian Dog Names You'll Love

Hawaiian names are a great choice for your pet dog.

The unique Hawaiian language provides a gamut of interesting and beautiful dog names for your dog.

If you are interested in picking a Hawaiian name that means something beautiful like the sky, the ocean, or the stars this is the list for you. Choosing names for dogs based on nature like the beach and sky is a great idea; perhaps he or she is a Meli, "honey", a Mano, "shark", Aka, "shadow" or Kapena, "captain".

Hawaii boasts of rich heritage, including a fascinating culture and religion rooted deeply in tradition. From the beautiful landscape to interesting language, animals, people, and culture, Hawaii is a fascinating place. Hawaiian dog names also draw similar inspiration from nature. Hawaii is surrounded by volcanoes and rich with stories of mighty Gods. It is beautiful; it is also a powerful place because of its culture. The people of Hawaii are quite likable and easy-going.

Giving a name to your dog is a very personal experience. You want a name to portray the character and personality of the dog. The name you choose also conveys your personality as well. You will probably want to choose a name that is simple and that rolls off the tongue. If you are Hawaiian then choosing Hawaiian dog names could be a great reflection of your heritage. Or you could simply love and appreciate Hawaiian culture and therefore want to select a Hawaiian dog name. Hawaiian names are often fun and lyrical, some can be masculine and bold and others are feminine and beautiful. The best Hawaiian dog names are inspired by Hawaiian culture, history, art, food, Gods, and more. All you need to do is go through our list of Hawaiian dogs names and say "mahalo" to your perfect name

For more awesome and exciting pet names, please take a look at this list of Hawaiian pet names this list of nature dog names.

Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired By Hawaiian Nature

Nature is an important part of the state of Hawaii. Below are some Hawaiian dog names which bring this facet to the forefront.

1. Hau: This name means “snow”.

2. Hilo: This word refers to “new moon”.

3. Hoku: This signifies “star” in Hawaiian.

4. Kai: If your love is as deep as the sea, Kai is the perfect name for your dog. It means “sea”.

5. Kapua: It means “flower”.

6. Kukui: Again, very Hawaiian. Hawaii’s state tree is called “Kukui”.

7. Lo: Can’t be more Hawaiian. This is the name of the Hawk native to Hawaii.

8. Nalani: A blissful name for your dog. Nalani means “heavens”.

9. Nanu: This means “wave”. A cute Hawaiian dog name.

It would be wise to choose beach names for dogs for a lively pet.

Popular Hawaiian Dog Names

These are some Hawaiian dog names that are extremely popular. These Hawaiian names for pets can be commonly seen in Hawaii and elsewhere around the world.

10. Aloha: It means “hello” and “goodbye”.

11. Asera: A Hawaiian name meaning “lucky”.

12. Hula: A beautiful name meaning “dance”. Hula is a lovely name for your pet.

13. Hoku: It means “star” in Hawaiian.

14. Honolulu: After Hawaii’s capital. A good name for a dog.

15. Kaloni: This is Hawaiian for “sky”. Naming a pet after the sky is a great idea. Their love after all is as vast as the sky.

16. Kanaka: It means "human”. One of the more paradoxical dog names.

17. Keona: The perfect Hawaiian name for dogs. It means “God’s gift”.

18. Leilani: Fit for royalty. This term means “royal child”.

19. Loni: A Hawaiian name that is perfect. It means “heaven”.

20. Mahalo: It means “thank you”.

21. Makana: It means “gift”.

22. Maui: Named after the island in Hawaii.

23. Meli: “honey” is the meaning of this name. A lovely name for a small dog.

24. Noe: It means “rainy” in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Names For Female Dogs

'Wahine' in Hawaiian means female. Below are some beautiful Hawaiian girl dog names for your 'wahine' dog.

25. Akela: This name means “wisdom”.

26. Alana: This name means “awakening”.

27. Alamea: “precious” is the meaning of this name. Alamea (“precious”) is a very popular Hawaiian girl name that would also work for your pup.

28. Alani: Unique female Hawaiian name meaning “orange fruit tree”.

29. Alaula: One of the more beautiful Hawaiian terms meaning “sunrise”.

30. Aolani: “heavenly cloud” is the meaning of this name. Aolani ("heavenly cloud") is a very beautiful Hawaiian pet dog name.

31. Ewalani: One of the best Hawaiian female dog names. It means “woman from heaven”.

32. Halia: This name means “fond remembrance”.

33. Inoki: The name Inoki in Hawaiian means “devoted”.

34. Kaila: For the dogs with style. It means “stylish” in Hawaiian.

35. Kaiolohia: This means “calm of the sea”.

36. Kalea: This name means “bright” in Hawaiian.

37. Kamea: It means “one and only”.

38. Kalia: It means “beloved”.

39. Kiele: This means “precious blossom”.

40. Kona: This means “lady” in Hawaiian. This is a popular Hawaiian name for girls that doubles up as a great dog name.

41. Laka: A beautiful Hawaiian name meaning “gentle”.

42. Lilo: “generous” in Hawaiian. Lilo ("generous") is a lovely name for a gentle beast.

43. Lokelani: One for a small dog. It means “small red rose”.

44. Noelani: It means “girl from heaven”.

45. Roselani: It simply means “rose”.

46. Uilani: This means “beautiful” in Hawaiian.

Hawaiian dog names are perfect for your puppy.

Hawaiian Boy Dog Names

Many of these dog names in Hawaiian for your little loving boy have strong and masculine meanings.

47. Amoka: Amoka means “strong”.

48. Eno: This means “wild”.

49. Etana: This name refers to someone strong.

50. Hanale: It refers to the “Lord of the manor” in Hawaiian.

51. Ilio: This means "dog". This name does what it says on the tin!

52. Kahu: The name means “guardian”.

53. Kahuna: The name refers to a respected person.

54. Kale: The name in Hawaii means “free”.

55. Kapena: “captain” is the meaning of this name. It is the perfect fit for dogs who are the boss of your house.

56. Keo: The name refers to “Joe”.

57. Kekipi: The name means "someone who is fearless".

58. Koa: This means “fighter”. Koa is a cute male dog name with a strong meaning.

59. Kimo: It refers to “James” in Hawaii.

60. Laka: This short and heroic name means “legendary heroes”.

61. Lui: Lui means “warrior” in Hawaii. Another manly Hawaiian dog name.

62. Lupo: “wolf”. Lupo, Wolf is a great name for a big dog.

63. Nohea: One of the best Hawaiian names for dogs. It means “handsome”.

64. Olulu: A cute sounding Hawaiian dog name. It means “fat”.

65. Pika: It simply means "rock".

66. Uliuli: It means "black" in Hawaii.

67. Weuweu: Another ideal Hawaiian pet name for your cuddly pups. It means “fluffy”.

Unique Hawaiian Dog Names

If you wish to choose a name that is unique but still has a Hawaiian feel to it, then here is a list of some of the best Hawaiian names for a dog.

68. Akamai: A perfect name for your smart and clever pooch. Akamai means “clever”.

69. Ezra: It means “help”. One of the cutest Hawaiian names for dogs.

70. Hilo: Hilo is the name of a Hawaiian city.

71. Hiwa: Another rare Hawaiian dog name. It means “jet black”.

72. Kapono: Undoubtedly, dogs are the most generous souls. This name perfectly suits them as it means “goodness”.

73. Lanai: Name of a Hawaiian island.

74. Malo: In Hawaii, this means “winter”.

75. Mano: “shark” is the meaning of this name. A great name for a fierce pet.

76. Nui: This Hawaiian name means “important”.

77. Oahu: This is the name of a Hawaiian Island.

78. Pekelo: Pekelo in Hawaiian means "stones".

Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired By Religion

If you are looking for a more spiritual name for your pup, here is a list of Hawaiian names based on Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses.

79. Haikili: This is the name of God of thunder.

80. Hina: Goddess of the moon.

81. Kane: This is the name of a very popular Hawaiian God.

82. Kapo: Kapo is the Goddess of fertility.

83. Ku: This is the God of war.

84. Namaka: Another Hawaiian God name for your beloved canine. This is the Goddess of the sea.

85. Pele: Pele is the God of the elements.

Some Cool Hawaiian Names

Hawaiian names do sound cool, and what more can you ask for if they have an awesome meaning as well. Below is a list of some cool sounding Hawaiian names.

86. Hale: Hale means “healthy”.

87. Haukea: This simply means “white snow” in Hawaiian.

88. Ilima: This name refers to the flower of Oahu.

89. Kaia: Kaia means “womanly”.

90. Kaimana: This name means the power of the ocean.

91. Kala: It refers to “princess” in Hawaiian.

92. Kana: It means “Demigod”.

93. Keanu: This refers to a "cool mountain breeze".

94. Kekoa: The name means “brave”.

95. Koi: Koi means “urge”.

96. Lea: This name refers to the mythological Goddess of the canoe builders.

97. Luau: A cool Hawaiian name for your pup. It means “Hawaiian party”.

98. Naia: This name means “dolphin”.

99. Nana: The name means “spring”.

100. Noe: It means “mist or rain”.

101. Paniolo: This means “cowboy” in Hawaiian.

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