130+ Cute Hawaiian Pet Names For Dogs, Cats And Other Animals

Choosing a name for your pet is indeed an exciting task.

Bringing a pet home is super exciting.

After all, what could be better than having a cute little best friend by your side all day long? Whether you are a dog lover or a cat aficionado, your pet is bound to become the centre of your world.

And, there could be no better welcome gift for your furry friend than a beautiful, well-thought out name that you will cherish for life. In fact, naming your best friend is just the beginning of the endless memories that both of you are going to create together, that’s why it’s important to find a name that’s special and unique. Your pet's name should reflect the charm, sincerity, warmth and love your pet brings home. Choosing a Hawaiian name for your pet can be a good way to ensure this, it could be best decision you could ever take for your new fur baby.

The Hawaiian Islands are often believed to be paradise on earth. With mesmerizing scenic beauty, fascinating culture, and rich heritage, the Hawaiian islands are purely bliss - and a perfect place to seek inspiration for naming your new furry friend!

So, whether you are looking for Hawaiian names for a dog or want to name your feline instead, we have put together a list of some of the best Hawaiian names for dogs and other pets. We can assure you that these Hawaii names for dogs and other pets can definitely help you bring the beauty of this tropical island home.

From Lilo (meaning "generous one"), to Mano ("shark"), Inoki ("devoted"), Meli ("honey"), Mahalo ("thank you"), or even Moana ("ocean"), there are so many inspiring Hawaiian dog names and other pet names to explore. We hope you find the perfect name on this list!

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Hawaiian Male Dog Names

The word dog in Hawaiian is ʻīlio. These maleʻīlio names could be perfect for your new pup! Traditional or modern, whatever your choice may be, these beautiful Hawaiian names for dogs provide an excellent way to represent your dog’s true personality. They are unique, inspiring, and insanely beautiful. So come on, let’s dig in together.

Pick a Hawaiian name for your male dog.

1. Akamai, the name means “smart”, for your smart Hawaiian dog.

2. Akamu, meaning “the red earth”. A cool dog name.

3. Alemana, this Hawaiian dog name means "warrior".  A tough dog name.

4. Amoka, one of the most famous Hawaiian dog names meaning “strong”.

5. Aouli, this Hawaiian dog name means “blue sky”.

6. Asera, one of the most well known Hawaiian dog names meaning “lucky”.

7. Bane, meaning “a long awaited child”.

8. Eno, this Hawaiian dog name means “wild”.

9. Etana, meaning “strong”.

10. Hanale, this name for a Hawaiian dog means “Lord of the manor”. It is a regal dog name.

11. Hilo, meaning “the first night after the new moon”.

12. Honu, one of the cool Hawaiian dog names meaning “a green turtle”.

13. Ikaika, another one of the famous Hawaiian dog names meaning “powerful”.

14. Kahawai, this name for a Hawaiian dog means “river”.

15. Kai, meaning “ocean or sea”.

16. Kaipo, meaning “sweetheart”.

17. Kale, meaning “a free man”.

18. Kalei, this name for a Hawaiian dog means “garland”.

19. Kaliko, meaning “bud of a leaf”.

20. Kapena, meaning “the captain”.

21. Kapono, meaning “righteous”.

22. Keanu, meaning “a cool breeze over mountains”.

23. Kilo, one of the cute Hawaiian dog names meaning “star watcher or daydreamer”.

24. Kimo, this name is the Hawaiian version of James”.

25. Koa, meaning “a fighter or warrior”.

26. Liko, meaning “bud of a plant”.

27. Lui, one of the dog names meaning “a well known warrior”.

28. Malo, meaning “winner or victorious man”.

29. Miki, meaning “active”.

30. Mo'o, meaning “protector of ponds and streams”.

31. Pika, meaning “rock”.

32. Puna, meaning “the chief of Oahu”.

33. Tua, meaning “behind”.

Hawaiian Female Dog Names

Looking for a cool Hawaiian name for your 'wahine' (which is the Hawaiian word meaning "female", used also to describe a dog of the same gender)? Well, there are plenty of beautiful female dog names in Hawaiian culture and language that will perfectly reflect her feminine side. Take a look.

A Hawaiian name will be perfect for your pet.

34. Akela, meaning “lucky”.

35. Ele'ele, meaning “jet black”.

36. Ipo, meaning “friend”.

37. Kailani, meaning “sea and sky”.

38. Kala, meaning “princess”.

39. Kalia, meaning “beloved”.

40. Keli, meaning “cherry”.

41. Keola, meaning “the life”.

42. Kiki, meaning “kiss”.

43. Laka, meaning “gentle”.

44. Lana, meaning “floating”.

45. Loni, meaning “sky”.

46. Malana, meaning “light”.

47. Meka, meaning “eyes”.

48. Mele, meaning “song”.

49. Mino'aka, meaning “smile”.

50. Moana, meaning “ocean”. We love the name Moana, "ocean" is a beautiful meaning behind this name, which is best know as the name of a popular Disney princess.

51. Nalani, meaning “the heavens”.

52. Naia, meaning “dolphin”.

53. Ona, meaning “sweetness”.

54. Waiola, this name is the Hawaiian version of Viol.

Male Hawaiian Pet Names For Cats

Have you brought home a cat, or a pōpoki, as cats are called in Hawaiian? If so, you must be looking for some awesome names for your male cat! Here’s a list of some of the most inspiring Hawaiian names for your boy cat.

55. Ailani, meaning “high chief”. One of the most popular Hawaiian cat names.

56. Aka, meaning “shadow”.

57. Amana, meaning “warrior”.

58. Amoka, meaning “strong”.

59. Asera, meaning “lucky”.

60. Etana, meaning “strong”.

61. Hiwa, meaning “jet black”.

62. Honi, meaning “kiss”.

63. Hoku, meaning “star”.

64. Kahoku, meaning “star”.

65. Kapena, meaning “captain”.

66. Kealii, meaning “the chief”.

67. Kekipi, meaning “the rebel”.

68. Kekoa, meaning “the brave one”.

69. Koa, meaning “bold and brave”.

70. Liko, meaning “bud”.

71. Malo, meaning “winner”.

72. Mau Loa, meaning “forever”.

73. Nahoa, meaning “bold”.

74. Oke, this name is Oscar in Hawaiian.

75. Ohana, meaning “family”.

76. Pekelo, meaning “stone”.

77. Polo, meaning “large and plump”.

78. Pûkini, meaning “pudding”.

79. Weuweu, meaning “fluffy”. Another one of the most popular Hawaiian cat names.

Hawaiian Pet Names For Female Cats

Want to give your cute little kitten a meaningful Hawaiian name? Well, here are some unique Hawaiian cat names for your pretty 'papoki'. From Aloha to Meli, take a look!

80. Alie, meaning “truthful and noble cat”.

81. Akela, meaning “wisdom”.

82. Alamea, meaning “precious”.

83. Aloha, meaning “love”. A pet name such as Aloha is sure to be full of love.

84. Anela, meaning “angel”.

85. Eleu, meaning “lively”.

86. Hanai, meaning “lucky”.

87. Inoki, meaning “devoted”. We love the name Inoki. "Devoted" is a special meaning that makes the name that bit more desirable!

88. Ipo, meaning “sweetheart”.

89. Kalama, meaning “cat who brightens your life”.

90. Kamea, meaning “the one and only”.

91. Keala, meaning “path”.

92. Kaia, meaning “the sea”.

93. Kaimi, meaning “baby”.

94. Kalena, meaning “bright star”.

95. Kapua, meaning “beautiful cat”.

96. Kamea, meaning “your favorite kitten”.

97. Kiele, meaning “precious blossom”.

98. Lani, meaning “sky”.

99. Lolo, meaning “crazy”.

100. Luana, meaning “happy”.

101. Malana, meaning “light”.

102. Milani, meaning “gentle touch”.

103. Mei, meaning “Hawaiian version of May”.

104. Meli, meaning “honey”. We love the name Meli, "honey" is a super cute meaning that only makes the name sweeter!

105. Momi, meaning “pearl”.

106. Noe, meaning “mist or rain”.

107. Olina, meaning “joyous”.

Popular Hawaiian Pet Bird Names

Wondering what to call your feathery family member? Check out our list of endearing Hawaiian bird names and give your fella a perfect name that truly matches his or her personality.

108. Amana, meaning “faithful girl”.

109. Anuenue, meaning “rainbow”.

110. Duke, meaning “Hawaiian royalty”.

111. Etana, meaning “strong”.

112. Fleur, meaning “rhymes with flower”.

113. Hanai, meaning “adopt” or “lucky”.

114. Huelo, meaning “tail”.

115. Ipo, meaning “sweetheart”.

116. Kaia, meaning “sea”.

117. Kalea, meaning “bright”.

118. Keanu, meaning “cool, mountain breeze”.

119. Koa, meaning “soldier”.

120. Kukui, meaning “light”.

121. Lani, meaning “heavenly”.

122. Malia, meaning “calm”.

123. Mano, meaning "shark". We love the name Mano. "Shark" is a super cool meaning behind the name too!

124. Miki, meaning “quick or nimble”.

125. Nani, meaning “beautiful”.

126. Nohea, meaning “handsome”.

127. Nohea, meaning “loveliness or handsome”.

128. Nui, meaning “important or great”.

129. Olina, meaning “joy”.

130. Pekelo, meaning “stone”.

131. Pūlikito, meaning “embrace”.

132. Pupule, meaning “crazy” or “wild”.

133. Wiwi, meaning “skinny”.

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