100+ Cute Names That Rhyme For Siblings And Twins

Parents of twins sometimes prefer rhyming names for their babies.

It's difficult to find one name that perfectly suits your baby girl or boy.

The search for the right name is made even more difficult if you've got to find two. Making use of rhyming names for twins or siblings is a great way to match the names of your little duo.

Parenting twins or siblings means that you're going to want your little ones to stick together and be the dream team. To set them up to be linked for life, why not choose a set of baby names that rhyme?

You don't just want to throw together words that rhyme and use them as rhyming names. You need to give a lot more thought to the rhyming names you choose for your babies. Make use of words that match and make for meaningful names that rhyme. Whether you like baby names with the same syllable or twin names that rhyme beginning with the same letter, we're certain that your search through our list will help you pick one pair of rhyming names that you like.  

We've made the process even easier for you by dividing the list into boy names that rhyme, girl names that rhyme, as well as names for twins (boy and girl) that rhyme. You can even use these names for sibling pairs.

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Boy Names That Rhyme

Looking for names that rhyme for your two baby boys? Pick one of the name pairs you like from this list.

1. Aiden and Caden. Aiden (Irish origin), meaning "fiery one".

2. Aiden and Jayden. Jayden (Hebrew origin), meaning "thankful".

3. Axe and Max. Axe (Hebrew origin), the name means "father is peace".

4. Ayaan and Kayan. Ayaan (Indian origin), the name means "gift from God". Kayan (Persian origin), meaning "high status".

5. Barrett and Jarrett. Barrett (German origin), the name means "brave like a bear".

6. Barrie and Larrie. Larrie (American origin), meaning "leader of men".

7. Baylor and Gaylor. Gaylor (French origin), meaning "high-spirited".

8. Bent and Kent. Bent (English origin), meaning "blessed". Kent (English origin), meaning "coastal or high land".

9. Bert and Kurt. Kurt (German origin), means "bold counselor".

10. Blake and Jake. Jake (Hebrew origin), meaning "supplanter".

11. Bo and Joe. Joe (English origin), means "God will increase".

12. Bob and Rob. Bob (German origin), this name means "bright fame".

13. Bolt and Colt. Colt (American origin), means "young horse".

14. Borris and Morris. Morris (Scottish origin), meaning "from the marsh".

15. Brett and Rhett. Rhett (English origin), this name means "advice".

16. Bryan and Ryan. Ryan (Irish origin), meaning "illustrious".

17. Byron and Tyron. Tyron (Celtic origin), meaning "born from the yew tree".

18. Clark and Mark. Mark (Latin origin), this name means "one who is warlike".

19. Dawn and Ron. Ron (English origin), meaning "counsel rule".

20. Dheer and Veer. Dheer (Sanskrit origin), meaning "gentle". Veer (Sanskrit origin), meaning "brave". One of the sets of rhyming names of Indian origin for boys.

21. Eddie and Freddie. Eddie (English origin), meaning "wealthy guardian".

22. Evan and Steven. Steven (Greek origin), meaning "crown".

23. Herbert and Rupert. Herbert (German origin), meaning "bright army".

24. Hudson and Judson. Hudson (English origin), meaning "son of Hugh".

25. John and Shaun. Shaun (English origin), meaning "God is gracious".

26. Kyle and Lyle. Lyle (English origin), meaning "from the island".

27. Lowen and Owen. Owen (Irish origin) meaning "youth".

28. Matt and Patt. Matt (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's gift".

29. Miles and Niles. Miles (Latin origin) meaning "a proud soldier".

30. Ned and Ted. Ted (English origin) meaning "fortunate".

31. Nick and Rick. Nick (Greek origin), meaning "victory of the people". Rick (English origin), meaning "brave ruler". You may want to pick these two names for your little boys.

32. Paul and Saul. Paul (Latin origin) meaning "humble".

33. Rahil and Sahil. Sahil (Indian origin), meaning "leader".

34. Rivan and Vivaan. Rivan (Indian origin), meaning "self-sufficient" or "ambitious".

35. Wayne and Zayne. Wayne (English origin), meaning "wagon builder".

36. Wilson and Nelson.  Wilson (Scottish origin), meaning "protection".

There are many names that rhyme with beautiful meanings.

Girl Names That Rhyme

On the search for sibling or twin girls names that rhyme? You may want to consider one of the name pairs on this list.  

37. Abbie and Gabbie. Abbie (English origin), a baby name meaning "father's joy". Gabbie (Italian origin), meaning "woman of God".

38. Alia and Dahlia. Alia (Arabic origin), meaning "exalted".

39. Amanda and Miranda. Amanda (Latin origin), the name means "worthy of love". Miranda (Latin origin), the name means "deserving of admiration".  Two of the more popular baby girls names for twins.

40. Anisha and Tanisha. Tanisha (Sanskrit origin), meaning "ambition".

41. Annabella and Isabella. Isabella (Hebrew origin), a baby girl name meaning "one who is consecrated to God".

42. Bailey and Hayley. Bailey (English origin), the name means "woodland clearing".

43. Belle and Elle. Belle (French origin), meaning "beautiful".

44. Bernice and Denise. Bernice (Greek origin), the name means "one who brings victory".

45. Cara and Sarah. Cara (Latin origin), meaning "beloved one". Sarah (Arabic origin), meaning "delight". These names are great for girl twins.

46. Cara and Lara. Lara (Greek origin), the name means "cheerful".

47. Chloe and Zoe. Chloe (Greek origin), the name means "blooming".  

48. Cindy and Mindy. Mindy (English origin), meaning "sweet".

49. Cora and Nora. Cora (Greek origin), the name means "virtuous". Nora (Latin origin), meaning "honor". Among the popular twin girl names that rhyme.

50. Dia and Tia. Tia (Portuguese origin), meaning "joy".

51. Dolly and Molly. Molly (English origin), meaning "from the sea".

52. Eesha and Teesha. Eesha (Arabic origin), the name means "desire".

53. Ella and Stella. Stella (Latin origin), the name means "star".

54. Emily and Camillie. Emily (Latin origin), the name means "hardworking". Camillie (French origin), meaning "perfect". This pair makes for excellent twin names for girls.

55. Emma and Jemma. Jemma (English origin), meaning "precious stone".

56. Erin and Sherin. Erin (Hebrew origin), meaning "peace".

57. Fiona and Hannah.  Hannah (Hebrew origin), meaning "grace".

58. Giselle and Michelle. Giselle (French origin), meaning "beautiful like the stars".

59. Heera and Meera. Heera (Sanskrit origin), meaning "diamond".

60. Jessa and Tessa. Jessa (American origin), meaning "God beholds".

61. Joan and Sloan. Sloan (Irish origin), meaning "expedition".

62. Kaila and Naila. Naila (Arabic origin), the name means "the successful one".

63. Kaina and Zaina. Kaina (Arabic origin), the name means "to live in the present".

64. Kaomi and Naomi. Naomi (Hebrew origin), meaning "pleasant".

65. Kayla and Layla. Layla (Hebrew origin), meaning "daughter of the night".

66. Lilly and Millie. Lilly (Greek origin), meaning "passion".

67. Mae and Shae. Shae (Aboriginal origin), meaning "hawk".

68. Mia and Nia. Nia (Swahili origin), meaning "purpose".

69. Michelle and Rochelle. Rochelle (French origin), meaning "little rock".

70. Mylie and Kylie. Kylie (Aboriginal origin), meaning "graceful".

71. Priya and Riya. Riya (Indian origin), meaning "singer".

72. Sallie and Tahlie. Sallie (Hebrew origin), meaning "princess".

73. Serenity and Trinity. Serenity (English origin), meaning "one who has a peaceful disposition".

Twins or siblings with rhyming names usually stay close.

Rhyming Names For Boy And Girl Twins Or Siblings

Looking for names that rhyme for your baby girl and boy? You may want to use one of the baby name pairs from this list.

74. Aaron and Karen. Aaron (Hebrew origin), meaning "mountain of strength". Karen (Biblical origin), meaning "water lily".

75. Addison and Allison. Addison (English origin), meaning "son of Adam". Allison (French origin), meaning "noble".

76. Addison and Maddison. Maddison (German origin), meaning "strength in battle".

77. Aditya and Nitya. Aditya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "the sun". Nitya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "eternal".

78. Andy and Brandy. Andy (Greek origin), meaning "brave". Brandy (Dutch origin), meaning "burned wine".

79. Benny and Penny. Benny (Latin origin), meaning "blessed". Penny (English origin), meaning "coin".

80. Billy and Gilly. Billy (German origin), meaning "determined protector". Gilly (Hebrew origin), meaning "joy".

81. Brady and Sadie. Brady (Irish origin), the name means "spirited". Sadie (English origin), meaning "princess".

82. Brynn and Gwyn. Brynn (Welsh origin), meaning "hill". Gwyn (Welsh origin), meaning "holy".

83. Danny and Annie. Danny (Hebrew origin), the name means "God is my judge". Annie (English origin), meaning "merciful".

84. Darcy and Marcy. Darcy (Irish origin), meaning "dark haired". Marcy (American origin), meaning "warlike".

85. Denny and Lennie. Denny (English origin), meaning "devotee of Dionysos". Jennie (German origin), meaning "strength of a lion".

86. Dylan and Ellen. Dylan (Welsh origin), meaning "born from the ocean".  Ellen (Greek origin), meaning "shining".

87. Finn and Lin. Finn (Irish origin), meaning "fair". Lin (Chinese origin), meaning "forest".

88. Finn and Quinn. Quinn (Irish origin), meaning "wisdom" or "intelligence".  

89. Gaven and Haven. Gaven (Scottish origin), meaning "white hawk".  Haven (English origin), meaning "safe place".

90. Harry and Carrie. Harry (German origin), meaning "power". Carrie (American origin), meaning "free".

91. Horace and Dorris. Horace (Latin origin), meaning "time". Dorris (Greek origin), meaning "gift".

92. Isaiah and Maya. Isaiah (Hebrew origin), meaning "God is salvation". Maya (Sanskrit origin), meaning "magic".

93. Kai and Mai. Kai (Hawaiian origin), meaning "sea". Mai (Japanese origin), meaning "dance".

94. Lawrence and Florence. Lawrence(French origin), meaning "bright". Florence (Latin origin), meaning "to flourish".

95. Lee and Bree. Lee (American origin), meaning "meadow". Bree (Irish origin), meaning "strength".

96. Meet and Preet. Meet (Indian origin), meaning "friend". Preet (Sanskrit origin), meaning "joyous". Baby names that are sure to make your little ones very happy.

97. Mickey and Nikki. Mickey (American origin), meaning "who is like God". Nikki (Greek origin), meaning "the people's victory".

98. Ollie and Holly. Ollie (English origin), meaning "elf army". Holly (English origin), meaning "the evergreen tree".

99. Preston and Kristen. Preston (English origin), meaning "from the town of priests". Kristen (Greek origin), meaning "the anointed one".

100. Ray and Faye. Ray (English origin), meaning "counsel protection". Faye (French origin), meaning "loyalty".

101. Ronnie and Connie. Ronnie (Norse origin), meaning "decision". Connie (Latin origin), meaning "constant".

102. Rory and Aury. Rory (Scottish origin), meaning "red haired king". Aury (Latin origin), the word means "golden".

103. Sam and Pam. Sam (Hebrew origin), meaning "God heard". Pam (English origin), meaning "all honey".

104. Shalom and Ahlam. Shalom (Hebrew origin), meaning "wholeness". Ahlam (Arabic origin), meaning "a vision of perfection". Two strong, meaningful names for your baby twins.

105. Tate and Kate. Tate (English origin), meaning "cheerful". Kate (Greek origin), meaning "pure".

106. Tope and Hope. Tope (English origin), meaning "God's gift". Hope (English origin), meaning "expectation".

107. Tristen and Kristen. Tristen (Welsh origin), meaning "noise of arms".

108. Vance and Chance. Vance (English origin), meaning "from the marsh". Chance (English origin), meaning "luck".

109. Warren and Lauren. Warren (German origin), meaning "to defend". Lauren (French origin), meaning "wisdom".

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